Precious Metal Learning

Precious Metal Learning

Everything you need to know about gold, silver, platinum and hallmarking – articles and videos

What Is White Gold?

Find out what white gold is – and its pros and cons, plus buying tips and more

Platinum VS White Gold

They look the same but they’re not. Discover their differences and advantages

Yellow Gold VS White Gold

What is white gold made from? Is it real gold like yellow gold? Which is better?

What Is Rose Gold?

Everything you need to know about rose gold. What it is, buying tips and more.

What Is Sterling Silver?

Understand what sterling silver is and what are its advantages and disadvantages in jewellery.

10 Hallmarking Facts

Before you buy jewellery, make sure you read this article on hallmarking.

9K Gold VS 18K Gold

What Is Yellow Gold

What do 9K gold and 18K gold mean? And which type of gold is better?

Watch – hallmarking at the London Assay Office

We visit the London Assay Office to show you how hallmarking is done.

Watch us making a ring

15 second snippet of how we take raw gold and gemstones and turn them into a ring!