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How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Forget any so-called rules on how much to spend on an engagement ring. We explain how to make your own rule, based on two factors.

The Diamond Store Guide: 6 Best Men’s Rotary Watches

The legendary wrist-wear name so accurate its favoured by Sherlock Holmes. Meet the 6 best men’s Rotary watches right now.

How to Create a LUXURY Bridal Look – The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to create a luxe bridal look – from shopping for exclusive pieces, to designing a sophisticated colour palette and choosing florals and diamonds.

8 Jewellery Tips You Need When Travelling

Travelling with jewellery DO’s and DON’Ts. Our top holiday advice on what jewellery to bring, how to wear and store it safely and avoid loss or theft.

Meghan Markle's wedding day jewellery

Meghan Markle’s wedding day jewellery

Find out what Meghan Markle’s wedding day jewellery – earrings, tiara, bracelet wedding ring and a touching “something blue” gift from Harry – looked like.

Men’s diamond earrings – guide to buying and wearing

Looking to buy men’s diamond earrings for yourself or as a gift? This article will help you differentiate one diamond from another and make a smart decision

10 Engagement Ring Tips You Need to Know Before You Buy

10 Tips – Engagement Ring Advice Before You Buy

An engagement ring shopping is an important, expensive purchase. This engagement ring advice article with 10 tips will help you get it right.

Engagement Ring She Really Wants

Buying Her the Engagement Ring She Really Wants for Valentines

Simple engagement ring buying guide for Valentine’s Day. It will help you buy her the perfect engagement ring she really wants. At the right price.

How to Buy the Best Jewellery Gift: 4 items you cannot go wrong with

Guys! Spoil her and score BIG brownie points with these 4 fail-safe jewellery items. Best diamond jewellery for a woman, from £65 onwards, for ANY budget.

The 8 Engagement Rings of the British Royal Family

The 9 Engagement Rings of the British Royal Family

Here is an in-depth look at 9 engagement rings in the British Royal Family, including Meghan Markle, Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, Camilla, The Queen…