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10 Best Sapphire Rings

Based on popularity and customer reviews, here are our 10 best sapphire rings. We hope they’ll give you plenty of inspiration to find your own perfect sapphire ring! 

1. Sapphire Diamond Halo Ring

This beautiful sapphire halo design is available in two colours – blue sapphire or pink sapphire– so you can choose the colour you love the most. A dazzling halo of diamonds surrounds the centre stone and the 18K white gold band is also diamond-studded. A ring that looks and feels luxurious on the hand. Prices from £945.00 or from £12.90 per month

These Are the 10 Best Sapphire Rings in the UK

2. Classic Sapphire Ring

This beautiful sapphire ring is a timeless classic – and a bestseller. With an oval blue sapphire in the centre, it’s embellished by 12 dazzling premium diamonds in an illusion setting. This setting makes the diamonds appear larger than they are, achieving an exceptional price point for you. Handcrafted in white gold, this sparkling is sophisticated and guaranteed to go down well as a gift. Price £449.00 or from £8.58 per month

These Are the 10 Best Sapphire Rings in the UK

3. Sapphire Eternity Ring

If you’re searching for “big luxury”, this is it. One of our most sought after gemstone eternity rings, this beautiful ring showcases square princess cut sapphires and diamonds all around the band. It has an 18K white gold channel setting which protects the diamonds, looks sleek and sophisticated, and feels wonderful on the finger. Price £1449 or from £19.79 per month

4. Royal Blue Sapphire Ring

Regal and beautiful, this is the most popular sapphire ring style in the UK, because it is almost identical to the ring that belonged to Princess Diana, and which Prince William then gave Kate Middleton. The large, vibrant blue centre stone is surrounded by twelve sparkling diamonds. Price from £2749.00 or from £37.54 per month

These Are the 10 Best Sapphire Rings in the UK

5. Sapphire Sidestone Ring

Set in white gold, this dainty and intricate sapphire ring is handcrafted with a diamond halo and sidestones for a really sumptuous look. The claw setting is designed to let in as much light as possible into the sapphire and the diamonds, so you get lots of dazzle and sparkle. Price £295.00

These Are the 10 Best Sapphire Rings in the UK

10. Sapphire Statement Ring

This exceptionally luxurious blue sapphire ring looks simply stunning on. Wear it during the day for an elegant statement look or add glamour to your evening with this sparkling deep blue sapphire and infinite diamonds. Price £1145.00 or from £15.64 per month


7. Sapphire Trilogy Ring

An elegant trilogy ring has an unforgettable style that makes the perfect gift. With three precious stones that represent the past, present and future, it’s the perfect symbolic present for any special occasion. Price from £1665.00  or from £22.74 per month

These Are the 10 Best Sapphire Rings in the UK

8. Deep Blue Emerald Cut 

As we saw in number 6 above, there is something utterly unforgettable about a rectangular, “emerald cut” gemstone. This ring evokes Hollywood glamour from the 1950’s, and the stunning sapphire stands out with its deep blue tone. Two sparkling diamonds accentuate its beauty, in 18K white gold. Price £809 or from £11.05 per month

9. Four-Stone Sapphire Ring

These four beautiful blue sapphires have been meticulously handpicked to match in cut, colour, and clarity, creating a truly beautiful ring. With a multitude of small sparkling diamonds in between, this ring gets its finishing touch in precious yellow gold to show off its exquisite sparkle. Price £389.00  or from £7.44 per month

These Are the 10 Best Sapphire Rings in the UK

10. Triband Sapphire Ring

This tri-band sapphire ring with a diamond halo is in our bestseller list because it looks luxurious and elegant, yet the price is extremely accessible thanks to the clever use of 9K white gold and an illusion setting for the diamonds. Price £449.00 or £8.58 per month

These Are the 10 Best Sapphire Rings in the UK

Psst… One more. You HAVE to see this Sapphire Cluster Ring

We couldn’t resist adding this one. This sapphire cluster is just breathtaking. If you love big, luxurious statement jewellery, this ring features bright blue sapphires and H/Si quality diamonds on every visible surface. The band is made with 18K white gold for an opulent feel. Watch the 1-minute video to see its incredible sparkle. Price from £2079.00 or from £28.39 per month


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