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An Exquisite Tanzanite Ring – ONLY £209

Tanzanite 0.76CT & Diamond 9K White Gold Ring

ONLY £209.00

This ring looks absolutely breathtaking on the finger. Tanzanite is an extremely rare gem, only found in one place in the whole world. Famous for its unique violet-blue colour, it’s also the December birthstone. Our jeweller handcrafted this ring with 0.76CT of tanzanite, offset by sparkling accent diamonds and white gold. It’s a ring that will make you feel stunning.

Tanzanite ring

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We love this ring because…
♥    Tanzanite is the rarest gem!!
♥    Vivid, sparkling blue-violet hues
♥    With added accent diamonds
♥    UK hallmarked white gold
♥    5-star reviewed by our customers

See it on video:

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Tanzanite gem guide:

Tanzanite Gem Guide


Tanzanite Meaning: December Birthstone

Meaning of Tanzanite as Decembers Birthstone - BLOG ARTICLE


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9x7mm Tanzanite and 1-carat diamond ring in 18K white gold

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