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How to Plan a Destination Wedding – 9 Tips by Wedding Planner Tara Chapman

Wondering how to plan a destination wedding? Find the best tips here. Pro destination wedding planner Tara Chapman answers all your big questions

Buying Her the Engagement Ring She Really Wants – 9 Steps

A guide to buying her the engagement ring she wants. Advice on ring size, style, diamond quality and size, in simple layman’s terms.

What setting is best for my engagement ring?

What setting is best for my engagement ring? We explain the best setting types and styles in easy terms, with pros and cons.

Guide to Winter Bridal Style 2019

Guide to creating a beautiful winter bridal look. Winter 2017 hottests trends, tips and inspiration. Dress, accessories, flowers, jewellery and more.

10 Best Diamond Bracelets and Bangles

Here it is! Welcome to our list of our 10 best diamond bracelets and bangles. Based on our most popular items and excellent reviews.

10 Best Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas - That She Will Say 'Yes' To!

10 Best Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas – That She Will Say ‘Yes’ To!

10 Best creative marriage proposal ideas that will really impress your girlfriend, yet are much easier to plan than you think.

6 Embarrassing Engagement Ring Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

We give candid answers to 6 embarrassing engagement ring questions you were afraid to ask. What price is too cheap? Are fake diamonds ok? And more…

The Diamond Store Guide: 6 Best Men’s Rotary Watches

The legendary wrist-wear name so accurate its favoured by Sherlock Holmes. Meet the 6 best men’s Rotary watches right now.

What is an Illusion Setting? The “clever and beautiful” diamond jewellery setting

The illusion setting makes the diamonds set in it appear much larger than they actually are. This is a look achieved through clever jewellery craftsmanship.