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10 Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts – June Birthstone

Here it is, our 10 Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts list. It features our top reviewed, bestselling pearl items. As the June birthstone, pearls are the perfect birthday present this month. Also, as the most classic of all jewellery accessories, they make a sophisticated gift for any occasion throughout the year.

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1. Pearl Stud Earrings

This beautiful pair of freshwater pearls with fine sterling silver backs makes a classic set of earrings. For that reason, they are our most timeless and popular pearl gift. Price £45 

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

2. Pearl Bracelet

These Japanese freshwater pearls are perfect for adding a touch of sophisticated style to your outfits, flattering your wrist with gorgeous lustre. The vintage style clasp is made from sterling silver. Price £65  SOLD OUT

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

3. Pearl & Tanzanite Necklace

Luxurious, shimmering elegance on your neckline. This beautiful, highly rated necklace features a freshwater pearl with rare tanzanite “petals” encircling it with blue-violet sparkle. Price £175

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

4. Pearl & Diamond Ring

Pearls and diamonds are Mother Nature’s most valuable, natural treasures. With a classic design, this beautiful halo ring makes one of the best pearl jewellery gifts for June. Price £299

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

5. Pearl, Topaz & Diamond Earrings

These stunning earrings are made with lustrous pearls and pear-cut blue topaz. Accented with dainty round diamonds, they highlight your features with flattering radiance. Price £315

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

6. Pearl & Diamond Halo Necklace

A stunning halo necklace, this elegant design displays a single pearl encircled by shimmering round diamonds. Matches the ring at #4 above. Price £225

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

7. Pearl & Diamond Earrings

These exquisite pearl earrings look stunning with their shimmering diamond and white gold leaves, giving your look a touch of chic bohemian luxury. Price £329

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

8. Lilac Pearl & Topaz Necklace

One of our most popular gifts, this necklace showcases a gorgeous lilac pearl within a sparkling white topaz swirl. Set in the finest sterling silver. Price £135

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

9. Pearl & Tanzanite Earrings

A best-selling gift, these pearl and tanzanite earrings come with beautiful sparkle and setting in white gold. Luxurious and pretty, they are a guaranteed hit. Price £205

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

10. Pearl & Sapphire Ring

Here, blue sapphires frame a gorgeous white pearl set in warm yellow gold. This unique and beautiful ring looks elegant and eye-catching on the hand and makes a fantastic birthstone gift. Price £189

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

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