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This Is UK’s Most in Love Couple Who Won a £1,000 Diamond Prize!

Kelly and Lewis our Britains Got Love Winners

“THE whole package,” says Lewis when we asked him what he most loves about Kelly, his girlfriend of two years.

It’s the perfect romantic answer and we wouldn’t expect anything less. After all, Kelly and Lewis have been officially crowned as Britain’s “Most in Love” couple!

When Kelly Games entered our Britain’s Got Love competition, she had no idea that she and her partner, Lewis Middleton, would land the grand prize. Now, as the happy winners of £1,000 worth of diamond jewellery and a £1,000 photo shoot with Venture Photography, the couple say they feel “unbelievably honoured”.

We’ll also tell you all about the wedding jewellery they chose… read on!

If you didn’t follow our #BritainsGotLove competition, you might be wondering why we decided to look for the nation’s most in-love?

Well, every day we hear personal stories from our customers as they gift a piece of jewellery to a loved one. Without a doubt, our jewellery symbolises love and life’s special moments. It’s one of the most rewarding things about being a jewellery retailer!

By running Britain’s Got Love, we decided we could give the whole of the UK a chance to share their love for one another – and for us to reward the best entry with a beautiful piece of jewellery.

We also thought that posting selfies on social media was a really fun, contemporary way for people to enter the competition. It also inspired our competition partners, Venture Photography, who said they’d capture the winners’ love story in beautiful images.

Kelly admits that she and Lewis don’t often talk about their relationship online, but if there’s a special occasion they might post the “odd cheeky” selfie. This time their selfie didn’t just get “likes” from their friends and family, but also won over our judges.

The couple has even been featured in the press – click on the images to enlarge and read:

Now to the best bit… The couple has already spent their £1,000 on three items of diamond jewellery. We absolutely LOVE the beautiful 18K gold ring, diamond solitaire pendant and diamond stud earrings Kelly chose, as pictured below. And we’re really pleased to announce, as you may have guessed from the pieces, that Kelly and Lewis are getting married next year! Congratulations!

Click on the images to find out more about each item Kelly picked:

Winning wedding ring Britains Got Love competition at      Winning bridal pendant Britains Got Love competition at      Winning bridal diamond earrings Britains Got Love competition at

The couple’s most memorable moment together was on Kelly’s birthday in February, when Lewis got down on one knee and proposed. Kelly, who thought she was getting a new bicycle, was happily shocked to receive an engagement ring instead. “I couldn’t drink my tea after that from shaking so much!” she confirms.

So what’s their secret to a happy relationship?

“It’s two people that love everything about each other and want to be together,” Lewis says.

“We never argue,” confirms Kelly. “If there’s something frustrating, we make it funny. For example, I tend to leave lights on in rooms and Lewis will pretend he’s talking to one of our cats, ‘Choccy have you left the light on again?’ and it doesn’t matter how often he says it I always end up laughing!”

The last question we asked Kelly is how winning a diamond makes her feel?

“I’m saving it all for the wedding so it will be new and sparkly on the day. I’m still so overwhelmed that I won and that I received such amazing pieces of jewellery! Very very lucky!”

Well, we’d like to wish Kelly and Lewis a great year and a wonderful wedding in 2016, and thank them for their inspiring participation in our Britain’s Got Love competition. We really could not have hoped for two more loved up and lovely people to enjoy the £1,000 worth of diamond jewellery!

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