6 Best Jewellery Push Presents

Push presents are gifts that a partner gives a mother to celebrate the birth of a baby. It’s a beautiful way to thank a mum for bringing a child into the world. There are no rules about how much a push present should cost. Here’s a perfect selection of jewellery gift ideas – from small luxury keepsakes to big-ticket diamond pieces – for all budgets.


1. L-O-V-E Letter Necklace

Mum can wear her own initial… or her baby’s initial close to her heart! Available in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold with diamonds.

Price from £219

2. Something Pink or Blue

Delicate pink diamonds, sapphires and rose quartz pieces make wonderful gifts to celebrate the birth of a baby girl. Sparkling blue topaz is perfect for the arrival of a bouncing baby boy.

Pink gemstone jewellery – Prices from £159

Blue topaz jewellery – Prices from £95

3. Mum Necklaces

This gorgeous selection of dainty diamond mum and child necklaces make ideal gifts for someone who’s just had a baby.

Price from £55

4. I ♥ You – Jewellery Hearts

Nothing is as loving as a push present than a heart-shaped jewellery piece with sparkling diamond or gems. Here’s a beautiful selection of hearts from our Stellato range.

Price from £159

5. Emeralds Symbolise Motherhood

Vivid green emeralds are gemstones that represent newborns, motherhood, spring and vitality. What could be a more meaningful way to mark the day a child is born?

Price from £89

6. Diamond Eternity Rings – the ultimate push presents

This is the most traditional gift for such as the birth of a baby – and therefore one of the best push presents. You can choose either a stunning full eternity ring or a beautiful half eternity band. You could also pick one with a symbolic gem. Such as emeralds, the May birthstone; or pink gems or blue stones for a baby girl or boy.

Price from £289

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