6 Best Diamond Push Presents – As We Celebrate the Royal Baby!

We’d like to congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who have just announced they’re expecting a baby next spring. To mark the happy occasion, we’ve curated a beautiful list of 10 best diamond push presents.

What is a “push present”?

A push present is a gift that a partner gives a mother to commemorate the birth of a baby. It’s a beautiful way to thank a mum for bringing a baby into the world. There are no rules about how much a push present should cost. Here’s a perfect selection of jewellery gift ideas – from small luxury keepsakes to big ticket diamond eternity rings.

1. L-O-V-E Letter Necklace

Mum can wear her own initial… or you can buy her the baby’s initial to wear close to her heart! Available in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold with diamonds. Diamond is also the April birthstone.

Price from £196

2. Something Pink or Blue

Delicate pink diamonds, sapphires and rose quartz pieces make wonderful gifts to celebrate the birth of a baby girl. Sparkling blue topaz is perfect for the arrival of a bouncing baby boy.

Pink gemstone jewellery – Prices from £159
Blue topaz jewellery – Prices from £95

3. Mum Necklaces

This gorgeous selection of dainty diamond mum and child necklaces make ideal gifts for someone who’s just had a baby.

Prices from £55

4. I ♥ You – Jewellery with Hearts

Nothing is as romantic as a heart-shaped jewellery pieces with sparkling diamond or gems. Here’s a beautiful selection of hearts from our Stellato range.

Prices from £159

5. Emeralds to Symbolise New Life

Emeralds symbolise new beginnings, motherhood, spring and vitality. What could be a more apt way to mark the day a child is born?

Prices from £89

6. Diamond Eternity Ring

This is the most meaningful and traditional gift for new mums. You can choose either a stunning full eternity ring or a beautiful half eternity band. And why not pick one with a symbolic gem?Such as emeralds, the May birthstone, or pink gems or blue stones for a baby girl or boy.

Prices from £289

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