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Top 20 Best Celebrity Engagement Rings of 2018 – They love this one style…

We went on a mission to find the Top 20 best celebrity engagement rings of 2018 – and found most celebs favoured this one particular style of ring…

Guide to Winter Bridal Style 2019

Guide to creating a beautiful winter bridal look. Winter 2017 hottests trends, tips and inspiration. Dress, accessories, flowers, jewellery and more.

Princess Eugenie’s wedding jewellery style – VOTE now!

Read all about Princess Eugenie’s wedding jewellery style – VOTE what tiara and jewellery you think she’ll wear!

How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Forget any so-called rules on how much to spend on an engagement ring. We explain how to make your own rule, based on two factors.

How to Create a LUXURY Bridal Look – The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to create a luxe bridal look – from shopping for exclusive pieces, to designing a sophisticated colour palette and choosing florals and diamonds.

Katie Byrne, Editor of Wedding Magazine, talks bridal pearls and Meghan Markle

The lovely Katey Byrne, Editor of Wedding and Wedding Flowers, shares her insights on bridal jewellery, Meghan Markle and the joy of wedding journalism

Take the Royal Wedding Quiz!

NEW QUIZ: Take the Royal Wedding Quiz! Test your knowledge of Royal bridal gowns, wedding cakes, engagement ring gems, and other traditions.

Engagement Ring She Really Wants

Buying Her the Engagement Ring She Really Wants for Valentines

Simple engagement ring buying guide for Valentine’s Day. It will help you buy her the perfect engagement ring she really wants. At the right price.