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A Guide to Announcing Your Engagement – AS FEATURED IN FEMALE FIRST!

We wrote a piece on the proper way to announce your engagement – and it was picked up by Female First!

Read our version below and make sure you visit Female First here for more fab articles on engagements and weddings…

Engagement Announcement 101 – How to Share Your Happiness With Poise!

After weeks of secretly rummaging through your boyfriend’s trouser pockets and sock drawer to get a glimpse of THE ring, he’s finally come through and popped the question! You’re all kinds of excited and cannot wait to tell the world. But hold it, girl, because is here with a handy guide to proper engagement announcement etiquette…

1.First, enjoy it! This is a really special moment that you’ll both remember forever, so cherish it with him before you tell anybody else. Bask in the love, the world can wait!

2. Be a bit old fashioned. The traditional way is to tell your mum and dad first, then his parents, followed by close family and BFFs. In person is best, but Facetime or Skype is fab (and lets you show off the ring!) if they live far away.

3. Be considerate. If you have children, tell them and your ex first. Showing you care about their feelings will help them adjust. After all, you’ll want them to be on board with your new happiness.

4. When you’re ready to tell the rest of the world… You can put the ring on Facebook, but remember to keep the focus on your love by including a smiling couple-selfie and your wedding hashtag.

5. Reign in the crazy! Even if you’re excited enough to burst, avoid classic social media cringe-posts. You know, the ones with pet names, tongue-kiss selfies or engagement portraits in matching outfits…

6. Be quirky. You don’t have to tell people on Facebook. From cool Pinterest boards to sophisticated Benedict Cumberbatch-style newspaper ads, get on trend and unleash your creativity.

7. Acknowledge well-wishers. After you’ve enjoyed your moment of glory, graciously thank everybody who’s congratulated you. After all, these are your nearest and dearest, and they’ll be attending your wedding soon!

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