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What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress? 4 Styles to Match Your Neckline

What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress? 4 Styles to Match Your Neckline

What jewellery suits my wedding dress? This is an important question. Your dress is the key element of your bridal look, but your accessories make the dress. Knowing what looks best with your dress neckline will help you create the perfect style. Follow these 4 simple rules to get it right.

What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress?

1. High Neckline

A wedding dress with a high neck will look too ‘busy’ if you wear a necklace. The same rule applies to asymmetric, off-one-shoulder and halterneck dresses. Instead, wear a pair of luxurious, eye catching diamond earrings and balance the look with a luxurious bracelet.

What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress?1. Vintage Luxury Earrings | 3. Evening Bracelets

2. Strapless Neckline

The strapless neckline is perfect backdrop for a big, luxurious necklace. However, a statement piece should always stand alone, so the rest of your jewellery will need to be understated. Simple diamond studs are perfect. For your hands, go for a delicate bracelet or a vintage ring.

What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress?
1. Exclusive Diamond Necklaces | 2. Vintage Statement Rings | 3. Diamond Studs

3. Bateau Neckline

A bateau neckline is designed to show off your collarbone. To accentuate this area, flaunt a collar or choker style necklace. A strand of short pearls, single or double, is perfect. Choose matching drop or stud earrings and a statement ring to complete the look.

What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress?
1. Pearl Necklaces | 2. Pearl Earrings | 3. Pearl Rings

4. Plunging Neckline

A long pendant is the perfect accessory for a neckline that dips into a deep ‘V’ or ‘U’. Choose the chain length to match the scoop of the cleavage. A 20 inch (50cm) chain will generally fall below the collarbone. To be sure, use measuring tape to work out the perfect length for you.

What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress?
1. Diamond Drop Necklaces |2. Diamond Heart Earrings| 3. Vintage Diamond Bracelets 

5. When in doubt

If you’re not sure – or simply want to createa look of beautiful, understated bridal elegance – there are three key pieces that will always look stunning: diamond stud earrings, a solitaire necklace and a tennis bracelet.

What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress?1. Diamond Studs | 2. Solitaire Necklaces | 3. Tennis Bracelets

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