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6 Best Ways to Get a Bigger Engagement Ring

6 Best Ways to Get a Bigger Engagement Ring

Even on a small budget it’s possible to get a bigger looking engagement ring. Learn how different settings can make your diamond or gem look much larger.

5 Best Honeymoon Destinations | Interview With Parnassus Travel

We sat down with Niki Denée from Parnassus Travel to get exclusive tips for choosing the 5 best honeymoon destinations the world has to offer right now.

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look: The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to create a luxe bridal look – from shopping for exclusive pieces, to designing a sophisticated colour palette and choosing florals and diamonds.

10 Facts: Revisiting Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is the world’s most famous blue sapphire– September is the gem’s official month and we re-tell the ring’s fascinating story

10 British Wedding Traditions Explained

Why do we toss the bouquet, wear a white dress, have a first dance? Here are 10 fascinating facts about the most popular wedding superstitions in the UK.

How to Announce Your Engagement

How to announce your engagement has its own etiquette. A handy guide to engagement etiquette. Who you should tell first and in what order, how to announce, social media rules and things you should NOT do.

How to Style a Country-Boho Bridal Look

This wedding season sees the blending of two divine themes: country and boho. We explain how to choose the right pieces & setting to create this style.

How to Style a Vintage Bridal Look

We explain how to create a vintage bridal look. Learn about specific period styles & how to pick the right accessories.