5 Best Honeymoon Destinations | Interview With Parnassus Travel

What are the world’s best honeymoon destinations right now? We were priviledged to sit down with Niki Denée, the Director of Travel for Parnassus Travel – an exceptional company specialising in curated travel experiences and with remarkable local knowledge. She shares with us her expert honeymoon inspiration.

Nikki, our customers are always searching for the ultimate honeymoon experiences. Perhaps you can you tell us your top five destinations and why?

“I would definitely say the Seychelles. It is so beautiful, the beaches are world class, the marine life is unrivalled, the hotels are fantastic and it really is the ultimate paradise.


“The Amalfi Coast is a definite – the views are just breathtaking and the hotels are excellent, as well as such great restaurants.


“Also have to include my favourite place in the world, Africa, with its vast plains, incredible wildlife and panoramic landscapes. The people are so friendly and there is nothing more magical than being out on safari. Plus the tented accommodation is very romantic.


“New Zealand for those that are more adventurous – there is so much to see and do and it is such an incredibly beautiful country with dramatic scenery. With amazing wildlife, great beaches, ancient glaciers and a great climate, plus the New Zealanders are really friendly.


“I would also include Argentina, it is such a land of extremes from epic Patagonian landscapes to polo in Buenos Aires or wine estancias in the Andes. There is definitely something for everyone.”


We heard that you recently went on a honeymoon… congratulations on your marriage! Where did you choose to go and what inspired you to choose that destination?

“I chose Uganda and Kenya for my honeymoon as I wanted to do something off the beaten track and I have always wanted to see the gorillas. It was the most incredible experience and one of the best things I have done. Seeing the gorillas in their natural environment is one of the most special experiences and something truly unforgettable.

“The Volcanoes lodges were brilliant, there were only a few rooms and although rustic, it had all the comforts that you needed along with great food, really friendly staff and brilliant guides.


“Kenya was for a riding safari and we stayed at Borana which is family owned, everything is produced on the farm so all the food is organic and set in the most incredible location with panoramic views for miles over the waterhole. The horses are impeccably looked after and it gives you a totally different perspective going on safari on horseback rather than in a vehicle and something I would definitely recommend.”


If you could pack one item from TheDiamondStore.co.uk to take on holiday with you, what would you choose?

“I’d love a pair of the blue sapphire stud earrings, these would be perfect as they are so wearable either for looking glamorous on the beach or on the go.”

sapphire earrings

Lastly, what makes Parnassus Travel stand out from the other travel companies, and what should our customers look for when choosing a travel agent?

“Parnassus check out all of the properties that they work with first hand so we really know them exceptionally well. This means that we can recommend the best rooms and also have great relationships with all of the General Managers of the hotels. Which means our clients are looked after very well.

“We also know the surrounding areas so we can recommend the best restaurants and things to do which you wouldn’t be able to get from simply looking online or asking a travel agent who doesn’t specialise in that destination.

“We also like to meet our clients to get to know their preferences very well so we can make sure that we tailor their trips accordingly and also arrange anything in advance for their stay – depending on their likes and dislikes.”

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