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10 Best Jewellery Christmas Gifts for Mum

Here is our Top 10 Best Jewellery Gifts For Mum list! Based on the most popular and well reviewed gift items that our customers have bought for the most important women in their lives.

1. Freshwater Pearl Bracelet, £99
This exquisite freshwater pearl bracelet is made with natural pearls. The fine sterling silver gives it a lustrous finish that looks and feels beautiful. SOLD OUT!

2. “Mum” Diamond Necklace, £425
A fine sterling silver necklace with ‘Mum’ spelled with a sparkling diamond heart… it’s sure to make her Christmas very happy!

Best Gifts for Mum

3. Emerald Earrings, £205
Emerald is the precious gemstone that symbolises motherhood. These gorgeous, glimmering earrings work effortlessly as luxurious daytime or evening accessories.

Best Gifts for Mum - Emerald earrings

4. Mother of Pearl Watch, £245
This ladies’ Rotary Les Originals watch is a contemporary classic. A fine precision Swiss timepiece, it’s elegant, feminine and adds impeccable style to any outfit.

Best Gifts for Mum - Watch mother of pearl

5. Sapphire Diamond Necklace, £235
Deep blue, beautifully polished into a square princess cut, surrounded by sparkling diamonds. This Stellato sapphire necklace is a gift she’ll always treasure.

Best Gifts for Mum - Sapphire necklace

6. Diamond Stud Earrings, £249
You cannot go wrong with diamond stud gift earrings! They’re timeless, simple, elegant, go with any outfit and are made with real diamonds.

Best Gifts for Mum - diamond stud earrings

7. Extra Long Pearls, £149
Pearls are back in fashion in a huge way this season. This stunning extra long necklace is 55 inches long and made with oriental asymmetrical freshwater pearls that display stunning luster.

Best Gifts for Mum - Extra Long Pearl Necklace

8. Mother & Child Necklace, £85
A lovely gift for first-time mums to mark your new family’s first Christmas together. This beautiful pendant is made with fine sterling silver and a sparkling diamond on the setting.

Best Gifts for Mum - mother and child necklace

9. Silver Diamond Twist Bangle, £106
Looking for a stylish gift for a fashion conscious mum? This simple but elegant silver twist bracelet with shimmering diamond detail is right on trend.

Best Gifts for Mum - silver twist bangle

10. Diamond Cluster Earrings, £275
Sparkling, real diamonds set in lustrous gold. A gift that last a lifetime and more. She’ll always think of you and treasure those special Christmas memories when she wears them.

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