Author: Jo Bergstrom

13 Black Diamond Jewellery Pieces for Halloween

These 13 gorgeous pieces of black diamond jewellery for Halloween are so stylish you’ll want to wear them all year round, not just on October 31st.

What Colours Do Diamonds Come In? 5 Best Diamond Colours in Jewellery

What colours do diamonds come in? Discover 5 best diamond colours – white, yellow, black, pink and brown – plus their characteristics, quality and prices.

5 Best Jewellery Gifts This Autumn

Discover the 5 best jewellery gifts this autumn for her… or self-gift to keep your style chic and up to date! Pearls, statement rings, hoops and more.

Diamond Buying Guide – The 4 Cs

Buying a diamond for someone important? Find out exactly what to look for. We explain diamond buying, the 4 Cs, certificates & conflict-free in easy terms.

Can any ring be an engagement ring

Can any ring be an engagement ring? Or does it have to be a diamond?

Must an engagement ring be a diamond ring – or can any ring be an engagement ring? Below, we give you all the answers to these questions. Included in this article: Reasons for choosing a diamond-alternative What to do if you cannot afford a diamond? 5 alternatives to traditional diamond rings Best coloured gemstones for engagement rings 1. Is it ok to choose a ring that’s not a diamond? Yes, absolutely. There’s no rule that says you must buy a diamond ring for an engagement. 2. What type of engagement rings are there? Almost any ring can be an engagement ring. There is no rule that dictates an engagement ring must have a particular stone or design, or be a certain size. 3. Reasons why some choose a non-traditional ring (that’s not a diamond) There are many reasons why you might want an alternative style of engagement ring: You prefer a coloured gemstone Most people have a diamond ring, so you want something unique Diamonds are expensive, and you want a more affordable alternative A …

10 Best Lab Created Diamond Jewellery Pieces

These 10 best diamond wedding rings look stunning on the hand and come in a huge range of designs and prices, with plenty of luxury and sparkle.

What Are Lab Created Diamonds?

What are lab created diamonds? Are they real diamonds? Lab created diamonds are real diamonds, just like mined diamonds. The only things that differs is their origin. They are created from a mined diamond “seed”, using state of the art technology that replicates the way in which diamonds formed deep in the Earth’s mantle. Exactly the same as natural diamonds, lab created diamonds consist of carbon atoms in a lattice crystal structure. Do they look the same as mined diamonds? Yes. They have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds so they look exactly the same. They can only be told apart from their mined counterparts by using special laboratory equipment that can detect the very slight differences in crystal growth. Do they come with a quality certificate? At The Diamond Store, just like the natural diamonds we sell, our lab grown diamond solitaire pendants, earrings and rings at 0.25 carats and above each come with a diamond certificate from an independent diamond laboratory, such as the International Gemmological Institute (IGI). By clicking …

What is peridot August birthstone meaning

What is peridot August birthstone meaning?

What is peridot August birthstone meaning? Discover astounding facts and legend about this beautiful green gem… and why it is called the stardust gem.

What does it mean when a diamond is certified?

What does it mean when a diamond is certified? We explain diamond certificates in 5 easy facts – What they are, who provides them and whether you need one.