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Luxury Gifts for Mother’s Day

This week we’ve chosen 10 luxury gifts for Mother’s Day. With diamonds, gemstones, gold and silver, from £129 to £665, there’ll be something beautiful here for every mum.

1. For Pretty Mummies
Rose Gold Diamond Bangle

This gorgeous rose gold bangle is the perfect luxury gift for Mother’s Day. With its Victorian inspired ribbon motif, it’s studded with diamonds. Perfect for adding subtle glamour to the work week or sparkle to a LBD. Rose gold is very vintage, yet very fashionable right now. So whether your mum likes to keep up with the times or own timeless pieces, this piece fulfills both!

Vivara Collection 0.20ct Diamond and 9K Rose Gold Bow Bangle

2. For Romantic Mums
Rose Gold Butterfly Necklace

This is a stunning butterfly rose gold necklace with diamonds. It will suit absolutely any mum – but in particular those who love romantic themes. Butterflies are one of nature’s most beautiful creatures. What more fitting gift for a mum who is just as beautiful and unique?
Vivara Collection 0.42ct diamond 9K Rose Gold Butterfly Necklace

3. For Chic Mothers
Diamond Pear Shaped Pendant

Diamonds really are forever. This stunning pear shaped solitaire pendant is the ultimate gift that will last a lifetime and more. Made with heirloom quality gwhite gold and a sparkling conflict free diamond, it’s perfection. This is an elegant sure-fire gift for any mum.

Keira 18K White Gold Pear Shape Diamond Pendant 0.25CT G/VS

4. For Mums With Lots of Heart
Ruby and Diamond Heart Pendant

Rubies are red, sapphires are blue, I love mum and she loves me too. This beautiful gemstone heart necklace is made with rubies. But we also do it with green emeralds and blue sapphires. Red being the colour of love, though, we thought your mum might like this one best.

Ruby 0.68CT And Diamond 9K White Gold Pendant

5. For Super Star Mummies
Diamond Small Hoop Earrings

Is you mother one bit VIP, one bit super star and one bit the world’s best mum? Then she totally deserves these ultra glamorous, classic and stylish diamond earrings. made with the finest conflict free diamonds, they’re ethical too.

0.06ct Diamond and 9K White Gold Earrings

6. For Retro Mamas
Diamond Silver Vintage Bracelet

This vintage bangle is so, so beautiful, mum is probably going to shed a little tear of joy when she opens the beautiful box it comes in. She will not only love this bracelet, but get lots of wear out of it, thanks to its beautiful and timeless design.
Diamond and Silver Vintage Bracelet

7. For Mothers Who Sparkle
Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings

What to get a mum who has it all but deserves something special? Diamonds are the answer. These cute diamond button studs are understated yet ultra glamorous. She can down- or up-play them to suit any occasion.

Cluster Earrings 0.25CT Diamond 9K White Gold

8. For Mums Who Are Like Rare Gems
Sapphire Stud Earrings

Blue sapphires are the world’s finest gem after diamonds. These are from Thailand, which means their quality is superb. They make beautiful gifts for Mother’s day. Royal blue, sparkly and refines, they’ll make mum feel beautiful.

Sapphire 5mm x 4mm 9K White Gold Stud Earrings

9. For A-list Mummies
Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This is one of those jewellery essentials that anyone will love. A tennis bracelet is so easy to wear with anything. It creates a look of effortless style and luxury.

Silver Diamond Set 0.57CT Tennis Bracelet

10. For BFF Mums 
Blue and White Topaz Earrings

Mums do so many jobs rolled into one. They care of us when we’re little, make us feel special, chauffeur us around and they’re our best confidants. How to find gifts for Mother’s day for that amazing super mum who is your Best Friend Forever, these beautiful rare topaz earrings make a really wonderful gift.

Blue Topaz and White Topaz Earrings in Sterling Silver


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