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Top 10 Necklaces

UPDATE 20th Dec: Please note that if you click on an item and it goes through to an empty ‘error’ webpage, this means the item is out of stock. This is due to how busy we get during the Christmas gifting season. We apologise for any inconvenience. We do, however, offer many other beautiful necklaces for you to choose from in our webstore and some of them can still be sent out tomorrow 21st Dec on our last posting day! ????

Here’s a definitive list of our 10 best necklaces based on popularity and customer reviews. Fashion trends come and go, but the beauty diamonds and gems always endures.

1. Ruby & diamonds, £219
There’s nothing more romantic than a red ruby framed by dazzling diamonds. This beautiful necklace is made with 9K white gold. An ideal gift for someone special.
best necklaces ruby and diamonds
2. Diamond heart, £239

This stunning diamond heart pendant with a contemporary design shows off conflict-free diamonds. The claw setting allows lots of light into them, producing brilliant sparkle.

best necklaces diamond heart
3. Alluring aquamarine, £159

The unique blue-green colour of the aquamarine is beautifully highlighted in this pendant. Set in pristine white gold and offset with 3 diamonds, it would make a wonderful gift for a loved one.

best necklaces aquamarine

4. Sapphire heart, £189

Blue sapphires and diamonds set onto a delicate white gold heart – what could be more precious? It’s no wonder this pendant is among our most coveted gift items.

best necklaces blue sapphire diamonds

5. Brilliant solitaire, £189

A round brilliant cut diamond is the one that sparkles most compared to other diamond shapes. This stunning small solitaire would make a beautiful first diamond gift for any girl.

best necklaces solitaire diamond yellow gold
6. Emerald heart, £179

A sought after variation on the heart theme, this beautiful emerald piece is handcrafted with yellow gold and diamonds. A match made in heaven for jewellery lovers.

best necklaces emerald diamond yellow gold
7. Rose gold heart, £445

This trendy necklace is a blending of two precious pink elements: rose gold and pink sapphires. With an infinity knot heart design, it’s sure to delight and impress.

best necklaces rose gold pink sapphires heart shaped
8. Sky blue topaz, £109

Bright blue topaz evokes dreams of blue skies and wide open sea. This gorgeous pendant is held in a yellow gold claw setting and complemented by a twinkling conflict-free diamond

best necklaces blue topaz yellow gold
9. Pearl & topaz, £69

If you don’t want to spend on diamonds, don’t choose articifial gems, pick white topaz instead for genuine sparkle and perfect price. Like this freshwater pearl and topaz pendant.

best necklaces pearl white topaz pendant
10. Art Deco solitaire, £689

This ’emerald cut’ diamond gives of long, sustained flashes of light – a luxurious diamond shape made popular in the Roaring Twenties. An exquisite treat for those who love luxury.

best necklaces diamond solitaire emerald cut

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