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Meghan Markle 3 Diamond Engagement Ring – all the details

All detail on the Meghan Markle engagement ring: 3-stone ring, also known as a trilogy ring, approx. 4 carats. Plus where you can get a similar ring…

Diamond Vs Gemstone Engagement Rings

Looking for an engagement ring? Considering diamond vs gemstone engagement rings? Find out the pros and cons of each and what is the best choice for you.

23 Stunning Wintery Wedding Ideas

We’ve gathered 23 stunning winter wedding ideas and tips to inspire you. Embrace the season’s plushest colours, glittery decor, roaring log fires and snow.

10 Best Unusual and Unique Engagement Rings

Your engagement ring should reflect who you are. If you’re looking one that stands out from the rest, here’s a list of 10 best unique engagement rings.

Exquisite Floral & Event Design for Your Wedding – Interview with Tony Marklew

In our interview with Tony Marklew we discover the fairytale touch that makes each wedding that he designs utterly romantic, magical and unique

Shoes to Swoon Over – Our Interview with Aruna Seth

Shoe designer Aruna Seth talks about what inspires her and how to create a shoe that is stunning, luxurious and comfortable

We Interviewed Leo Bancroft – Get his exclusive tips for perfect bridal hair

We interviewed Leo Bancroft, UK’s favourite hairdresser from ITV’s This Morning. Get his exclusive pro tips here to achieve stunning bridal hair.

How to Put a Ring on Large Knuckles and Slim Fingers

How to Buy and Put a Ring on Large Knuckles and Slim Fingers

Step by step instructions on how to buy, and put a ring on when you have large knuckles and slim fingers. Solve this problem easily for a stress-free engagement or wedding.

11 Best Winter Proposal Ideas

11 tried and tested winter proposal ideas for snowy romance, Christmas and New Year. You cannot go wrong if you pop the question with one of these!

6 Best Ways to Get a Bigger Engagement Ring

7 Best Ways to Get a Bigger Engagement Ring

Even on a small budget it’s possible to get a bigger looking engagement ring. Learn how different settings can make your diamond or gem look much larger.