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10 Best Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas – That She Will Say ‘Yes’ To!

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Ruby ring

Exquisite Ruby Ring – Perfect Gift for a July Birthday From Only £179

Ruby Ring with Diamonds Ruby 0.34ct only £179.00 Or upgrade 0.66ct only £365.00 Ruby, the beautiful July birthstone, symbolises love. We’ve handcrafted this exceptional trilogy ring with three natural Thai rubies. Our jeweller chose them for their vivacity and sumptuous red colour. Set in fine yellow gold with sparkling diamonds, this is the perfect, meaningful July birthday gift that will make her feel really special. We love this ring because… ♥    Natural Thai rubies ♥    Exceptional, eye catching red sparkle!! ♥    With premium quality diamonds ♥    Symbolises past, present & future ♥    UK hallmarked yellow gold Want to see more ruby gift ideas? Simply scroll down! Here’s what one of our customers said about this ring: “This was our daughters 30th birthday present. The ring was perfect, she was thrilled with it and it fitted perfectly. A stunningly beautiful gift to keep forever.“ In this video you can see the beautiful live sparkle of the rubies: Top 5 Ruby Gifts for July: 1. Ruby Stud Earrings One of our most popular ruby gift items, ever. Price £309.00 2. Ruby Heart Necklace This stunning necklace is beautiful, romantic and very versatile for any occasion. Price £189.00 3. Ruby Pendant Necklace …

Top 10 Tennis Bracelets for Wimbledon 2018

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