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10 Ways Not to Be Bridezilla

So this fun and useful article we wrote was featured in the fabulous blog Wedding Dates! Read it below and leave us a comment… were you a bit of a bridezilla or have you been bridesmaid to one? What advice would you give to other brides or bridesmaids?

The scary “bridezilla”… We have all heard stories about those frightening, foot stamping brides who make their wedding planners cry, scream at their bridesmaids and fall out with just about everybody before W-Day. However, the truth is that even if you’re the most chilled out girl in the whole world, sometimes the pressures of wedding planning can get too much. There are financial worries, people giving constant unsolicited advice, and things do go wrong. That’s why we’re here to give you some pro advice, in the form of Top 10 Tips, of how not to unleash the monster and enjoy a “bridechilla” wedding day instead!

1. Don’t try to control it all. All wedding days have their hitches (maybe that’s why they call it getting hitched?!) and there’s no point in stressing out if Aunt Hilda gets too drunk or one of your bridesmaids turns up in pumps instead of open toe shoes. Just laugh. The worst wedding hiccups will become hilarious anecdotes later!

2. Ask. For. Help. Your sister will be more than happy to sort out the florist and your bridesmaids will help you with those Pinterest-inspired craft decorations. The key to relaxation is not trying to do it all.

3. Don’t stress too early. There’s plenty of time for that nearer the wedding, so don’t let little things get to you months in advance. Do you really need that catering quote NOW when the wedding isn’t until next summer?

4. Talk yourself out of it. Are you normally laid back, kind and considerate? But now you’re yelling and slamming doors? Take a moment to check yourself… and make apologies if needed.

5. Remember what’s important. Your wedding lasts a day, but your new husband, your friends and your family be there for the rest of your life.

6. Switch off completely. Log out of Pinterest, put down the bridal magazine and stop thinking about the wedding. Take a bath or meditate, and set a wedding-talk curfew after 8pm.

7. Remember your bridesmaids are your BFFs. They just want to look nice in the photos. Celebrate your friendship by spending some shopping time together and making sure they all feel good about their outfits on the big day.

8. Not all stressed out brides are bridezillas. If the caterer brings chicken instead of beef and a bridesmaid goes AWOL, you have a right to express anger. However, you don’t need to ruin your day or scream at anyone. Remember point 2… just put someone else in charge of solving the problem and carry on with your preparations calmly, trusting that it will all be OK in the end.

9. Spend time showing your groom you love him. Don’t cancel cinema night or ignore his calls because you’ve got “more important” wedding chores to do. He’s the guy you’re doing all this with and for, so take time out regularly to connect as a couple.

10. Do remember the thank yous. Thank your parents and your bridesmaids, as well as people who came to your wedding. Phonecalls are nice, but a hug or a letter are better! They all helped out, and came to your wedding, because they love you. It’s important to acknowledge that.

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