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How to Wear Pearls

How to wear pearls in 2017? Here’s our guide to shopping and wearing pearls this season. See how pearls combine with any outfit from demin to a ballgow

12 Best Christmas Proposal Ideas

These 12 best Christmas proposal ideas are creative, festive and guaranteed to make your partner’s Christmas the most romantic and unforgettable one ever!

Guide to Winter Bridal Style 2019

Guide to creating a beautiful winter bridal look. Winter 2017 hottests trends, tips and inspiration. Dress, accessories, flowers, jewellery and more.

10 Best Diamond Bracelets and Bangles of 2018

Here it is! Welcome to our 2018 list of our 10 best diamond bracelets and bangles. Based on our most popular items and excellent reviews.

10 Best Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas - That She Will Say 'Yes' To!

10 Best Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas – That She Will Say ‘Yes’ To!

10 Best creative marriage proposal ideas that will really impress your girlfriend, yet are much easier to plan than you think.

6 Embarrassing Engagement Ring Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

We give candid answers to 6 embarrassing engagement ring questions you were afraid to ask. What price is too cheap? Are fake diamonds ok? And more…

How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Forget any so-called rules on how much to spend on an engagement ring. We explain how to make your own rule, based on two factors.

The Diamond Store Guide: 6 Best Men’s Rotary Watches

The legendary wrist-wear name so accurate its favoured by Sherlock Holmes. Meet the 6 best men’s Rotary watches right now.

How to Create a LUXURY Bridal Look – The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to create a luxe bridal look – from shopping for exclusive pieces, to designing a sophisticated colour palette and choosing florals and diamonds.

8 Jewellery Tips You NEED This Summer

Travelling with jewellery DO’s and DON’Ts. Our top holiday advice on what jewellery to bring, how to wear and store it safely & avoid loss or theft.