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How to Build a Jewellery Collection

What Is Heirloom Jewellery?

This article exaplains how to build a jewellery collection in 3 simple steps:

  1. Invest in a few “essential” jewellery items
  2. Collect a couple of statement jewellery pieces
  3. Add a few personalised items

Now read on for a more detailed explanation of each step.

1. Invest in a few “essential” jewellery items

Stylists and jewellers typically consider these six items “jewellery essentials”. They are staples you can wear any day with any outfit:

  • Stud earrings
  • Solitaire necklaces
  • Tennis bracelets
  • Engagement rings, promise rings
  • Wedding or eternity rings
  • Pearls (necklaces and/or stud earrings)

Firstly, they’re of a high quality so you wear them again and again throughout your life.

Secondly, their style is classic, so they never go out of fashion and they complement any outfit, whether everyday or special occasion.

Finally, they can turn into family heirlooms, passed from one generation to the next.

Spending a little more money than usual on these pieces is worth it, because well-crafted jewellery withstands the test of time. You’ll get your investment back through years of wear.


How to build an essential jewellery collection - tips by TheDiamondStore UK

View now:  1. Diamond stud earrings – 2. Solitaire necklaces – 3. Tennis bracelets – 4. Diamond & Engagement rings – 5. Eternity & Wedding Rings – 6. Pearls

2. Collect a couple of statement jewellery pieces

Statement jewellery is big, bold and eye-catching. It “makes a statement”. In other words, it attracts attention, and speaks volumes about your personal style.

Once you have collected your essential jewellery items, you should include a few large statement pieces that you can wear on special occasions, or to dress up plain outfits.

For example, a large elaborate necklace can turn formal work attire into a dressy wedding guest oufit, or works as a New Year’s Eve accessory with a little black dress.

Any other jewellery items that you wear alongside a statement piece should be kept understated. This allows the starring jewellery item to shine.

You can choose to spend a lot or little money on statement jewellery, it’s up to you. The main thing is that it looks bold, eye-catching and special.


How to pick jewellery statement pieces for your collection - tips by TheDiamondStore UK

View now:   6. Exclusive necklaces – 7. Chandelier earrings – 8. Tanzanite ring – 4. Amethyst ring – 9. Diamond cluster ring – 10. Sapphire bracelet

3. Add a few personalised items

How to stack diamond and gold bracelet bangles - jewellery tips by TheDiamondStore UK 

Once you have your 4-6 essential jewellery items and a few statement pieces for special occasions, it’s time to hone your collection with personal touches.

There are plenty of jewellery designs and trends that will add variety to your look. Play with colour, shape and materials to create your own, individual style.

  • For example, jewellery “stacking” is a powerful trend that’s characterising this decade’s jewellery fashion. You can achieve this look by simply combining lots of rings, bracelets or necklaces in layers – as done with bangles in the photo above.
  • You can add retro touches with vintage items – you can buy them or may inherit them from relatives.
  • Unusual designs will give your look a bit of cool, quirky edge.
  • For personalisation, birthstones, initial pendants and charm bracelets are the easiest way to collection unique to you.


How to personalise your jewellery collection and how to pick jewellery trends that suit you - tips by TheDiamondStore UK

View now:   11. Initial pendant – 12. Topaz pendant – 13. Ruby ring – 14. Rose gold cross ring – 15. Set of stacking rings  – 16. Vintage bangle – 17. Hoops earrings – 18. Huggy earrings – 19. Drop earrings

A word about creating style

Did you watch the fashion documentary, Iris, on Netflix? If so, you probably marvelled at the way Iris Apfel, fashion icon, uses jewellery. She said:

“If there was a choice on spending a lot of money on accessories or dress, I always chose accessories. I think jewellery can change an outfit more than anything else.”

This is certainly true. When building your jewellery collection, remember – one single piece of jewellery can turn an everyday outfit into something very glamorous.

Galileo diamond cluster ring brings a plain outfit to life - how to build a jewellery collection

Building your jewellery collection – one last piece of advice

Jewellery is a very personal thing. Unlike clothes or shoes, it’s long-lasting. It can remind us of loved people, and important moments in our lives. So always make sure each piece in your collection is special to you. Let your jewellery tell your story.

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