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An engagement ring is a big, important, expensive purchase, loaded with love and symbolism. That’s why we’ve written these 10 engagement ring tips to get it 100% right.

1. It’s ALL about her

An engagement ring symbolises a massive milestone in your relationship. When you’re under this much pressure, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.

However, before you do any diamond research, take a moment to think about this: the person who will be wearing the ring for the rest of their life is your fiancée.

So, don’t drive yourself mad with diamond qualities, girdles, sizes and cuts. Your jeweller will be able to point you to the perfect engagement ring for your budget.

But first, you have to suss out the style she wants.

2. Finding out what she wants

Some women love to be surprised. Some would prefer to shop for the ring together with you.

You know her better than anyone else, so you’ll have to decide which approach to take.

Either way, she’ll be most concerned about the ring suiting her personal style.

If you go the surprise route, to figure out her style, observe the jewellery she already wears. Is it big and sparkly? Or understated and simple?

If you’re not sure, don’t be proud – DO ask her sister or best friend for advice. You could also ask her mother, although the chances are that her peers, of similar age to her, will usually have a better idea of the style she’d like.

3. Ring size, ring size, ring size

This is a tricky one, because how do you measure someone’s ring size without spoiling the surprise?

Yet it’s the most important factor. If the ring is too small or big it can spoil the moment.

There are no easy answers, but here are a few good suggestions and solutions:

  • If she has an existing ring that she wears on her ring finger, then you could borrow it without her noticing, and measure it with a ring sizer app, ring sizer tool or have a jeweller measure it at a jewellery shop.
  • You could rope in one or more of her friends, and get them to pretend THEY’RE buying a ring for themselves or someone else. In the process, they might be able to subtly get your finacée’s ring size.

In the end, you may simply need to guess.

In that case, talk to your jeweller and make absolutely sure the ring can be resized later.

Some jewellers also offer substitute rings that you can propose with – and once you’ve popped the question, you can measure her finger and get the proper ring ordered.

4. Buy the best you can afford

Forget about the myth about spending two month’s salary on a ring. Some people do that, others don’t. It doesn’t matter, there are no rules.

However, do buy the best ring you can afford. Why? Because it is a piece of jewellery worn on the hand, every day, for life. An engagement ring will be exposed to a lot of wear and tear.

Buy the most robust ring you can possibly afford.

Take a moment to consider how much you’ve spent on your smartphone, car or another big item. Consider the longevity those products have. Now compare those purchases to your engagement ring, and how much long-term wear it will need to endure.

How much should you spend? Only you know your budget. You can get a great quality solitaire at around 0.33ct from around £500-600. Many jewellers also offer 0% financing.

5. The metal

Only invest in gold or platinum.

Silver may seem appealing because it’s so affordable, but it is way too soft and can bend out of shape if knocked, or the diamond can fall if she catches the ring on something. Silver rings should only be worn occasionally as fashion accessories, not as engagement rings.

Platinum is the best and hardest wearing metal. It’s silvery-white in colour. It’s also the most expensive.

Gold is a mid-price choice and perfect for engagement rings because it’s hard wearing. Gold comes in 3 different colours – white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. If going for gold,see points 1 and 2 to decide which colour she’d like.

6. The diamond

There are lots of articles about diamond quality, cuts and size. Here’s a good one if you want to read more on the topic.

Too confusing? Here’s how to cut through the jargon:

• Choose diamond cut/shape first. This is determined by the style your fiancée wants (see points 1 and 2). Round diamonds are the sparkliest of all.

• Second, pick diamond quality. Any diamond up to 1 carat should be H/Si quality or above. H/Si is a fantastic, popular, great value choice for diamonds up to 1 carat. It will look beautiful, white and sparkly. Anything above that, in that size, is just a bonus as no one, except a jeweller with a powerful magnifying loupe, will actually be able to tell.

• Size is the final decision. If you have any money left over in your budget after you’ve nailed down the above two points, then spend any extra cash on diamond size.

7. Check return and exchange terms

Always make sure you have understood your jeweller’s refund and exchange terms and conditions.

Most rings are returnable, but sometimes custom made or special size rings can have return limitations.

8. Manufacturer’s guarantee

This is a no brainer.

Check that your jeweller offers a guarantee against any manufacturing or handcrafting faults.

9. Insurance

Remember, that just like when you buy a car, a guarantee will protect you against manufacturing faults only.

If you lose or damage the ring, or it gets stolen, only insurance can provide cover for this. Specialist ejwellery insurance is very affordable and protects you against all eventualities.

10. Finding the right jeweller

Finally, it’s crucial to find a jeweller you find comfortable with. Someone who can point you to the perfect ring for you, for your budget, without compromise.

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Buying Her the Engagement Ring She Really Wants for Valentines Fri, 26 Jan 2018 09:54:01 +0000 Simple engagement ring buying guide for Valentine's Day. It will help you buy her the perfect engagement ring she really wants. At the right price.

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If you’ve decided to propose on Valentine’s Day, the pressure’s on to buy the engagement ring that she really wants. Not only do you need to plan the most romantic moment of her entire life on the most romantic day of the whole year… You’ve also got to get the ring 100% right or the moment will be ruined. There’s a lot to take in with diamond shopping so we’ve written this guide makes life easy for you.

Step 1 – What style she wants

Ella Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 0.86CT from The Diamond Store UK

Halo ring

For her, the most important thing about an engagement ring is the style. She’ll wear it for the rest of her life, so it needs to look perfect. To suss out her style, observe the jewellery she already wears. Big and sparkly? Understated and simple? If you’re not sure, don’t be proud – ask her sister or best friend for advice.

These are the 5 most popular ring designs right now:

Certified Lily 18K Yellow Gold 0.50CT Diamond Solitaire Ring – CLICK TO VIEW

Solitaire: one single diamond

11 Grace Gealey style halo engagement ring with princess cut solitaire
Halo: One larger diamond encircled by smaller stones

Kaya Scodelario style engagement ring with sidestones Sidestones: extra diamonds on the band

1.00ct Diamond Cluster Ring in G/Vs Quality and 18K White Gold
Cluster: lots of small diamonds set together

Sapphire 1.55ct And Diamond 0.50ct 18K White Gold Ring Item FET26 UY
Gemstones: colourful sapphires, emeralds, rubies

Step 2 – Ring size, ring size, ring size!!!

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings on a Ring Sizer at TheDiamondStore UK

Unique Rings

Next you’ll need her finger size. This is crucial. A ring that doesn’t fit will ruin the big moment. Whatever you do, don’t try DIY methods like measuring her finger with a piece string. 95% of home measurements end up in disaster. Do one of these instead:

♦ Measure one of her existing rings with a ring sizer app
♦ Get a free ring sizer tool in the post
♦ Visit a jeweller and get her finger/existing ring measured
♦ Enlist her friends’ help to find out her ring size in secret

Step 3: Your budget

Diamond circles trilogy 3-stone ring made with diamond clusters with 1 carat diamonds and white gold 18K

Trilogy Ring

There’s a myth circulating around that an engagement should cost a month’s salary. Luckily, the reality is that there are no rules. Just bear in mind she’ll wear the ring all her life, so it needs to be high quality enough to withstand daily wear. Find a friendly jeweller, be honest about your budget and get the best ring you can afford. Some jewellers also offer 0% financing.

Step 4: Diamond shape

Chloe Certified Classic Round Solitaire Ring in yellow gold (various carat weights)

Diamond Solitaire

Now it’s time to shop for the ring. Most people expect a diamond to have lots of sparkle, and this will depend on its shape, referred to as the diamond’s ‘cut’. Here are the most common cuts, in order of sparkliness:

♦ Round cut  – Round, the most sparkly
♦ Princess cut – Square, almost as sparkly as round
♦ Pear cut – Looks like a teardrop, medium sparkle
♦ Marquise cut – Rounded sides tapering to points, medium sparkle
♦ Emerald cut – Rectangular, giving off long flashes rather than sparkle

Step 5: Easy way to pick diamond quality

01 Katie Piper Lookalike ring halo

Halo rings

Next, check diamond quality. Most people find this a complete headache, but we’ll make it very simple for you. If you’re buying a solitaire diamond up to 1 carat, buy quality H/Si or above. It’s the best, most popular and most affordable price-quality ratio for diamond sizes of up to 1 carat. If you stick to that as your minimum quality, you can’t go wrong. This is because in a diamond less than 1 carat in size, at that quality you won’t be able to see any obvious flaws in the diamond with a naked eye.

Step 6: Pick diamond size


Cluster ring

(If she prefers a coloured gemstone, skip to the next step.) “Carat” refers to a diamond’s size. Large diamonds are much rarer than small diamonds. So they’re more expensive per-carat than small diamonds. She wants a big, sparkly ring? If you’re struggling to stretch your budget to one large diamond, look for a ring made with a cluster of smaller diamonds. It will look big, sparkly and beautiful, simulating the look of one large diamond, yet be affordable.

Step 7: Alternatively, pick a gem

Diamond and gemstone engagement rings from TheDiamondStore UK

Sapphires – Rubies

Maybe your loved one desires a colourful gemstone, instead of a diamond? Gems are a beautiful choice that stand out from the crowd. Kate Middleton’s famous blue sapphire ring has made gems incredibly popular in engagement rings in the recent years. Plus gems are way more affordable per carat than diamonds, so you’ll get a much bigger ring for your money. Bear in mind, though, that not all gems are not tough enough to withstand daily wear! Gem hardness is measured on a scale from 1-10. Diamonds are the hardest, rated 10. Sapphires and rubies are 9.  Then topaz at 8, emerald and aquamarine at 7.5-8, tanzanite 6.5-7. We’d usually recommend sapphire (comes in many colours) or ruby (red) to be on the safe side.

Step 8: Choose a metal

There are four choices of precious metal for engagement rings: platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. Silver is NOT an option, it’s way to soft and will not withstand daily wear.

Your decision will depend on her metal-colour preference and your budget.

Platinum: Platinum is beautiful, white, and the most tough and durable of all precious metals. It’s also the most expensive choice. Platinum does not stain or scratch, although with age it develops microscopic surface denting, forming a look that’s called “the patina of age”. This is considered desirable in platinum jewellery, as it gives it a much loved and worn heirloom feel.

Platinum diamond engagement rings from TheDiamondStore UK

Platinum engagement rings

Yellow Gold: A traditional woman will prefer the classic look of yellow gold. Yellow gold may be sold as 18K gold or 9K gold. This is a measure of how much gold is used in the ring. Gold on its own is far too soft, so it has to be mixed with other, harder metals to keep its form. 18K gold has more gold content than 9K gold, but is also more expensive.

A unique yellow gold diamond cluster engagement ring TheDiamondStore UK

Yellow gold engagement rings

White Gold: White gold is simply yellow gold, but alloyed and coated with white precious metals to give it it a silvery-white luster. It looks beautiful and most people cannot tell it apart from platinum. Bear in mind though that its white precious metal coating will eventually fade and the yellow gold will shine through. This is normal for all white gold jewellery, but means the ring needs to be re-coated every so often. Same as yellow gold, white gold is sold in 18K or 9K purities.

White gold diamond engagement rings from TheDiamondStore UK

White gold engagement rings

Rose gold: This is a very fashionable and beautiful alternative to yellow gold. It’s made by alloying yellow gold and copper. It won’t scratch or need maintenance, but with age, the copper will tarnish slightly making the metal slightly redder. As with platinum, many people like this well-loved antique look rose gold gets with the passing of time. Rose gold also comes in 18K or 9K, just like yellow and white gold.

Rose gold martini diamond engagement ring at

Rose gold engagement rings

Now… it’s time buy THE ring she wants

Write down your checklist:

✓ Her preferred style – overall design, diamond shape, metal colour

✓ Ring size

✓ Your budget

Now that you know what you want, you can explain your exact requirements to your jeweller. In the UK, it’s a good idea to stick to jewellers who are members of The National Association of Jewellers. You can find verify a jeweller’s membership on their website. Find a friendly jeweller who’s happy to show you rings, explain what they’re all about and help you with all aspect of this important decision. Good luck! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert Personal Shoppers if you have any questions.

Visit now to view engagement rings.

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Valentines Day gift diamond jewellery at The Diamond Store UK

Any prices quoted in this article were those available on 26th January 2018 and they may vary any time after this date.

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10 Best Diamond Jewellery Gifts She Will Love Mon, 22 Jan 2018 13:57:48 +0000 Our 10 best diamond jewellery gifts 2018 – based on most popular gift items and highest reviews this last twelve months. Guaranteed to make her smile!

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Here is our 2018 list of Top 10 Diamond Jewellery Gifts for women. Based on our best selling jewellery items, which have had top customer reviews over the last twelve months, these are tried and tested gifts that you cannot go wrong with. 

1. Gorgeous Birthstone Earrings, £125

Each month an official gemstone. Find her birthstone now to give her a meaningful gift. For instance this pair of tanzanite earrings for £125 is perfect if she’s born in December.

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - Tanzanite stud earrings

Or view all birthstone jewellery

2. Sparkling Diamond Eternity Ring, £779

An eternity ring is the ultimate statement of love. Usually given on special occasions, it’s guaranteed to make her day memorable and romantic.

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - White gold eternity ring with princess cut diamonds

3. Beautiful Heart Necklace, £485

A heart necklace is another timeless jewellery classic. And better yet when handcrafted with diamonds. (View our full range of heart necklaces from only £149!)

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - Heart pendant necklace with diamonds and white gold - click to view details

4. Diamond Initial Pendants, from £105

These necklaces are a beautiful jewellery gift. It doesn’t have to bear the owner’s initial – it could also represent a loved one’s name, such as a child, partner or mother.

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - Initial letter pendant necklaces with diamonds and gold - click to view details

5. Diamond Twist Bracelet, £295

This is another jewellery classic. It’s an effortless accessory she can wear with anything from a little black dress to casual chic.

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - diamond bracelet silver twist

6. Diamond Studs, £249

You cannot go wrong with diamond stud gift earrings! They’re timeless, simple, elegant, go with any outfit and made with real diamonds.

Diamond stud earrings 0.20 carats white gold

6. Pink Sapphire Ring, £205

Pink sapphire is a great gift for gemstone lovers and those who adore colour in their jewellery –set in white gold with diamonds this ring has amazing sparkle.

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - pink sapphire ring

8. Blue Topaz Pendant, £109

Brazilian blue topaz is one of the most clear, sparkling gemstones. It’s a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection.

Blue sapphire pendant necklace in yellow gold

9. Emerald Earrings, £205

Green emeralds symbolise new beginnings, health and wealth. What better notion for a gift for a new mom, a special birthday or an anniversary? This is our most popular pair, ever.

Emerald stud earrings white gold

10. Ruby Bracelet, £505

Red rubies… the romantic gemstone that symbolises love! Add memorable sparkle and colour to her celebration with this timeless piece – or shop our ruby necklaces from only £155.

Ruby bracelet with diamond accents in yellow gold

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ukba16-winners-800x100 bannerjewellery banner TDS winners

All prices quoted correctly on 22nd January 2018, but are subject to change at any time.

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10 Best Jewellery Gifts for Mum in 2018 Mon, 22 Jan 2018 12:33:23 +0000 Our list of 10 best jewellery gifts for mum. These gorgeous items are meaningful, look beautiful, and she will get lots of wear out of them!

The post 10 Best Jewellery Gifts for Mum in 2018 appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

Here is our 2018 list of 10 Best Jewellery Gifts For Mum! Based on the most popular and well reviewed gift items that our customers have bought for the most important women in their lives.

1. Freshwater Pearl Bracelet, £55
This exquisite freshwater pearl bracelet is made with natural oriental pearls. The vintage style sterling silver clasp gives it a stunning finish.

Best Gifts for Mum - Pearl Bracelet

2. “Mum” Diamond Necklace, £355
A fine sterling silver necklace with ‘Mum’ spelled with a sparkling diamond heart… it’s sure to make her Christmas very happy!

Best Gifts for Mum

3. Emerald Earrings, £205
Emerald is the precious gemstone that symbolises motherhood. These gorgeous, glimmering earrings work effortlessly as luxurious daytime or evening accessories.

Best Gifts for Mum - Emerald earrings

4. Mother of Pearl Watch, £245
This ladies’ Rotary Les Originals watch is a contemporary classic. A fine precision Swiss timepiece, it’s elegant, feminine and adds impeccable style to any outfit.

Best Gifts for Mum - Watch mother of pearl

5. Sapphire Diamond Necklace, £219
Deep blue, beautifully polished into a square princess cut, surrounded by sparkling diamonds. This Stellato sapphire necklace is a gift she’ll always treasure.

Best Gifts for Mum - Sapphire necklace

6. Diamond Stud Earrings, £249
You cannot go wrong with diamond stud gift earrings! They’re timeless, simple, elegant, go with any outfit and are made with real diamonds.

Best Gifts for Mum - diamond stud earrings

7. Extra Long Pearls, £149
Is your mum’s favourite TV series The Crown? Then she’ll be well aware that “queenly” pearls are back in fashion in a huge way right now. This stunning extra long necklace is 55 inches long and made with oriental asymmetrical freshwater pearls that display beautiful luster.

Best Gifts for Mum - Extra Long Pearl Necklace

8. Mother & Child Necklace, £85
A lovely gift for first-time mums to mark your new family’s first Christmas together. This beautiful pendant is made with fine sterling silver and a sparkling diamond on the setting.

Best Gifts for Mum - mother and child necklace

9. Silver Diamond Twist Bangle, £106
Looking for a stylish gift for a fashion conscious mum? This simple but elegant silver twist bracelet with shimmering diamond detail is right on trend.

Best Gifts for Mum - silver twist bangle

10. Diamond Cluster Earrings, £275
Sparkling, real diamonds set in lustrous gold. A gift that last a lifetime and more. She’ll always think of you and treasure those special Christmas memories when she wears them.

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All prices quoted correctly on 22nd January 2018, but are subject to change at any time.

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101 Marriage Proposal Ideas Thu, 18 Jan 2018 10:17:28 +0000 Planning to propose marriage to her? Here are 101 perfect proposal ideas to choose from.

The post 101 Marriage Proposal Ideas appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

Chances are you’re about to ask the most important question you will ever ask in your entire life. We understand. We really do. even if you’ve been researching marriage proposal ideas online, not all of them might be perfect

You want it to be perfect, and thinking about it is making you nervous. Well don’t be, you’ve come to the right place.

101 Wedding Proposals
We’ve collated a selection of some of the greatest proposals you will ever see.

Whether you want to scream the question whilst jumping out of a plane, or get down on one knee on a quiet summers walk, we’ve got the proposal for you.

Put yourself in their shoes, how do you think they’ll want to be proposed to? You know your partner better than anyone else, so planning your proposal will be easier than you think. We’re just here to give you that last piece of inspiration you’re looking for.

Take a look at our most popular proposals below, or browse by category to choose the perfect proposal for not only you, but your loved one too.

Finally, GOOD LUCK!
(Let us know how it goes. You never know, we might be adding your story to our proposals guide next)!

101 marriage proposal ideas by themes

Watch the 7 strangest marriage proposals we could find

The post 101 Marriage Proposal Ideas appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

How to Buy the Best Jewellery for a Woman – 4 fail-safe items Wed, 10 Jan 2018 11:24:01 +0000 Guys! Spoil her and score BIG brownie points with these 4 fail-safe jewellery items. Best diamond jewellery for a woman, from £65 onwards, for ANY budget.

The post How to Buy the Best Jewellery for a Woman – 4 fail-safe items appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

Does she have a big occasion coming up? An anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s or Christmas? Expecting a baby? These are all good times to give a woman a gift of jewellery. 

  • Jewellery is fail-safe. It’s beautiful, luxurious and special.
  • Jewellery is romantic. It will always remind her of the occasion, and you.
  • You don’t need to spend thousands, you can buy diamond jewellery from £65 upwards.

The key is to give her something that a) suits her so she’ll actually want to wear it, and b) is a bit special.

These 4 items fulfill both criteria – they’re gifts you can’t go wrong with.

1. Diamond stud earrings

5 Brilliant August Birthday Gift Ideas - Best Jewellery for a Woman
Has she got pierced ears? Then diamond stud earrings are THE winner gift, every time.

Diamond studs are really special, beautiful and rare. But the main advantage is they suit anybody.

They’re elegant and discreet enough to wear with jeans or to work. But they’re so glitzy she can also wear them with a party dress.

Prices range from £65 onwards up to £4,000+, so you can literally get the ones that suit your budget the best.

2. Diamond ‘tennis’ bracelet

2 Carat 'Chloe' Diamond Tennis Bracelet - Best Jewellery for a Woman

Tennis bracelets got their name from the fashionable tennis player, Chris Evert, whose diamond bracelet fell off during a US Open match.

Thanks to her, tennis bracelets are now coveted ‘must have’ items for women.

Just like diamond studs, they look good on anyone.

A tennis bracelet has a timeless design, so it will never go out of fashion. Plus it makes a really impressive looking gift.

Prices range from £360 up to £10,000+, so the choice of how much to spend is entirely yours.

3. Diamond solitaire necklace

Best Jewellery for a Woman

Again, keeping to a simple, classic yet ultra-special design is the key here.

A single, sparkling diamond is always a very meaningful gift. It says ‘love’, ‘forever’ and ‘you mean the world to me’ all in one package.

If your girl already has earrings or a bracelet, then this is the thing to go for. Once again, this item looks good on anyone, regardless of their style.

Prices go from around £150 to £9,000+ so you have plenty of scope to budget.

4. An eternity ring… but be careful!!

Best Jewellery for a Woman

There’s one very important thing you must be aware of with gift rings: she may take it as a marriage proposal.

So… if there’s any danger of confusion in that area, please guys, avoid rings! Give her one of the above items instead.

If that’s not an issue for you, then the best ‘wow-factor’ gift ring is the eternity ring.

Remember, stick to a simple design, as it will suit any taste.

Crucially, you must get the finger size right before you buy. Read instructions on how to buy an eternity ring.

Or see our Top 10 Eternity Rings of 2018 based on best-sellers with highest customer reviews.

Prices range from around £190 to £20,000+ so you can spend as little or as much as you like.


Top 12 Earrings
⇒ Top 10 Bracelets
⇒ Top 10 Necklaces
⇒ Top 10 Eternity Rings
⇒ Best Jewellery Gifts Under £100
⇒ Best Jewellery Gifts Under £250

Visit to view beautiful eternity rings.

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*Prices quoted on 10th January 2018 and may change any time after that date.


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MORE JEWELLERY SALES! 10 Luxury Items from £150 Mon, 01 Jan 2018 00:05:44 +0000 We give you another 10 discounted luxury jewellery items, this time from £150. Choose the ones you love at any price point and get a great deal.

The post MORE JEWELLERY SALES! 10 Luxury Items from £150 appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

More from our sales this week! This week we’ve chosen another 10 spectacular pieces for you from £150. Pick your favourite and get amazing value on beautiful diamonds and gems.

1. Diamond Cross Pendant

SALE PRICE £242.00

This diamond cross necklace is a luxurious and unique piece that inspires.

2. Ruby & White Gold Ring

SALE PRICE £174.00

Elegant and understated, this ruby trilogy adds a beautiful drop of colour to your look.

3. Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring

SALE PRICE £199.00

This ring will wow your friends. A great opportunity to grow your jewellery collection with blue topaz, a beautiful gem.

4. Diamond Star Earrings

SALE PRICE £238.00

These twinkling diamond stars highlight your features, day or evening.

5. Ruby Heart Necklace

SALE PRICE £184.00

Made with rubies and diamonds in white gold, this necklace is elegant and romantic.

6. Pink Sapphire Earrings

SALE PRICE £199.00

These classic pink sapphire stud earrings are one of our biggest best-sellers, ever.

7. Diamond Solitaire Necklace

SALE PRICE £184.00

Let this luxurious solitaire diamond dazzle you with its beauty and sparkle.

8. Diamond Heart Link Bracelet

SALE PRICE £155.00

Suprise her this coming Valentine’s Day with a stunning diamond bracelet.

9. Diamond Star Ring 

SALE PRICE £174.00

This ring’s diamonds are pavé set in a radiant star pattern for maximum scintillation.

10. Diamond & Gold Bracelet

SALE PRICE £233.00

This bracelet is a luxurious modern classic, perfect for a special someone.

Liked this? Visit our The Diamond Store for more sales!

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All prices correct at the time of publication on 26th December 2017 but may change any time after this date.

The post MORE JEWELLERY SALES! 10 Luxury Items from £150 appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

]]> 0 21153
JEWELLERY SALES! 10 Stunning Best-Seller Pieces from only £50 Mon, 25 Dec 2017 00:05:29 +0000 Our jewellery sales have started! Come and pick diamonds, gems and gorgeous gold jewellery from a mere £50. Hurry, only while stocks last

The post JEWELLERY SALES! 10 Stunning Best-Seller Pieces from only £50 appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

It’s that time of year again… Our sales have begun! The perfect opportunity to buy stunning jewellery for yourself or save on gifts for an upcoming birthday or Valentine’s Day. We’ve chosen 10 items for you from £67.

1. Girl or Boy Diamond Pendant


A beautiful gift idea you can grab ahead of time for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day. Made with the finest sterling silver and real sparkling diamonds.

2. Blue Topaz Gold Earrings


Shimmering icy-blue, these topaz earrings are perfect for daytime or a party!

3. Tanzanite Ring 


This exquisite tanzanite ring is on sale now at a price you simply cannot refuse.

4. Heart Diamond Necklace


A delicately sparkling and classic heart pendant in the best quality sterling silver.

5. Topaz Threader Earrings


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6. White Topaz Bracelet


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7. Diamond Cross Necklace


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8. Sapphire White Gold Ring

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9. Diamond Silver Byzantine Bracelet

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The 8 Engagement Rings of the British Royal Family Tue, 19 Dec 2017 01:00:20 +0000 Here is an in-depth look at 8 engagement rings in the British Royal Family, including Meghan Markle, Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, Camilla, The Queen...

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With a vast amount of stunning family heirlooms and a never-ending line of bespoke jewellers honoured and thrilled to design and have pieces worn by the Royal Family, it’s well known that the Windsor dynasty are never stuck for sparkling accessories to adorn their many ensembles, for all events and occasions. Engagement rings being no exception, we take a look at 8 of the British Royal brides’ most iconic rings.

The 8 Engagement Rings of the British Royal Family

Meghan Markle

The most recent of Royal engagements, Meghan’s ring took six months for Harry to design and is a stunning diamond trilogy ring, made of one large centre stone that’s accompanied by two smaller diamonds either side. We at The Diamond Store estimate the ring’s worth at a minimum of £150,000.

The trilogy shape creates optimum sparkle, and represents the past, present and future. It is set in yellow gold, a classic metal, said by Harry to be Meghan’s favourite.

Yellow gold is a particularly popular setting for diamonds, the yellow gold contrasting with the white, translucent colour of the stone for ultimate sparkle and shine.

Meghan Markle engagement ring

The ring is made of up of one large diamond from Botswana, a place which is particularly special to the happy couple as it’s where they’ve both spent a lot of time together doing conservation work.

Also, the two smaller stones either side of the ring are from Diana’s personal collection so that the couple could include her in their big day – and according to Harry, for his mother to be a part of their ‘crazy journey’. Thus Harry, much like his brother William, has paid a beautiful tribute to his late mother Diana.

Here is a diamond and gold trilogy ring in line with Meghan’s ring design:

Princess Diana / Kate Middleton

Princess Diana’s iconic 12-carat sapphire and diamond engagement ring now sits on the finger of Kate Middleton, following her marriage to Prince William in 2012. The ring is estimated to be worth over £300,000.

The beautiful ring was William’s way of continuing his mother’s legacy and keeping her very much at the heart of such a big milestone in his life.

Beautifully encased by a halo of 14 glittering solitaire diamonds, this breathtaking ring caused a scandal at the time of Diana’s engagement: not having a unique, custom-made ring was unthinkable for a Royal engagement and some newspapers went as far as calling it a ‘commoner’s ring’.

This did not stop Diana’s choice. Being a fashion icon, her ring later went on to create a huge trend in gemstone engagement rings, revived again by Kate Middleton’s engagement to Prince William in 2010.

Princess Diana wearing her blue sapphire engagement ring

We think, if it’s good enough for Diana and Kate, it’s good enough for us! If diamonds aren’t your first choice in engagement rings, a stunning sapphire is a superb, luxurious option, and a beautiful alternative for those looking for a less conventional ring.

Here is a sapphire ring very similar to the one worn by Diana and Kate:

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

When Prince Andrew proposed to Sarah Ferguson in 1985, he chose a gorgeous Burmese ruby, alledgedly to match her vibrant red hair. The red ruby was surrounded by 10 sparkling diamonds in a floral style and set in stunning yellow gold.

Rubies make a fitting gemstone for engagement rings, especially for someone who is looking for a colourful, less conventional stone. Rubies, like sapphires, are also incredibly tough, almost as hard as diamonds. So their heirloom quality is well suited to engagement rings worn daily for a lifetime.

Here is a ring very similar to the one given to Fergie:

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Once belonging to the Queen Mother, Camilla’s enchanting engagement ring from Charles in 2005 is a beautiful family heirloom. The classic piece is a large, emerald cut diamond with baguette diamonds either side, set in platinum for ultimate luxury.

It is one of the largest and most valuable of all the engagement rings worn by the Royal Family. The Art Deco design of this piece gives it a distinct vintage elegance, particularly suitable for someone looking for a classic yet eye-catching style of engagement ring.

Below is a ring that is very, very similar to Camilla’s. (However, if you find it a little over your budget, click here for an alternative option that is also exceptionally beautiful.)

Princess Margaret

Inspired by her middle name, Rose, Princess Margaret’s eye-catching engagement ring has romantic rubies surrounded by smaller classic diamonds. It was designed by her future husband, Anthony Armstrong-Jones, to look like a rose bud.

Not only are rubies popular for their beauty and durability, making them an ideal gemstone for engagement rings. But their rich and vibrant colour is also synonymous with royalty and passion.

Here is a ruby trilogy ring inspired by Princess Margaret’s ruby piece:

Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty’s breathtaking 3-carat diamond engagement ring created headlines in 1947, when Prince Phillip of Greece and Denmark proposed to her. The ring showcases diamonds from Philip’s mother’s tiara, Princess Alice of Battenberg, as is customary in Royal Families.

Phillip designed the round cut diamond ring himself, the large stone sitting between elegant side stones. The piece is set in platinum.

Never going out of style, adorning royals and celebrities the world over, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. They provide a classic and timless ring you’ll never want to take off.

Here is a ring inspired by the diamond design worn by Queen Elizabeth II:

Wallis Simpson

Little could stop Edward, Prince of Wales from marrying the woman he loved – even abdicating the throne in 1937 to marry her and causing a huge scandal at the time. The lady in questions was none other than the US actress, Wallis Simpson.

Another show-stopping gemstone engagement ring, the staggering 19.77 carat emerald piece was made even more personal and romantic as Edward had the words, ‘We are ours now 27 x 36’, inscribed on the inside of the band. The numbers were shorthand for the date Edward proposed to Ms. Simpson on October 27th, 1936.

Here is an emerald ring inpired by that worn by Wallis Simpson:

Queen Victoria

During her reign in the 19th Century, it was customary for a female monarch, due to her high status, to propose to her prospective fiancé. Queen Victoria’s engagement ring, by today’s standards, had a unique and somwhat curious design – a serpent.

It may seem like an unusual motif for a ring that represents love, but serpents at the time symbolised wisdom, loyalty and commitment.

Victoria’s ring had a mix of emeralds, rubies and diamonds set in it. Unique and with personal meaning to her, it was vibrant and colourful, like her much-adored personality.

Here is a stunning ring that emulates the serpent design of Queen Victoria’s ring:

If there’s one thing we can learn from these Royal jewellery pieces is that the famous saying, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, could not be more fitting than when choosing an engagement ring. Ultimately, as we can see from all these stunning diamonds, gemstones and designs above,  it’s all about choosing what you feel best suits your loved one’s character and style, and also, about finding the perfect, befitting representation of yours and your partner’s everlasting love.

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Tanzanite Vs Turquoise – which December birthstone do you prefer? Mon, 11 Dec 2017 14:59:06 +0000 Turquoise and tanzanite are December's birthstones. Discover their meaning and backgrounds, how they compare, and who they are suited to.

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Both beautiful December birthstones (lucky December babies!) turquoise and tanzanite both make a particularly fitting gift for someone in this birthday month. Although sharing the same time of year, they’re both unique and very different stones. Read on to discover the backgrounds of the two and how they compare.

Turquoise – what is it?

Turquoise is a precious stone first dating back to 6000 B.C., during the time of the Egyptians. It is one of the first and oldest gemstones that people have mined and used in jewellery.

The special blue-green hue of the stone is synonymous with the turquoise stone, known as ‘turquoise blue’. But the name turquoise in fact means ‘Turkish stone’, as the stone passed through Turkey, en route to Europe.

Some ancient cultures considered it a symbol of wealth and native Americans believed it was a sacred stone.

Turquoise meaning

In birthstone mythology, the turquoise stone is known for its healing and protective powers. Because ancient peoples believed it was a stone of safety and strength, it proved a popular material used in shields for warriors heading out to battle.

It has also been used in jewellery for royalty. For instance, in amulets for the likes of Cleopatra and King Tutankhamun, as a form of protection and good luck.

Where does turquoise originate from?

Much of today’s turquoise comes from Mexico and the USA, but the stone was originally imported from Iran.

Turquoise advantages and disadvantanges

Turquoise is a vibrant, beautiful stone that some consider to have protective and good luck powers. Astrologists claim it could be useful for healing, being beneficial for the whole body, but especially the bones.

Boasting a striking opaque colour like no other, the stone is famous for its ability to draw the eye and for being pleasantly smooth to touch. A splash of brightness against any outfit, turquoise is the perfect stone for someone who loves statement jewellery pieces.


Rating 5 – 6 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, turquoise is a fairly ‘soft’ stone. Therefore it is not generally recommended for everyday wear – for instance, jewellers consider it unsuitable for engagement rings.

Turquoise is the ideal stone to add a pop of colour to your outfits, or worn as statement jewellery on special occasions.

While it can be worn in the evening, its opaque surface and bright colour really jump out during the day and are ideal for accessorising casual daytime, as well as formal professional outfits.

Tanzanite – what is it?

Tanzanite is a precious stone, which was accidentally found by a gem prospector searching for diamonds in Tanzania in 1976. Because of this late discovery, we regard it as a relatively ‘new gem’ compared to other gemstones.

Even though tanzanite formed under the earth’s crust millions of years ago, it doesn’t have as much history of human use as some other gems – for example turquoise, which has a much older heritage.


Tanzanite showcases a shimmering blue-violet colour. Thanks to an effect called ‘trichroism’, it appears to sparkle in different blue and violet hues depending on the angle you look at it from. This makes it particularly mesmerising to look at.

Quickly gaining a following despite not having been around as long as other gems, celebrities including Cate Blanchett, Katy Perry and Anne Hathaway have all been seen wearing tanzanite jewellery on red carpets in recent years.

Tanzanite meaning

The name ‘tanzanite’ comes from Tanzania where the stone first originated from and was first discovered.

Some say the stone is useful in treating stress as well as enhancing vitality and helping to make the immune system stronger.

Tanzanian Maasai tribes are known to use tanzanite crystals as amulets. They consider tanzanite to be particularly beneficial to expectant mothers, awarding health, fertility and protection.

Where does the stone originate from?

The stone can only be found in Tanzania, in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Up until today, no one has been able to find any further deposits of tanzanite anywhere else in the world. This makes tanzanite rarer than diamonds.

An extremely valuable stone, the Tanzanian government are very strict on its mining and selling. It is particularly profitable and beneficial to the country’s economy.

Tanzanite advantages and disadvantages

A gorgeous gemstone, tanzanite is a beautiful gift for anyone who loves colour and is looking for a modern, luxurious, sparkling gemstone. Its incredible trichroism means it is famous for showing a variety of different colours, from blue to violet and even burgundy.

Items like tanzanite stud earrings make elegant yet discreet accessories, and larger tanzanite gems create stunning statement pieces. Tanzanite can be used to add a touch of luxury to any outfit, including daytime and professional wear, but really comes to its in own in the evening, lending sparkle and glamour.

At a 6.5 to 7 in mineral hardness on the Mohs scale, tanzanite gems are fairly hardy but if subjected to a forceful knock, they could become brittle. Looked after with lots of care, they can be worn everyday. Although tanzanite perhaps wouldn’t be the first recommendation jewellers give for items requiring daily wear like engagement rings.


The low down – tanzanite or turquoise?

Tanzanite and turquoise are both incredibly beautiful gemstones, and they make a stunning gift for yourself or a loved one celebrating a December birthday. Ultimately, which one you wear is down to personal preference – and if you cannot choose then you can also wear both.

If you have to choose, then turquoise would be more suited to someone looking for a classic, vintage-feel gemstone that provides striking colour and feel pleasing against the skin. Tanzanite would be suited to someone looking for a contemporary and luxurious-looking gem with stunning shimmering colour and plenty of sparkle.

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