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Take Our 30 Before Thirty List Challenge!

Take the “30 Before 30” Bucket List Challenge now! Maybe you’ll discover you did lots of these thing before you turned thirty years of age. Or perhaps you’re not 30 yet, but well on your way to becoming a worldly, experienced person… Whatever the case, see how many of the below things can you tick of, then read the quiz results at the bottom!

Before turning 30 years of age I…

#1 Owned a piece of real diamond jewellery

#2 Rode a motorbike

#3 Flew first class (or at least business)

#4 Stayed in a backpackers’ hostel

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#5 Went skinny-dipping

#6 Got promoted at work

#7 Was asked to be a bridesmaid

#8 Went on a fad diet

#9 Owned designer shoes

#10 Stayed in a luxury five star hotel

#11 Took a selfie at one of the 7 wonders of the world

#12 Went to the top of the Eiffel Tower

#13 Got upgraded on a flight

#14 Went crowd surfing at a concert

#15 Went to a music festival

#16 Did the whole “Ibiza thing”

#17 Got sponsored to run or walk for a charity fundraiser

#18 Lied about your age

#19 Owned something that’s just yours, like a car, a house, or a dog

Yorkshire terrier - one of the things you should do before turning 30 is own diamond jewellery and a dog

#20 Dyed your hair

#21 Owned designer handbag

#22 Used fake tan

#23 Spent all you wages before payday

#24 Got together with your ex

#25 Got a pension plan

#26 Woke up REALLY hungover

#27 Tried online dating or a dating app

#28 Learned how to speak a forgeign language

#29 Watched a rom com, ate ice cream/chocolate and cried

#30 Got engaged

Scroll down for results…

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1-10 items: Have you been hiding in a cave? Or maybe you’re still far from 30? Either way, print this list or make your own, and start checking things off it. We promise you’ll have fun!

11-15 items: Uh-oh! You’ve made a start but you’ve still got so many things to experience and enjoy. You don’t want to get to your 30’s, look back, and wonder where your youth went!

16-20 items: Well done, you are halfway there! Now’s the fun bit, when you get to plan your next adventure! Bookmark this page and keep ticking those items off the list!

21-25 items: Yey! You obviously loves living life to the full. Carry on and you will have plenty of fabulous memories to get nostalgic about in your 30s!

26-30 items: Congratulations!!! You’ are DEFINITELY ready to turn 30. You’ve lived, loved and learned, and you can enter your 30’s as a wise, experienced and fulfilled person!

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