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23 Stunning Wintery Wedding Ideas

Winter weddings should be magical and romantic. Therefore we’ve gathered 23 of the season’s hottest winter wedding ideas to inspire you. Embrace plush colours, glittery decor, roaring log fires and a frosty sprinkling of snow.

23 Wintery Wedding Ideas

1. First, find the dress

Regardless of your theme, always choose your wedding dress first. Because its colour and design will guide you to choosing all the other wonderful wintery details.

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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2. Think natural pearls

Pearls are a bridal classic. This necklace is unique with its natural, asymmetric freshwater pearls. Paired with gold, they give a luxurious, modern nod to the festive season.

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3. Be glitzy

Christmas or New Year’s Eve wedding? Glittering gold is a really hot right now. And luxe precious metal tones will make you and your wedding look radiant.

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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4. Go quirky

A winter wedding is the perfect time to think outside the box. Why not create a unique bridal look that’s totally you?

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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5. Choose frosty blue topaz

Baby blue topaz is a frosty, sparkling alternative to diamonds. Luxuriate in your winter bridal style with these unique jewels. Combine with pearls for the perfect look.

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6. Live your fairytale

Let it snow, let it snow! Create a Winter Wonderland wedding. Echo delicate snowflakes and frosty landscapes. Try baby’s breath florals, diamonds and luxurious faux-fur.

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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7. Romance him in racy red

Red is one of the most beautiful bridal colours available right now. Break the norm and choose a dress that’s as standout as you are.

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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8. Embrace the festive

Baubles and snowflakes are seasonal. But don’t feel you have to have them. We’re really loving this understated nod to the festive season. With rustic luxury decor and delicate fairy lighting.

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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9. Heart yourself

Your wedding day is the perfect time to spalash out on timeless, romantic diamond jewellery. Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a diamond heart… worn close to yours.

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10. Find a secret winter garden

Imitate an outdoor event yet stay warm. Have your wedding in a conservatory, a greenhouse, or a traditional marquee that’s been turned into a winter garden.

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11. Roast marshmallows

Many wedding caterers offer winter desserts that your guests will rave about. Roasted marshmallows or a hot chocolate and churros station? Sweet ideas to top off the evening!

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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12. Pick the perfect accent pieces

Here’s how to create a perfect palette for your winter wedding – and fill with sparkling accessories and jewellery to complete your look. Firstly, pick a neutral base tone such as white, ivory or blush. Next, add one or two warm colours like red, teal or smokey gray. Finally, complete with finishing touches in gold or silver.

Get inspired! Watch our winter wedding palette slideshow:

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13. Keep cosy with blankets

Your guests will be ever thankful for these. Especially if you’re doing outdoor photography and they need to wait in the cold for a while.

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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14. Commit with an eternity ring

Diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds – the trend is maximum sparkle. Choose a meaningful eternity ring as your wedding band.

15. Create Scandinavian rustique

Beeswax candles, farmhouse fare, wooden serving dishes and red berries are so in. This is a trend you can’t miss out on if you’re planning a January wedding.

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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16. Invite creativity

What’s happening in the world of wedding stationery? Think hand calligraphy, frosted plexiglas invites, silver envelopes, robust handmade cards, and earthy winter florals with parcel string detail.

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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17. Decorate with crystal baubles

These crystal bauble centerpieces reflect candle light so beautifully that they make the atmosphere magical.

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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18. Wrap your maids cosy

Beautiful shrugs complement both the bride and her bridesmaids. In neutral tones with a mix of cream, mink and beige. They’re perfect for a cool and stylish February day.

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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19. Sass up the cocktails

Winter calls for spicier flavours at cocktail hour. We adore this elegant winter sangria idea, served next to the fireplace.

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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20. Wear winter fairy sparkle

Dainty diamond motifs that echo nature’s frozen beauty. Delicate diamond rings and bracelets. Probably the most exquisite bridal pieces you could pick for a winter wedding.

21. Gild the cake

This cake has delicious, elegantly designed festive detail. Gold leaf with white winter florals and frosting. A stunning work of wintery art.

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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22. Gift favours with flair

Bored with the idea of trinkets and sweets as favours? Seems like a good time to get indulgent. How about gifting your guests roses, crystals or a mini jar of gourmet jam?

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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23. Blaze a trail with sparklers

Finally, it’s time to say farewell. What better way to embark on your new married life than a wedding walkway lit with sparklers and happy, smiling faces.

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

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