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10 Reasons to ♥ Aquamarine

Aquamarine – 10 Reasons Youll Love It

Aquamarine. Beautifully sparkling and translucent. This precious stone boasts a unique, icy blue-green colour that reminds you of the Arctic ocean. It’s a gem that’s hard to forget once you’ve held it in your hands.

Here are 10 reasons to fall in love with March’s gorgeous birthstone…

Aquamarine is the March birthstone and popular in jewellery

1. Clear blue beauty

♥ It is one of the most translucent gemstones you can find. It features almost glass-like clarity, combined with light turqoise sparkle. A jewellery lover’s dream come true.

2. Related to the emerald

♥ Part of the beryl mineral family, aquamarine is related to the green emerald. But while emeralds are fairly small, these blue crystals are large and clear. Perfect for creating showstopping jewellery.

Aquamarine and diamond earrings from TheDiamondStore UK

3. Birthstone for March

♥ It is the birthstone for March and Pisces. If you were born that month and/or fall under that zodiac sign, this gem is said to bring you wealth, health and happiness.

4. Mythical gemstone

♥ The Romans believed aquamarine was a sacred gemstone belonging to Neptune, their god of the seas. That’s where the gem’s name comes from. “Aqua” and “marine” are Latin words for “water” and “sea”.

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5. Unique colour

♥ Its colour ranges from a light green-blue to a bright sky blue. While the more intense blue colour is considered more valuable by gemmologists, many people prefer the lighter coloured stones because of their water-like sparkle.

Aquamarine pendant necklace in white gold with diamonds from TheDiamondStore UK

6. Exotic from Brazil

♥ The finest of these blue gems come from Brazil’s beautiful Minas Gerais province. The Brazilian gem trade is largely artisanal. Their government restricts mechanised mining to protect local tribes and the environment.

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7. Royal gem

♥ British, Dutch and Danish crown jewellery feature these Brazilian gems in tiaras, necklaces and earrings. It’s said to be one of Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite gemstones.

8. Lady Diana wore it

♥ When Princess Diana became newly single in 1996, she made waves by wearing a large aquamarine and yellow gold ring on her ring finger.

Aquamarine and yellow gold ring with diamonds by TheDiamondStore UK

9. Surrounded by lore

♥  Ancient Roman healers believed that gazing into an aquamarine would cure tired eyes. We cannot vouch for the science behind the belief, but we know it’s hard to take your eyes off an aquamarine!

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10. It can replace diamonds!

♥ Aquamarine gives diamonds a run for their money. These light blue gems offer breathtaking sparkle, very affordable jewellery in large gem sizes, and they suit almost any complexion. In short, it’s a beautiful and exciting gem to add to your collection. Especially if it’s your birthstone.

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