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10 Best Jewellery Gifts for Mum – Mother’s Day 2019

Our list of 10 best jewellery gifts for mum. These gorgeous items are meaningful, look beautiful, and she will get lots of wear out of them

What setting is best for my engagement ring?

What setting is best for my engagement ring? We explain the best setting types and styles in easy terms, with pros and cons.

How to Create a LUXURY Bridal Look – The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to create a luxe bridal look – from shopping for exclusive pieces, to designing a sophisticated colour palette and choosing florals and diamonds.

Diamond Vs Gemstone Engagement Rings

Looking for an engagement ring? Considering diamond vs gemstone engagement rings? Find out the pros and cons of each and what is the best choice for you.

Promise ring

What Is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring symbolises the first steps towards lasting commitment between two people – get advice on styles, when to give it, and buying the right ring.

What Jewellery Suits My Dress? 4 Styles to Match Your LBD

What jewellery suits my dress? Learn to pick the right jewellery styles – earrings, necklaces, bracelets – that match your dress neckline and shape.

sapphire colours how many are there

Sapphire Colours – How Many Are There?

Most people think of sapphire colours as only blue, but they come in all hues except red. Discover the different colours, why they exist, and their value.

A Guide for Men: How to Buy Jewellery for a Woman

Shopping for a jewellery gift doesn’t need to be difficult. How to buy jewellery for a woman… it’s all explained in our easy guide!