10 Best Christmas Diamond Jewellery Gifts Every Girl Loves

Here is our Top 10 Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts List! Based on our best selling and top reviewed items, we’ve listed our most popular 2017 Christmas gift jewellery.

1. Gorgeous Birthstone Earrings, £125

Each month an official gemstone. Find her birthstone now to give her a meaningful gift. For instance this pair of tanzanite earrings for £125 is perfect if she’s born in December.

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - Tanzanite stud earrings

Or view all birthstone jewellery

2. Sparkling Diamond Eternity Ring, £779

An eternity ring is the ultimate statement of love. Usually given on special occasions, it’s guaranteed to make her Christmas memorable and romantic.

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - White gold eternity ring with princess cut diamonds

3. Beautiful Heart Necklace, £485

A heart necklace is another timeless jewellery classic. And better yet when handcrafted with diamonds. (View our full range of heart necklaces from only £149!)

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - Heart pendant necklace with diamonds and white gold - click to view details

4. Diamond Initial Pendants, from £105

These necklaces are a beautiful jewellery gift. It doesn’t have to bear the owner’s initial – it could also represent a loved one’s name, such as a child, partner or mother.

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - Initial letter pendant necklaces with diamonds and gold - click to view details

5. Diamond Silver Bracelet, £409

This is another jewellery classic. It’s an effortless accessory she can wear with anything from a little black dress to casual chic.

6. Diamond Studs, £249

You cannot go wrong with diamond stud gift earrings! They’re timeless, simple, elegant, go with any outfit and made with real diamonds.

Diamond stud earrings 0.20 carats white gold

6. Pink Sapphire Ring, £205

Pink sapphire is a great gift for gemstone lovers and those who adore colour in their jewellery –set in white gold with diamonds this ring has amazing sparkle.

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - pink sapphire ring

8. Blue Topaz Pendant, £109

Brazilian blue topaz is one of the most clear, sparkling gemstones. It’s a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection.

Blue sapphire pendant necklace in yellow gold

9. Emerald Earrings, £205

Green emeralds symbolise new beginnings, health and wealth. What better notion for a gift at Christmas time when the year’s about to change? This is our most popular pair.

Emerald stud earrings white gold

10. Ruby Bracelet, £505

Red rubies… the romantic gemstone that symbolises love and Christmas! Add sparkle and colour to her holidays with this timeless piece – or shop our ruby necklaces from only £155.

Ruby bracelet with diamond accents in yellow gold

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All prices quoted correctly on 31st October 2017, but are subject to change at any time.

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