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6 Diamond Colours – Which of these coloured diamonds matches your April birthstone personality?

Diamonds come in sparkling white, yellow, blue, black and brown. Take this simple test… see which of these coloured diamonds below you feel most drawn to, and discover which diamond colour matches your personality.

  1. Yellow Diamonds
    Did your eye instantly travel to this necklace with stunning yellow diamonds? Then you’re probably known for your creativity, wisdom and love of all things luxurious. Your friends see you as someone stylish, knowledgeable, and original, and you’re probably planning to spend your birthday sipping bubbly somewhere exclusive. One of those designer items hanging in your wardrobe would look exquisite with yellow diamonds.

Yellow diamonds symbolise: creativity, wisdom and glamour

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2. Black Diamonds

Are you seen as the “queen bee” in your group of friends? If you chose black diamonds, you’re probably a natural leader, full of confidence and charm. Your go-to birthday look is a little black dress… and you like to accessorise black-on-black. Wherever you go, others follow. This avant garde pair of black diamond earrings is the perfect way to compliment your personality, and set a trend.

Black diamonds symbolise: power, serenity and intelligence

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3. Pink Diamonds
Do pink diamonds, the rarest of all coloured diamonds, draw your attention? If so, you’re perhaps seen as feminine, attractive and romantic by your many friends and admirerers? Your April birthday will be a thoughtfully planned, fun event where all your friends are welcome and lots of people will want to gather around you to wish you well. Add a perfect, sparkling touch of sweet elegance to your outfit with our pink diamond halo collection.

Pink diamonds symbolise: femininity, attraction and love

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4. Brown Diamonds

These champagne hued diamonds are the most fashionable of all precious coloured stones right now. If you’re drawn to them more than others, you’re probably known for your vivacity, wit, and impeccable sense of style. Your friends love you for your spark. These luxurious brown diamond earrings will compliment both your personality, and that chic outfit you’re planning to wear for your birthday party.

Brown diamonds symbolise: beauty, spirit and style

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5. Blue Diamonds

Is your closet full of navy, blue or turquoise clothes or accessories? If so, you probably felt drawn to these stunning blue diamonds – and you’re utterly beautiful, inside and out. Loyal, poised and trusted, your friends see you as a”true blue” friend who is always kind and understanding. Blue diamonds are the perfect way to compliment your persona, and add precious blue sparkle to your lovely aura.

Blue diamonds symbolise: kindness, knowledge and integrity

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6. White Diamonds

Finally, let’s not forget dazzling white diamonds. If you’re most attracted to these, then you’re undoubtedly known for your independence, strength and optimistic nature. When your friends need a brave, clever person to turn to for help, you’re the one. Sparkling white diamonds will crown any outfit – and perfectly embody your strength of character.

Wearing white diamonds means: purity, positivity and courage

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