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What is peridot August birthstone meaning

What is peridot August birthstone meaning?

What is peridot August birthstone meaning? Discover astounding facts and legend about this beautiful green gem… and why it is called the stardust gem.

Garnet – January Birthstone Meaning

Discover the meaning, lore, history and facts behind garnet, January birthstone. Where its from and why its crystals are compared to pomegranate seeds?

Topaz – November Birthstone Meaning

Topaz, the November birthstone, is famous for its extraordinary meaning and colours, which make it a highly desirable gem for your jewellery collection.

Tanzanite – December Birthstone Meaning

Find out the meaning of tanzanite, December’s birthstone. It’s mysterious gem that shows two different colours and was found entirely by accident.

Opal – October Birthstone Meaning

If you’re born in October, opal is your birthstone. Discover its unique ‘play of colour’, what gift opal jewellery means, and why Cleopatra never got an opal ring…

Sapphire – September Birthstone Meaning

What is the meaning of sapphire as Septembers birthstone? Why does this gemstone have a “divine” reputation in ancient lore? Find out everything about the world’s most sought after gemstone.

Ruby – July Birthstone Meaning

July is the official month of the ruby. We take a look at this gem’s significance in mythology and modern culture and discover its birthstone meaning. When rubies were discovered Some famous rubies Ruby birthstone meaning, lore & legend What the red colour means Difference between rubies and pink sapphires Where the best rubies come from Ruby anniversary occasions and traditional gifts Marco Polo’s amazement at the beauty of the ruby Marco Polo was one of the first history writers to describe the impact that seeing a ruby had on him. When the Italian merchant sailed to the Island of Ceylon, he was allowed to see the King of Ceylon’s gigantic heirloom ruby gemstone. Marco Polo was so enthralled by it, he called it “the most precious article that exists in the world”.   Coveted by collectors 700 years later after Marco Polo’s discovery, the ruby is still the most sought after gemstone on earth. Collected by queens, stolen in heists, and auctioned for millions of pounds, it seems to leave no man or woman indifferent. Famous rubies A treasure of legend from the Orient The ruby was first …

Pearl – June Birthstone Meaning

What is the REAL STORY & MEANING of the pearl, June’s birthstone? With an intriguing and often juicy history, pearls are much more sensual than their demure luster suggests…

Diamond – April Birthstone Meaning

What is the meaning of the diamond as April’s birthstone? Why is diamond jewellery so legendary in history and culture? Discover the meaning of this gem in 10 incredible facts you didn’t know before…