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Princess Eugenie’s wedding jewellery style – VOTE now!

With another Royal wedding on 12th October, here’s all about Princess Eugenie’s wedding jewellery style – including our predictions on what earrings, bracelet and tiara she could wear – and you get to VOTE for your favourites in our polls! Included in this article:

  • A look at Eugenie’s style
  • What we know about her dress
  • Predictions what jewellery she’ll wear
  • What tiara will she wear?
  • VOTE you favourite tiara and jewellery for Eugenie in our POLLS throughout the article!

Eugenie’s bold personal style to shine through

Based on her existing style, which includes a lot of bold colours, floral prints and eye-catching details, we are expecting Eugenie’s wedding dress to look striking.


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The bride-to-be has revealed that her dress will be of British design.

We know that Royal dress designers tend to take the venue into account when making a dress of this importance.


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The 28-year old is set to marry her fiancé, Mr. Jack Brookshank, at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle – where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry said their vows in May.

So we expect the Princess’ dress will have some standout details to match this awe-inspiring venue!

Princess Eugenie’s bridal look could be based on her engagement ring’s unique colour

The unique gemstone in Eugenie’s ring is a very rare padparadscha sapphire. Its colour is a glowing blend of pink and yellow sapphire, creating a sparkling peachy colour.

This could potentially provide a beautiful palette for the couple’s big day.

We’re thinking peachy florals! But would pink details clash with the red hair of Sarah Ferguson, the Mother of the Bride?

Here is a pink sapphire ring, inspired by Princess Eugenie’s.




What earrings?

Eugenie is often photographed without earrings. But when she does choose show off ear candy, she tends to wear contemporary drop earrings or hoops in geometric shapes.

She could also opt for pink sapphire earrings that match her engagement ring.

Finally, she could resort to pearls in the Royal bridal tradition. Both her grandmother, the Queen, and her mother, Sarah Ferguson, wore pearls on their wedding day.

Which tiara?

It has been rumoured that Eugenie might wear either a flower headpiece combined with a veil, or her mother’s dazzling York Tiara.

In 1986, when Eugenie’s mother walked down the aisle, her brand-new “York tiara” (gifted to her by the Queen) was hidden under a floral coronet.

It wasn’t until the ceremony was over that she removed the flower crown and unveiled the tiara she was wearing underneath it!


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This was symbolic of Sarah Ferguson becoming the Duchess of York, and part of the Royal Family.

Eugenie, however, is already a Royal by birth. So we believe she will wear a tiara from the onset, according to protocol.

(Like all other Royal brides with the exception of Camilla when she married Prince Charles.)

We’re certainly hoping to see a glamorous diamond headpiece!

The question is, which one?

Here are some options…

1. The York Tiara

The most obvious choice for Eugenie would be her mother’s York diamond tiara. It’s a platinum piece by Garrard, with leaf and floral motifs.


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A demi-parure, its part of a set with a matching necklace, earrings and bracelet, in total valued at around £800,000.

The Duchess of York wore it on her wedding day, and many other occasions afterwards.

It remains in Sarah Ferguson’s personal collection following her divorce from Eugenie’s father, Prince Andrew, so it would be easily available for Eugenie.

2. The Strathmore Rose Tiara

Some newspapers are voting for the Strathmore rose tiara for Eugenie.

We thought this tiara would have been a strong contender for Meghan Markle, but she wore the Queen Mary’s diamond bandeau instead.

This could well be an option for Eugenie.

We certainly love the romantic vintage look of it. But we’re just not sure if it really matches Eugenie’s inimitable style.

She is known for breaking Royal dress conventions – in particular when it comes to extravagant headwear – so we’re not totally convinced this will be the one.


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3. Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara

A staple at Royal weddings, this tiara took centre stage at Princess Elizabeth and Princess Anne’s ceremonies in 1947 and 1973.

The Queen inherited the piece, which was originally a necklace but was made into a tiara.

Could it now be waiting to have its modern moment on her granddaughter’s wedding day?


4. A new tiara design

Finally, it could be that Eugenie will receive a gift either from her parents or from the Queen, in the form of a brand new tiara.

If so, we’d expect it to have an exciting, contemporary look to match the Princess’ style.


Which bracelet?

Whether Eugenie will wear a bracelet or not depends on the length of the sleeves of her dress.

Kate Middleton had long sleeves and opted for no bracelet. Meghan, however, paired an opulent bracelet with her 3/4 length sleeves.

(Neither bride wore a necklace so we’re betting Eugenie won’t either.)

Eugenie is a fan of bracelets with charms and layers, but that style of bracelet probably wouldn’t be right for the day.

We’d suggest something like this… Let us know your favourite!


What about a necklace?

Will Eugenie wear a necklace? In the past, both The Queen and the princess’ mother wore a pearl necklace.

However, times and fashion have changed, and neither Kate Middleton nor Meghan Markle wore a necklace. Having said that, neither dress had a neckline that required a necklace either.

Eugenie does not seem to wear necklaces very often. In fact, she frequently chooses dresses with high collars that don’t allow any.

So our guess is that she will go without a necklace on her big day!

Wedding ring

The Queen’s, Camilla’s, Kate’s and Meghan’s wedding rings have all been plain bands made from Welsh gold.

This has been the royal tradition dating back to 1923 when the The Queen Mother married George VI.

We expect Eugenie will adhere to this tradition. Plus a plain gold band would match the gold band of the engagement ring perfectly!

So, there you are! Hope you enjoyed this fun article and join us by commenting on the wedding on 12th October on our social emdia channels below. Congratulations to the happy couple!


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