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10 Best Diamond Cross Necklaces from £115

Diamond cross necklaces are often first important jewellery gifts given on special occasions. This is because crosses make beautiful, inspiring and meaningful gift. Such as 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays, communions, confirmations and weddings.

1. Vintage Style Cross

We picked this stunning white gold cross because of its exceptional diamond detail. The setting means it will sparkle beautifully when it catches the light. Hurry, there are only a few left!

Price £155.00

Diamond Cross Pendant Gold

2. Silver Diamond Cross

This dainty yet weighty little gold cross made with burnished yellow gold showcases eleven sparkling premium diamonds in a rubover setting.

Price £149.00

 cross pendant necklace silver diamonds

3. Tanzanite Cross

Tanzanite is one of the rarest gems on earth. Here it glisten side by side with ethical diamonds – and comes with a matching ring, earrings and bracelet. Click on the image to take a look at all four.

Price £245.00

Tanzanite Cross Pendant Gold

4. Beautiful Ruby Cross

This elegant ruby cross dazzles us with its pure red, princess cut gems, which provide breathtaking contrast to the white setting. It’s a precious and elegant piece.

Price £265.00


5. Flower Cross

We adore this exquisite, creative floral cross that’s made with yellow, white and rose gold and features six premium diamonds. It would make a truly delightful springtime gift. It’s currently on sale, only five left!

On sale £229.00

Mixed Gold Diamond Cross Pendant

6. Fashion Cross

This cross would be well received by any fashion conscious boy or girl. With white diamonds in a flawless channel setting, it looks exceptionally luxurious. Also available in yellow gold.

Price £319.00

Diamond Cross Pendant Gold

7. Contemporary Cross

We love this delightful white gold pendant because it features premium diamonds in a modern design. It would make a beautiful confirmation or communion gift.

Price £115.00

Diamond cross necklace

8. Classic Gold Yellow

Beautifully designed with intricate yellow gold detail and set with baguette cut diamonds, we think this elegant cross pendant achieves a look that’s both traditional and timeless.

Price £389.00

Diamond Cross Pendant Gold

9. Elegant Cross

Elegance and simplicity characterise this classic diamond cross, but what makes it distinctive is the way the yellow gold chain runs invisibly through the back of the pendant.

Price £395.00

Diamond Cross Pendant Gold

10. Purys Cross

We love this exquisite cross pendant not only for its superlative radiance, but because of the high standard of design. It features multiple high quality diamonds with superb sparkle.

Price £1719.00

Diamond cross necklaces - Purys design

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*All prices quoted on 27th September 2016 and could change any time after the date