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Buying the Diamond Ring She Wants at a Price You’ll Love

We’re taking another look at this highly popular topic – pro advice on how to plan your spending and give your fiancée the best possible ring when you’re on a tight budget.

GETTING engaged? Congratulations! We realise you’ve come across this article because you’re shopping for an engagement ring for someone really special. We’re also guessing that by now, you’ve probably found all manner of confusing advice – and maybe been scared to death by the prices of rings.

That’s why we, the engagement ring experts, have put together this easy 5-step guide for buying the perfect diamond ring she’ll adore, at a price you’ll love.

1. Figure out the money first
Square Cut Diamond Ring - The Diamond Store UKSounds obvious, right? But you’d be amazed how many people overlook budgeting. In a nutshell, if you’re buying an engagement ring, you’ll want to buy the best one you can afford – but not spend yourself out of house and home or start your married life in huge debt.

  • Take a good, honest look at your finances
  • Ask your dad or a money-wise friend for advice
  • Decide how much you’re prepared to spend
  • Even if you have savings or a great salary, you might not want to spend it all in one go. Consider putting down a deposit on a ring, and financing the rest at 0% interest.

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2. Gather ALL the facts – and write them down

The next most important thing? Work out the ring size and style. If the ring turns out too small or big (or she hates the way it looks) your big moment will be ruined.

  • FREE Ring Sizer from TheDIamondStoreUK“Borrow” one of her existing rings and measure it with a Ring Sizer App or take it to a jeweller who’ll measure it for you. Once you get it, write it down.
  • Next, work out the ring’s style. Would she prefer yellow gold or a silvery-coloured metal, like white gold or platinum? Platinum is the most expensive, then 18K gold, followed by 9K gold. Ask her sister or friends for help if you’re in doubt.
  • Check which diamond cut she’d prefer. The easiest way is to ask her mum or best friends.

3. Research jewellers

Couple looking at jewellery for Valentine'sIt’s good if you understand diamond basics, like the The Four Cs. However, don’t get too tangled up in the technicalities. Your engagement ring’s first and foremost job is to appeal to the person you’re buying it for.

If you’ve done the above research in points 1 and 2, then a good jeweller will help you with the rest. They’ll guide you to the right ring that looks stunning, sparkles beautifully and is the best your money can buy.

  • Look for a helpful retailer that offers you the most choice within your budget and style.
  • Generally speaking, online jewellers have the best prices because they have smaller overheads than high street shops.
  • Check for UK hallmarking, British Jewellery Association membership, insured delivery and the length of the ring’s guarantee to ensure you’re getting a quality product and the best service.

4. Buy THE ring

Finally, the exciting part! Having narrowed down the budget, ring style and choice of jeweller, shopping will be a breeze. Don’t take too long to decide, though. Jewellers don’t stock their entire range of rings in every finger size, so it might need to be ordered, set by hand or sized to fit. They’ll also need to send the ring to be hallmarked. This could take from a few days to a number of weeks, depending on how complex the ring’s design is. So give yourself plenty of time to avoid last minute panic and disappointment!

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5. Plan the occasion

Now that you have your ring, the plot thickens… it’s finally time to plan your proposal! Check out our 101 brilliant proposal ideas for a bit of inspiration.


Write yourself a checklist to get the best ring possible:

Engagement Ring Buying Checklist for Men

Good luck and remember, you can always get in touch with us if you need more advice!

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