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10 Best Valentine’s Jewellery Gifts Under £150

Valentine’s Day is here. It can be tricky to think of another perfect present so soon after Christmas, so based on best-selling items with top customer reviews, we’ve made a list of our 10 best Valentine’s jewellery gifts under £150. 

1. Heart Locket

This exquisite heart locket features white topaz gemstones in the finest sterling silver. The romantic vintage-style design means it’s a gift you cannot go wrong with. ♥ Price £109

2. Ruby Earrings

Made with radiant little rubies and beautiful gold, these earrings are dainty and absolutely gorgeous. Red rubies symbolise love, so they make particularly meaningful gifts on Valentine’s Day. ♥ Price £99

3. Amethyst & Diamond Earrings

A stunning, thoughtful gift, since amethyst is the gem that symbolises Valentine’s Day. If she has a February birthday, this is additionally the month’s birthstone. Perfect for a sweetheart on 14th February. ♥ Price £129

4. Diamond Clover Bracelet

For those who are lucky in love. This diamond clover bracelet looks beautiful on. It fits any wrist thanks to the beautifully crafted, adjustable sterling silver chain complete with little heart charms. ♥ Price £85

5. Diamond Heart Necklace

An elegant heart trio necklace with premium diamonds, this piece is created for girls who like to look ultra feminine and fashionable day or evening. ♥ Price £76

Best Valentine's Jewellery Gifts

6. Garnet Stacking Ring Set

Garnet, a gorgeous red gemstone, symbolises passion and romance. Made with beautifully polished sterling silver, this set comes with TWO RINGS you can stack. A perfect little luxury that’s totally trendy. Also available with amethyst. ♥ Price £149

7. Topaz Earrings

A glamorous and sophisticated pair of sparkling topaz earrings, with blue topaz in the centre and white topaz all around. One of our best-selling gift items, perfect for Valentine’s Day. ♥ Price £139

8. Rose Gold Watch

This gorgeous Rotary Les Originales two-tone watch is the perfect Valentine’s gift for the practical girl who loves the finer things in life. A sure-fire gift choice. ♥ Price £140

8. Pearl & Diamond Necklace

A lustrous, natural freshwater pearl is surrounded by a swirl diamond halo. With an 18 inch chain, it’s a stunning gift that she’ll always wear close to her heart. ♥ Price £135

Best Valentine's Jewellery Gifts

10. Diamond Solitaire Necklace

We love this dainty diamond solitaire pendant, which is one of our most popular and well-reviewed gift items. A beautiful, single diamond. What better way to say ‘I love you’? ♥ Price £149

Best Valentine's Jewellery Gifts

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