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5 Summer Jewellery Looks

Summer 2017 jewellery trends bring a feminine, delicate and whimsical touch to jewellery. Here are 5 looks you’ll love.

Layers of Rose Gold…

Rose gold is headlining this year. And we’re still layering & stacking jewellery. So if you combine the two, you’ll be perfectly set for an unforgettable summer of ’17.

Rose gold diamond statement fashion rings - Summer 2016 Jewellery

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See how a multi-band gives you a ready-stacked look:

Romantic Bangles…

Gorgeous rose gold rules the wrist too. Chains have given way to slim, chic bangles. Think nouveau vintage, romance inspired designs and touches of rose gold radiance.

Rose gold bangle with word love - Summer 2016 Jewellery

Rose gold arrow motif cuff bangle - Summer 2016 Jewellery


Delicate butterflies so belong to summer. Sparkling wings and delicate chains are perfect for adding a little boho chic to a flowing floral frock.

rose gold diamond butterfly necklace - summer 2016 jewellery trends

diamond butterfly ring - summer 2016 jewellery trends

Florals & Hearts…

Let yourself be enticed with summer love in the rose garden. Nothing could be more romantic and Jane Austen-summery than sparkling hearts and whimsical floral rings.

diamond heart necklaces - summer 2016 jewellery trends

multi-gem flower ring pastel - summer 2016 jewellery trends

Pantone Gems…

The official 2016 pantone colours are “rose-quartz” pink and “serenity” blue. Pink sapphires and sky blue topaz are therefore perfectly on trend for showing off this summers freshest look.

blue topaz statement ring - summer 2016 jewellery trends

pink sapphire rings - summer 2016 jewellery trends

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