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Diamond Bracelet Buying Guide – How to Buy a Women’s Diamond Bracelet

If you’re buying a women’s diamond bracelet, it’s a good idea to read this handy diamond bracelet buying guide. We tell you everything you need to know – including how to pick the best style, what diamonds to choose and how to measure your wrist. 1. Choose the right style If you’re buying a bracelet for yourself, it’s easy to choose the one you like. However, if you’re buying a gift for someone, you should choose a style they love. Read our guide to buying jewellery as a gift for expert tips. 2. Decide between a bracelet and a bangle Bracelets: Traditionally, a bracelet is made with a linked or woven chain of metal. It has a clasp of some kind to attach it securely to your wrist. Bangles: A bangle is made from rigid metal. A join bangle has a join that opens and a clasp to close it, and a cuff bangle has an opening that you pass your wrist through to slip it on 3. How should a bracelet fit? A perfect chain …