Guide to Winter Bridal Style 2020

Updated 23rd December 2019. How do you create a stunning winter bridal look during the greyest months of the year? We’re going to show you some beautiful ideas and clever tips in our 2020 Winter Bridal Style Guide.

1. Choose the dress first

The bride’s mantra: pick the dress before the accessories. A winter wedding dress can be any style, but this season also allows you to wear strong colours. Some brides opt for a red, pink, beige, silver or navy blue dress to stand out.

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2. Make best use of winter’s beauty

Winter can seem like a cold, dark and grey time to have a wedding. But its magic can be brought out by playing with these elements:

♥  Flatter your look with candle light
♥  Grey, gold, charcoal and beige are on trend
♥  Embellish with pearls and faux fur
♥  Let warm florals pop against a pale background
♥  Create rustic glamour

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3. Pick a winter wedding trend

Winter bridal styles are not limited to any design or look. They can be classic, whimsical or grand.

Here are 3 of the hottest idea for this year:

“Outdoor Bohème”

With the great outdoors and grey understatement being two of this year’s most popular summer wedding themes, there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate them into winter. Create a relaxed feel with a beautiful knitted bridal wrap and delicate winter florals in a rustic setting.

Winter Bridal Look

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“Vintage Ballroom”

Most winter weddings take place indoors. This is the perfect time to find a grand venue and take inspiration from retro glamour. Think feathers, faux furs, diamonds, pearls, sequins and anything sparkling and opulent.

“Urban Fairytale”

New York style urban bridal fashion is both chic and comfortable. You’ll be able to dash from church to venue in a car. So you can worry less about staying warm and concentrate on looking stylish – with a touch of city girl quirkiness.

4. How to create a winter wedding palette

Here’s how to create a perfect palette for your winter bridal look. Firstly, pick a neutral base tone such as white, ivory or blush. Next, add one or two warm colours like red, teal or smoky grey. Finally, complete with gold, rose gold or silver accents.

See our colour palettes for inspiration:

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5. Wrap, shawl or cape?

Something old, new, borrowed, blue… and warm! Even if you spend minimal time outside, it’s a good idea to prepare against the cold. And if your wedding photo shoot is outdoors, you definitely don’t want to catch pneumonia. 

Invest in a stunning bridal wrap, shawl or cape. There are exquisite designs available, from rustic knits embellished with pearls, to faux furs and silk-lined wool.

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6. Jewellery

For a winter wedding, jewellery can be delicate and sparkly. However, you can also carry off stronger colours and bigger accessories. Dark gemstones like deep red garnets and rubies, blue sapphires or bright green emeralds are a stunning choice.

How to Create a Luxe Bridal Look

Vintage rose gold with diamonds is a glamorous option that brings romance to your look.

You could also choose frosty blue winter gems like topaz, aquamarine and tanzanite.

When in doubt, flaunt diamonds.

7. Flowers

Red roses are the most popular flower for winter weddings. They’re expensive, but come in plush, deep colours and their scent is stunning. Peonies, gardenias and hydrangeas give an air of opulence, while baby’s breath and lavender look cool, minimalistic and stunningly wintery.

Add unexpected details to your bouquet – tartan ribbon, heads of wheat, woven silver thread

8. Last but not least – the other details

There are many other ways to add breathtaking detail. The trick to make your look stand out? Always echo your bridal colour scheme in your decor for a cohesive look.

For instance if you wear white gold and pearls and carry a red rose bouquet, dots the same colours around in your invites, menus, wedding cake, centerpieces and cutlery.

Missing Christmas? Give a nod to the just-gone festive season with rustic winter decor and delicate luxury fairy lighting.

22 Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas

Finally, make most of your good byes… A dark winter’s eve is the perfect time for a wedding walk-through lit with sparklers and happy smiles.

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