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Use Our Boxing Day Jewellery Sale to Get a Head Start on Valentines!

Boxing Day jewellery sale

Here it is! Our Boxing Day jewellery sale. We’ve picked 12 amazing jewellery finds for you that make smart buy-aheads for Valentine’s. You need to move quickly though… many only have 1 or 2 items left.

NOTE: If an item clicks through to an empty web page it means it has been sold out!

1. Diamond “Two Kisses” Pendant
This trendy, sparkly diamond pendant is perfect for saying ‘I love you’ to a fashionista jewellery lover. Handcrafted with conflict-free premium diamonds and white gold.
ONLY 1 ITEM LEFT! Price £116

2. Diamond Heart Earrings

You cannot get a better (or more romantic) diamond deal than this! These beautiful heart earrings feature pave set diamonds in pristine sterling silver.
Price £63

Boxing Day Jewellery Sale

3. Swan Diamond Necklace

This pretty diamond necklace features the most graceful of nature’s creatures: the swan. A wonderful gift gesture, it’s made with round brilliant cut diamonds in white gold.
ONLY 2 ITEMS LEFT! Price £214

Boxing Day Jewellery Sale

4. Vintage Diamond Earrings

An eye-catching, sophisticated pair of diamond chandelier earrings in a vintage style. With extravagant handcrafted detail in white gold perfect for special occasions.
ONLY 1 PAIR LEFT! Price £473

Boxing Day Jewellery Sale

5. Diamond Trio Heart Necklace

A gorgeous necklace at exceptional value! This sure-fire Valentine’s gift looks absolutely exquisite on. Diamonds and hearts – perfect for impressing that special someone.
Price £73

Boxing Day Jewellery Sale

6. Diamond Hoops

These decadent diamond hoops are made with 1 carat of diamonds! In high quality sterling silver, they offer seductive shimmer at incredible value.
Price £311

Boxing Day Jewellery Sale

7. Diamond Slider Necklace

This necklace features an intricate diamond studded slider pendant is for the discerning jewellery conoisseur. Set in vintage style yellow it’s unmistakably luxurious.
ONLY 1 ITEM LEFT! Price £126

8. Diamond Swirl Studs

These unusual diamond swirl earrings are simply exquisite. You’ll be hard pressed to find the same beautiful design again and we’re almost sold out.
ONLY 2 PAIRS LEFT! Price £331

Boxing Day Jewellery Sale

9. Pink Sapphire Necklace

A timeless classic, these rosy pink sapphires accented with diamonds look utterly luxurious in a white gold pave setting. For occasions when you need something romantic.
Price £180

Boxing Day Jewellery Sale

10. Gold Diamond Bracelet

Conflict-free diamonds. UK hallmarked yellow gold. A contemporary classic design that looks good with any outfit. Don’t miss out on this as we’ve only got a few left.
ONLY 8 ITEMS LEFT! Price £229

Boxing Day Jewellery Sale

11. Diamond Initial Pendants

These are our best selling diamond gift necklaces. You cannot go wrong with this if you want a fail-safe, personlised gift for someone you love – while getting a great deal on gold and diamonds.
Price from £102

12. Diamond Solitaire Necklace

Finally, this exquisite single diamond is a winning item. Sparkling beautifully in a white gold setting, it’s guaranteed to make it’s wearer feel beautiful and luxurious.
ONLY 1 ITEM LEFT! Price £268

Boxing Day Jewellery Sale

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Please note all prices are reduced sales prices quoted from 25th December 2016 and may vary at any time after this date.