Ascot Vs Glasto – TAKE THE QUIZ!

In June, two huge, quintessentially British events take place: the Royal Ascot Races and Glastonbury Festival. But which is more your style? Take our quiz to find out!

Ascot Vs Glasto – The Guides!

Want to know more about these two British summer two events? Read our guides below!
Ascot Guide

The race is on for the best hats at Ascot

Royal Ascot – the lowdown

Ascot is not just about horse racing. The huge event is just as famous for its strict dress code, free flowing champagne and ladies in spectacular hats. Ascot is renowned for attracting the crème de la crème of British society – celebrities, sports personalities, millionaires, WAGs, and, of course, the Royal Family. Fancy a flutter? As one the world’s best attended equine events, there are also plenty of visiting racing enthusiasts who might be willing to give you a tip or two.


  • The chance to don your finery. Yes, ladies, you get to wear a hat!
  • You’ll enjoy watching the celebrity spectators as much as the horses
  • If your horse wins, it’s very exciting!


  • You must follow the dress code or you’re out
  • It might rain, leaving you and your stilettos stuck in the mud
  • You could lose all your money if you gamble on the wrong horse

Visit our Royal Ascot style guide for inspiration:

(Can’t see it? Click here.)

Glasto Guide

Glastonbury, the epic culmination of music and good vibes  

Glastonbury – the lowdown

Glastonbury is the most legendary of all British music festivals. It’s been going since the 70’s and every year it hosts the world’s biggest names in music. The vast site is attended by an eclectic crowd – from trendy celebrities and face-painted teenagers, to stag dos, families with kids, and middle aged rock fans holding on to their lost youths. Because it often rains, the event has gained a reputation for being a very muddy affair. Hence the classic Glasto accessory – a pair of Wellington boots.


  • See the best musicians, bands, comedians and acts in the world
  • The atmosphere is incredible – totally electric and full of good vibes
  • If you like festivals, you will love Glastonbury


  • These days, it’s almost impossible to get a ticket
  • It will probably rain, so be prepared for lots of mud
  • Bad if you hate crowds and queuing for the portaloos

Visit our Glastonbury style guide for inspiration:

(Can’t see it? Click here.)

Ascot Vs Glasto – The Verdict

Is Ascot too formal and old fashioned? Does Glastonbury represent the mix of modern Brits better? Or do both simply show off UK’s vibrant cultural diversity? We just couldn’t decide. So make sure you share your quiz results to tell everyone what you think! 

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