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7 Best Proposal Videos – You’d SO Say Yes To These!

THE most romantic time of year is upon us again. Here at The Diamond Store we adore proposals – it’s all about love, happiness and beautiful sentiments. Are you planning to pop the question soon? We’ve scoured the web for 7 of the best unique marriage proposal videos to inspire you!

1. The proposal that took 6 years to plan!

We all love those elaborate proposals that the guy has taken a VERY long time to think up. However, this man’s 6-year scheme takes planning to new heights. A photographer, he clearly knows this is the girl for him and is willing to make his move… slowly but surely. Luckily she hangs in there until the happy end!

2. How could she say no to a dog called Spud?

Popping the question can be nerve-wracking, so who better than mans’ best friend to be your wingman? You could do the classic ‘Will you marry me’ sign tied to the collar – or get your furry friend play fetch and come back with the ring box. Take a look at this fun proposal with a dog called Spud helping him ask those four important words. So sweet and funny!

3. Family flash mob and Bruno Mars

This is the perfect proposal if you want to get friends and family involved – and love dancing, choreographing and music. Funky Bruno Mars provides the soundtrack to this unique and literally, moving, proposal which will undoubtedly make you smile (while maybe bringing a little tear to your eye because it’s sooo sweet).

4. She flew to him… literally

A helicopter can definitely turn your proposal into something unique that your partner will never, ever forget. This one is definitely like a scene from a romcom. The pilot is, in fact, the lady herself and instead of him popping the question while in flight, he waits for her down below… with a very special landing request.

5. The movie trailer proposal

You have to be a big movie buff and seriously in love to go to these lengths to propose, but what a great event it is! Totally unique, it’s not surprising she does not expect the happy ending of this short film she’s watching in the theatre…

6. They made a rap music video afterwards

OK, so this is actually a  POST-proposal video, but still so much fun we had to include it in the list. We’re guessing this couple love hip hop, plus have some talented friends who helped them write, shoot, edit and perform this outstanding music video!

7. He got her to plan her own proposal

He leads her on… in a good way. This sweet proposal goes down well both with her and the audience. Enjoy this sweet video, and we hope all the proposals on this list have given you some inspiration for your own big day.

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