Why Choose Gemstones for Your Bridal Look

One of the best ways to create a beautiful and unique bridal style is by wearing gemstone jewellery instead of traditional diamonds.

Whether you opt for a pink sapphire engagement ring, or choose blue topaz to accent a white wedding dress, gemstones offer a stunning way to add natural colour to your bridal palette.

You can also pick jewel colours to reflect your wedding’s floral accents or your bridesmaids’ dresses, which will help to pull your entire look together.

Pink sapphire rings

Pink Sapphire Rings

Gemstone engagement rings
When choosing engagement rings, brides and grooms have more choice than they realise. Diamonds are just a start; precious gems and diamonds exist in every possible shade.

And if you find the traditional bright colours of blue sapphires, red rubies or green emeralds too strong, try violet tanzanite, citrus green peridot or rosy pink tourmaline.

pink sapphire2

Peridot engagement ring

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Rings | Blue Sapphire & Pink Sapphire, Peridot, Aquamarine, Tanzanite

You can pick a gemstone colour that shouts out your personal style, and gems can also add more meaning to your ring. For example, you can select your birthstone or choose a gem that marks the month of your engagement.

The other benefit of gemstone rings is that you can choose a much bigger stone than if you were purchasing a diamond ring – yet precious gems still have the same heirloom value.

You don’t have to forgo the classic white diamond entirely either, simply choose your coloured gem with a diamond halo or accent stones.

Emerald engagement rings by TheDiamondStore.co.uk

Emerald Engagement Rings

Bridal gems
Whatever the color scheme of your wedding, placing delicate jewel tones against a white dress will add a luxurious yet natural touch to your look.

Estate earrings or vintage pendants with Edwardian or Victorian gemstone designs look romantic and chic. And don’t be afraid to wear additional gemstone rings – your engagement and wedding rings won’t be any less important if you also wear a decorative ring.


peridot earrings

Pink sapphire gemstone jewellery for brides - pendant

Amethyst earrings

From top: Blue topaz necklaces, Peridot earrings, Pink sapphire necklaces, Pink tourmaline rings, Blue topaz ring, Purple amethyst drop earrings

It’s not a coincidence that these timeless jewellery items have been popular for more than a hundred years. If you choose well, you’ll get lots of wear from them after your wedding and they’ll become much loved pieces that you can later pass on to your children.

Finally, colourful gemstone and birthstone pieces also make beautiful bridesmaids’ gifts, if you want to give your girls a special keepsake to remember your wedding by. 🙂


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