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With the much awaited Royal wedding almost upon us, here’s what we believe Meghan Markle’s wedding day jewellery will look like. Based on our research, find out the possible style of her earrings, tiara, wedding ring and other jewellery.

Predictions based on Meghan’s personal style

Based on her existing jewellery, we’re expecting Meghan’s elegant, simple and contemporary look to shine through on her wedding day.

Earrings. For her engagement announcement Meghan wore a pair of dainty opal studs. For Christmas at Sandringham she wore classic-looking diamond earrings.

Based on these items and previous Royal brides’ earrings we think Meghan may choose either contemporary diamond drops or opulent-but-simple diamond studs, set in yellow gold to mirror her engagement ring.

Meghan Markle's wedding day jewellery

This is what Meghan’s wedding day earrings may look like

Other jewellery. We also know that Meghan likes to stack and layer pieces, and wear rings on her thumb and index finger. We’re not expecting to see these trends on her wedding day, though, because it is such a formal Royal occasion.

Our verdict. We predict Meghan will follow in the footsteps of the Duchess of Cambridge and The Queen Mother, with just earrings, her engagement ring and a tiara as her only jewellery accessories.

2. Tiara or no tiara?

With Meghan’s American heritage and low-key style, it’s been rumoured that she may choose to wear a flower headpiece and a veil instead of a tiara.

In fact, Sarah Ferguson did this in 1986, although she did later change into a tiara for the official photographs on the palace balcony.

We believe that Meghan Markle’s wedding day jewellery will include a tiara.

For such a high profile Royal wedding, the protocol will likely dictate it. We’re certainly keeping our fingers crossed for a gorgeous diamond headpiece!

Let’s take a look at some tiara candidates…

The Cartier Halo Tiara on Kate Middleton - Meghan Markle’s Wedding Day Jewellery

The Duchess of Cambrige wore the Cartier Halo tiara

The Cartier Halo Tiara

Kate Middleton wore the Cartier Halo tiara, on loan from The Queen, for her royal wedding in 2011.

However, Meghan won’t wear the same headpiece – for two reasons:

Firstly, unlike many European royals, the British Royal brides don’t tend to share wedding day tiaras often. The Queen usually lends one tiara to one bride.

Secondly, the Cartier Halo tiara will be on display at the National Gallery of Australia from the end of May onwards, so we know it won’t be available.

Click to view slideshow.

Watch our slideshow of Royal brides in the UK and abroad

The Lotus Tiara

With the Cartier Halo ruled out, there are other tiaras Meghan could choose from.

Here’s the stunning Lotus Tiara, worn by The Queen Mother as a fashionable headband.

It’s a possible contender, even though it was worn by Serena Stanhope when she married Viscount Linley. But that was in 1993, so perhaps it’s time for it to be seen again?

The Queen Mothers tiaras - A look at Meghan Markle's wedding day jewellery

The Queen Mother wearing the Lotus Tiara

The Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara

The Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara was frequently worn by Princess Diana and has been occasionally worn by Kate Middleton.

It is definitely a possibility, although we feel it may have been seen too often during state occasions. We suspect Meghan will wear something unique and surprising on her wedding day…

Dianas tiaras - A look at Meghan Markle's wedding day jewellery

The Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, worn by Princess Diana and by Kate Middleton

The Spencer Tiara

One of our favourite options for Meghan is the Spencer tiara, which belongs to the late Lady Diana Spencer’s family.

Princess Diana famously wore it for her wedding. Sadly, it has not been worn by anyone since she died in 1997, although it has been lent to various Diana-related exhibits since.

Could this be the first time we’ll see it worn during a happy occasion, since Diana’s tragic passing? It would certainly be a beautiful and poignant moment to see it on Prince Harry’s bride.

The Spencer tiara - A look at Meghan Markle's wedding day jewellery

Could Meghan wear the Spencer tiara?

The Strathmore Rose Tiara

The Strathmore Rose Tiara, which belonged to The Queen Mother’s family, is absolutely stunning.

Wearing it below is Cecilia Nina Bowes-Lyon, the Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne, who was the maternal grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II.

Could this gorgeous tiara be the one to crown Meghan’s bridal look? We would love to see it on her!

The Strathmore Rose Tiara on the Queen Mother - A look at Meghan Markle's wedding day jewellery

Cecilia Nina Bowes-Lyon wearing the Strathmore Rose tiara

The Diamond Lozenge Bandeau

There’s also the Queen Mary Diamond Lozenge Bandeau, which we think is very “Meghan” in its contemporary simplicity.

However, it’s been a long while since it has been seen at all. So we think it may have been broken up, and the diamonds used to make another piece of royal jewellery.

The Lozenge Tiara - A look at Meghan Markle's wedding day jewellery

Queen Mary’s Diamond Lozenge Tiara worn by Princess Margaret, The Queen’s sister

The Fringe Tiara

There are plenty of other tiaras, of course. The Queen wore the Fringe tiara on her wedding day and then lent it to her daughter, Princess Anne, for hers.

We reckon, however, that this particular tiara may be too “big guns” and probably available only to the Queen and her immediate family. Plus its design is a little heavy to suit Meghan, in our opinion.

The Fringe Tiara - A look at Meghan Markle's wedding day jewellery

The Queen, Elizath II, wearing the Fringe tiara

A Custom Made Tiara

Finally, if there is nothing suitable in the vault, Meghan could have a stunning tiara designed just for her.

Verdict. Whether she wears an heirloom or a newly designed piece, we are certain that a tiara will be part of Meghan Markle’s wedding day jewellery. We’re placing our bets on either the Spencer tiara or a custom made piece.

3. Wedding ring

It is practically written in stone that Meghan’s wedding ring will have to be a plain band made from Welsh gold.

This has been the tradition for Royal brides dating back to The Queen Mother’s marriage to George VI in 1923.

Meghan also wears a lot of yellow gold jewellery, and her engagement ring’s band is also made from yellow gold, so it would reflect her personal style perfectly.

Click to view slideshow.

As a side note, Prince Harry may or may not wear a wedding band. Prince William does not wear one because – according to a Palace statement issued just before his wedding in 2011 – he doesn’t like jewellery. Therefore, Prince Harry may or may not choose to wear one; it remains to be seen.

So there you are. Those are our best guesses as to what Meghan Markle’s wedding day jewellery will look like! Hope you enjoyed this article and will join us on 19th May to watch the Royal wedding.

We certainly cannot wait and will be watching the celebrations with a glass of bubbly in hand. Hurray! Congratulations to the happy Royal couple!

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Meghan Markle’s diamond cross bracelet – Get the look from £75 Thu, 05 Apr 2018 14:13:27 +0000 If you're keen to get a bracelet like Meghan Markle's diamond cross bracelet that she's been photographed wearing recently, get the look now from £75!

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Just recently, Meghan Markle has been photographed wearing a beautiful diamond cross bracelet. It is rumoured that the bracelet is a symbol of her recent baptism into the Church of England, in preparation for her upcoming wedding to Prince Harry in May. If you’re keen to copy Meghan’s diamond cross bracelet style, you can now get the look from £75 to £299 below!

1. Allura Cross Bracelet

This bracelet style matches Meghan’s cross bracelet to perfection. Made with sparkling white premium diamonds in fine sterling silver, it features a beautiful sliding fastening that fits all wrist sizes, complete with dainty heart charms.

Price £75.00

2. Tesoro Cross Bracelet

This bracelet features sparkling white topaz gemstones in beautiful UK hallmarked sterling silver. It looks luxurious and feminine and the chain comes with an extension, allowing for fastening at 3 different places.

Price £85.00

Psst… Stack it like Meghan below!

Meghan has also been seen wearing her cross bracelet together with a diamond bar bracelet. The two pieces look stunning when worn together like this. Below, we’ve included a couple of stacking bracelets so you can get the same look.

3. Tesoro Bar Bracelet

This diamond bar bracelet is very similar to the one Meghan wears stacked with her cross bracelet in the picture above. Made with genuine diamonds in sterling silver, it fastens with a sliding mechanism that fits any wrist size. The chain-ends are finished with pretty silver charms.

Price £119.00

4. Stellato Cross Bracelet

This multi-chain bracelet comes in a style that already looks stacked, with two chains featuring four small gold crosses and one larger cross with diamonds. Luxurious and feminine, the entire bracelet is made from UK hallmarked 9K white gold and set with 0.07CT of diamonds.

Price £299.00

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Men’s diamond earrings – guide to buying and wearing Mon, 26 Mar 2018 14:47:13 +0000 Looking to buy men's diamond earrings for yourself or as a gift? This article will help you differentiate one diamond from another and make a smart decision

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Looking to buy men’s diamond earrings for yourself or as a gift? There’s a lot of choice on the market when it comes to design, size, price and diamond quality. This article will help you differentiate one diamond stud earring from another and make the smartest buying decision.

What is a ‘solitaire diamond’ earring?

A ‘diamond solitaire’ means a single diamond. Diamond solitaires can be found on earrings, necklaces, rings and other jewellery. A solitaire diamond is usually displayed on its own because of its impeccable beauty and quality. It needs no other adornment to catch the eye. Generally speaking, the bigger the size and the better the solitaire’s quality, the higher its price.

Men’s diamond earrings – singles or pairs?

Some men wear a single stud earring, others like to show off two diamonds. Although two earrings have become more and more usual in men’s fashion, many guys prefer just the one piercing. What you choose is entirely down to your personal taste.

Diamond shapes – known as the ‘cut’

We call the shape of a diamond its ‘cut’. Single diamond are most often available in two cuts: round diamonds or square diamonds (the latter is referred to as ‘princess cut diamond’ by jewellers). Round diamonds offer exceptional sparkle and are the classic choice. Square diamonds look contemporary and also offer a high level of radiance.

The precious metal – gold or platinum?

You’ll usually find solitaire diamonds set in gold or platinum. Platinum is the toughest precious metal of them all, with a silvery-white colour. However, it’s also the most expensive. Gold is a great option, with 18K white gold or 18K yellow gold representing the highest quality.

9K gold is also a good choice, more affordable that 18K gold – although its gold content isn’t as high.

Silver is not a great choice for items requiring daily wear, because it is the softest of all precious metals and gets bent out of shape quickly.

The setting

For solitaire earrings, the most popular setting is the claw setting. Sometimes also called a prong setting, it looks like tiny claws holding the diamond in place. Its benefit is that it lets the maximum amount of light into the diamond, making it sparkle more.

Diamond studs with a claw setting

A rubover setting is the most secure setting because it ‘wraps’ around the diamond and protects it. It also makes the diamond appear larger than it actually is, although it lets less light in from the sides of the diamond, so this means only the top of the diamond will sparkle.

Diamond studs with a rubover setting

Size – carats

A diamond’s size is determined by its carat weight, usually shown as a number followed by the letters CT. For example, one carat is shown as 1.00CT and half a carat as 0.50CT. More carats, the bigger the diamond’s size.

Men’s diamond solitaire earrings come in a several sizes. To give you an idea of real size:

  • A small round diamond, 0.05CT in carat weight, measures about around 2.5mm across.
  • An 0.25CT square princess cut diamond is about 3.4mm across.
  • An 0.50CT round diamond measures about 5.1mm across.

Cristiano’s earring is probably between 2 to 3 carats. Image credit @WikiMediaCommons

Cost – Depends diamond quality and size

The bigger the solitaire, the better its quality needs to be. That’s because diamonds are natural gemstones, and all of them come with tiny little markings or flaws, called ‘inclusions’. The larger the diamond, the less inclusions it should contain, so that it looks beautiful and sparkly to the naked eye.

As diamond quality AND size together increase a diamond’s price, you need to be aware of both when you’re considering your budget.

  • For small diamonds, you should consider minimum ‘premium quality’. You can buy a single diamond stud at premium quality, size 0.05CT, starting from £129.00.
  • When you go above 0.15 – 0.25CT, you should consider H/Si quality or above. H/Si is a great diamond quality for any diamond solitaire size up to around 1.00CT, because it looks very white, sparkly and clean to the naked eye. You can buy a single diamond stud at H/Si quality, size 0.50CT starting from £1505.00 (or from £22.08 per month).
  • Anything above that quality will definitely add to the value of your diamond, but also increase the price.

If you buy a pair, the good news is you will get some discount from a retailer for the second diamond, so you’re not looking at double the cost of a single:

  • For example, a pair of diamonds at 0.10CT total (so 0.05CT each) start from around £159.00.
  • At the higher end of the price range, a pair of studs at 1.00CT total (so 0.50CT each) and G/Vs quality you’re looking at around £4,300 (or from around £63.00 per month).

Justin Bieber is known for wearing both single and double studs. Image credit @WikiMediaCommons

Budgeting tips – ‘diamond cluster’ setting

A cluster setting is where several small diamonds are set very close together to create the illusion of one large diamond, like in these Galileo earrings below. This is a fantastic option if you’re looking for ‘big 1-carat look’ but have a smaller budget. The only drawback is that you may need to buy a pair as single clusters may be harder to find.

A pair of diamond cluster earrings with a 1-carat look from £685.00 (or £10.05 per month):

Pay monthly with 0% finance

If you’ve decided to buy diamond jewellery, it can be viewed as both a personal fashion accessory, as well as an investment with lasting resale value. In this case, 0% finance can be a viable option that allows you to pay the earrings off monthly, at no interest, and without having to spend all your savings at once.

Conclusion – What to buy?

If you’re a guy with pierced ears, you might be looking to treat yourself to a single solitaire or a pair of diamond earrings. Alternatively, you might be searching for a diamond gift for your partner, son or friend.

Whatever the case, diamond solitaire studs are timeless fashion items. They will always stay in style and are perfect for combining with any outfit, whether formal or casual.

A man who really enjoys his diamonds might go for a pair of big, sparkling studs in square or round shape. If you’re trying diamond earrings for the first time, you might want to start with a small, single stud. It’s  up to you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need expert advice!

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Best 10 Graduation Gifts – Pretty, Sophisticated Jewellery from £65 Wed, 21 Mar 2018 09:33:18 +0000 Find the perfect graduation gift to celebrate a young person's achievement. 10 pretty, sophisticated diamond jewellery keepsakes at very affordable prices.

The post Best 10 Graduation Gifts – Pretty, Sophisticated Jewellery from £65 appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

What are the best graduation gifts for young people becoming adults? Beautiful jewellery keepsakes, which last a lifetime, will always remind your graduate how proud you are of them. We’ve handpicked 10 gorgeous pieces based on modern, fun, sophisticated designs. With beautiful craftsmanship, and of course, reasonable price points.

Initial Pendant Necklace
From £106
A personalised gift made with real diamonds and gold, these initial pendants are perfect gifts for young adults.

Diamond Stud Earrings 
Price £139
The ultimate jewellery essential, diamond studs go with anything and are an item you can cherish for life. A gift guaranteed to delight your gift recipient.  Also available as single studs for boys.

Diamond Charm Bracelet
Price £149
This beautiful charm bracelet is made with sterling silver and diamonds, with a lovely heart themed lock and key details.

Gemstone Ring
Price £99
Rings are a beautiful way to mark a graduation. Here is a stunning tanzanite ring. Tanzanite is the rarest gem on earth, famous for its unique blue-violet shimmer.

Diamond Cross
Price £65
The finest shimmering pavé diamonds and sterling silver made into a contemporary cross motif is an inspiring, trendy and timeless gift for young adults celebrating a special achievement.

Double Peal & Topaz Earrings
Price £69
These lovely earrings are made with freshwater pearls and white topaz, making them instant contemporary classics for any formal occasion.

Double Pearl & Diamond Pendant
Price £69
This pearl twist pendant necklace accompanies the above earrings and can be worn separately or together for an elegant yet pretty vibe.

Blue & White Topaz Earrings
Price £149
Using blue and white topaz together, these earrings have a stunning baby blue sparkle that’s both glamorous and young at heart.

Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace
Price £175
What says ‘I love you and I’m proud of you’ better than a diamond heart necklace with a single, sparkling diamond?

Diamond Heart Bracelet
Price £159
Finally, this stunning sterling silver and diamond heart bracelet is not only gorgeous, but comes at an exceptional price point.

The post Best 10 Graduation Gifts – Pretty, Sophisticated Jewellery from £65 appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

10 Best Stud Earrings – Diamonds and Gems Mon, 05 Mar 2018 01:00:56 +0000 This is our 10 Best Stud Earrings list of 2018. Based on popularity and best customer reviews. They make the perfect gift for any occasion.

The post 10 Best Stud Earrings – Diamonds and Gems appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

Here it is, our 10 Best Stud Earrings list for 2018! This gorgous #top10 #earrings collection represents our  highest reviewed and best selling stud earrings during the last twelve months. Handcrafted with genuine diamonds and gemstones, they make perfect gifts for any special occasion.

1. Diamond solitaire studs
This sparkling pair of identical diamonds is the most sought after item on the list – guaranteed to please any lover of jewellery. Handcrafted with conflict-free diamonds.
Price £159

2. Diamond buttons

These beautiful diamond cluster earrings feature closely set round-brilliant cut diamonds for maximum sparkle. Luxurious, sophisticated, elegant.
Price £275

Best earrings - diamond clusters

3. Blue sapphire studs

These royal blue sapphires are selected by hand for a perfectly matching pair. They’re perfect for adding a touch of style to both day and evening looks.
Price £149

Best earrings - blue sapphire studs

4. Tanzanite diamond studs

Tanzanite, rarer than diamonds, is known for its violet-blue shimmer that changes colour according to the angle you gaze at it from. At a great price, these make the perfect gemstone gift.
Price £125

5. Aquamarine & diamond studs

These stunning light blue dazzlers are made with beautiful oval cut aquamarine from Brazil and accented with dainty round diamonds. Set in yellow gold for beautiful contrast.
Price £145

6. Diamond heart studs

A stunning pair of romantic earrings, these heart shaped diamond studs come in a sweetheart shape in a sparkling display of brilliant diamonds.
Price £445

7. Pink sapphire studs

Pink sapphire earrings look stunningly sparkling and add elegant, feminine glamour to any outfit. Set in white gold for a high quality finish.
Price £205

Best earrings - pink sapphire studs

8. Sapphire diamond studs

Classic, timeless, never out of fashion. This royal design featuring blue Thai sapphires and premium quality diamonds look lavish in yellow gold.
Price £305

Best earrings - blue sapphire and dimaond studs

9. Pearl topaz studs

A best-selling gift, every time, these natural freshwater pearls come with a contemporary twist. Featuring a sparkling white topaz in a fine sterling silver setting.
Price ONLY £69!

Best earrings - freshwater pearl and white topaz earrings

10. Emerald studs

Emeralds have a magical inner glow that no other gemstone possesses. No wonder gem hunters have obsessed over them through the centuries! This pair is simply stunning.
Price £205

Best earrings - emerald studs


We hope you loved this post! x

P.S. Don’t forget that all our jewellery above £375 is available on finance.

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Please note all prices quoted 5th february 2018 and may vary at any time after this date.

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What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress? 4 Styles to Match Your Neckline Tue, 20 Feb 2018 01:00:30 +0000 What jewellery suits my dress? Learn to pick the right jewellery styles - earrings, necklaces, bracelets - that match your dress neckline and shape.

The post What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress? 4 Styles to Match Your Neckline appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

What jewellery suits my wedding dress? This is an important question. Your dress is the key element of your bridal look, but your accessories make the dress. Knowing what looks best with your dress neckline will help you create the perfect style. Follow these 4 simple rules to get it right.

What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress?

1. High Neckline

A wedding dress with a high neck will look too ‘busy’ if you wear a necklace. The same rule applies to asymmetric, off-one-shoulder and halterneck dresses. Instead, wear a pair of luxurious, eye catching diamond earrings and balance the look with a luxurious bracelet.

What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress?1. Vintage Luxury Earrings | 3. Evening Bracelets

2. Strapless Neckline

The strapless neckline is perfect backdrop for a big, luxurious necklace. However, a statement piece should always stand alone, so the rest of your jewellery will need to be understated. Simple diamond studs are perfect. For your hands, go for a delicate bracelet or a vintage ring.

What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress?
1. Exclusive Diamond Necklaces | 2. Vintage Statement Rings | 3. Diamond Studs

3. Bateau Neckline

A bateau neckline is designed to show off your collarbone. To accentuate this area, flaunt a collar or choker style necklace. A strand of short pearls, single or double, is perfect. Choose matching drop or stud earrings and a statement ring to complete the look.

What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress?
1. Pearl Necklaces | 2. Pearl Earrings | 3. Pearl Rings

4. Plunging Neckline

A long pendant is the perfect accessory for a neckline that dips into a deep ‘V’ or ‘U’. Choose the chain length to match the scoop of the cleavage. A 20 inch (50cm) chain will generally fall below the collarbone. To be sure, use measuring tape to work out the perfect length for you.

What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress?
1. Diamond Drop Necklaces |2. Diamond Heart Earrings| 3. Vintage Diamond Bracelets 

5. When in doubt

If you’re not sure – or simply want to createa look of beautiful, understated bridal elegance – there are three key pieces that will always look stunning: diamond stud earrings, a solitaire necklace and a tennis bracelet.

What Jewellery Suits My Wedding Dress?1. Diamond Studs | 2. Solitaire Necklaces | 3. Tennis Bracelets

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10 Engagement Ring Tips Mon, 12 Feb 2018 15:23:21 +0000 An engagement ring shopping is a big, important, expensive purchase loaded with symbolism. These 10 tips will help you get it 100% right.

The post 10 Engagement Ring Tips appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

We don’t need to tell you… an engagement ring is a big, important and expensive purchase –loaded with love and symbolism. That’s why we’ve written these 10 engagement ring tips. To help you get the ring 100% right – so it’s exactly what she wants.

1. It’s ALL about her

An engagement ring represents a massive milestone in your relationship. When you’re under this much pressure, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.

That’s why we recommend, before you do any diamond research, take a moment to think about this:

The person who will be wearing the ring for the rest of their life is your fiancée.

So, don’t drive yourself mad with diamond qualities, girdles, sizes and cuts. Your jeweller will be able to point you to the perfect engagement ring for your budget.

First, before you do anything else, you have to suss out the style of ring she desires.

2. Finding out what she wants

Some women love to be surprised. Others would prefer to shop for the ring together with you. You know her better than anyone else, so you’ll have to decide which approach to take.

Either way, she’ll be most concerned about the ring suiting her personal style.

If you go the surprise route, and you’re astute when it comes to matters of style and fashion, you can do this easily by observing the jewellery she already wears. Is it big and sparkly? Or understated and simple? Go with her existing jewellery style and you’ll pick a winner ring.

But, if you’re not sure – go ask for advice. Best person to ask? Her sister or her best friends. Her peers, of similar age to her, will have a better idea of the style she wants.

3. Ring size, ring size, ring size

This is a tricky one, because how do you measure someone’s ring size without spoiling the surprise?

Yet it’s the most important factor. If the ring is too small or big it can spoil the moment.

There are no easy answers, but here are a few good solutions:

  • If she has an existing ring that she wears on her ring finger, then you could borrow it without her noticing, and measure it with a ring sizer app or a ring sizer tool, or have a jeweller measure it at a jewellery shop.
  • You could involve one or more of her friends in secret, and get them to pretend THEY’RE buying a ring for themselves or someone else. In the process, they might be able to subtly get your fiancée’s ring size while visiting a jewellery store.

In the end, you may simply need to guess.

In that case, talk to your jeweller and make absolutely sure the ring can be resized later.

Some jewellers also offer “stand in” rings to propose with. This means you get the ring you want, but in an estimated size. Once you’ve popped the question, if the ring is too big or small, you can measure her finger properly, get the proper ring size ordered, and once it’s ready, exchange it for the stand-in ring.

4. Buy the best you can afford

Forget the myth about spending two month’s salary on a ring. Some people do that, others don’t. It doesn’t matter, there are no rules.

However, you do need to buy the best ring you can afford. Why? Because an engagement ring is a piece of jewellery worn on the hand, every day, for life. It will be exposed to a lot of wear and tear.

Buy the most robust ring you can possibly afford.

Take a moment to consider how much you’ve spent on your smartphone, car, or another big item. Consider the longevity those products have.

Now compare those purchases to your engagement ring, and how much long-term wear it will need to endure.

How much should you spend? Only you know your budget. Online, you can get a good quality solitaire ring with a diamond around 0.25 to 0.33 carats from around £500-600.

And don’t forget, many jewellers also offer 0% financing.

5. The metal

Only invest in gold or platinum. Why?

Platinum is the best and hardest wearing metal. It has lasting, heirloom quality and appearance. It’s silvery-white in colour. However, it’s also the most expensive.

Gold is a superb mid-price choice and perfect for engagement rings because it’s hard wearing. Gold comes in 3 different colours white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. If going for gold, see points 1 and 2 to decide which colour she’d like best.

Silver is a big NO-NO! To many buyers, silver can initially seem appealing, because it’s so affordable. However, as any good jeweller will tell you, silver in the long run is way too soft and can easily bend out of shape if knocked or caught on something. This means that the diamond(s) can fall out through wear and tear. You don’t want that to happen. Silver rings should only be worn occasionally, as fashion accessories, not as engagement rings.

6. The diamond

There are lots of articles about diamond quality, cuts and size. Here’s a good one if you want to read more on the topic.

Too confusing?

Here’s how to cut through the jargon:

Choose diamond cut/shape first. This is determined by the style your fiancée wants (see points 1 and 2). Round diamonds are the sparkliest of all.

Second, pick diamond quality. H/Si is a fantastic diamond quality choice for diamonds up to 1 carat in size. It’s no wonder it’s the most popular choice for the majority of engagement ring buyers. It looks beautiful, white and sparkly. Anything above that quality (for diamonds in up to 1 carat size) is just a bonus. Why? Because no one, except a professional jeweller using a powerful magnifying loupe, will actually be able to tell what quality it is, beyond that.

Size is the final decision. If you have any money left over in your budget, after you’ve nailed down the above two points, then spend any extra cash on diamond size.

7. Check return and exchange terms

Always make sure you have understood your jeweller’s refund and exchange policy, and any resizing terms.

Most rings are returnable, but sometimes custom-made or special size rings can have return limitations. Don’t rush it, read the small print.

8. Manufacturer’s guarantee

This is a no brainer.

Check that your jeweller offers a guarantee against any manufacturing or handcrafting faults. That way you’re covered for any damage that’s caused by a fault in the ring’s structure.

9. Insurance

If you lose or damage the ring, or it breaks, bends or loses a gem or a diamond, or gets stolen – unless it’s a manufacturing fault – only insurance can provide cover for this.

Specialist jewellery insurance is very affordable from around £19.00 per year. It protects you against all eventualities, no questions asked. If you’re spending a big amount on a ring, it makes sense to pay a tiny bit per year for insurance.

READ MORE > Difference between Jewellery Guarantee VS Insurance

READ MORE > Jewellery insurance prices and things to consider

10. Finding the right jeweller

Finally, it’s crucial to find a jeweller you feel comfortable with. Someone who can point you to the perfect ring for you, for your budget, without compromise.

Take your time, shop around, talk to various jewellers. Decide who you feel best going with, who gives you their time and advice unreservedly.

And now… it’s time to buy THE ring. Good luck! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any advice, we’re always happy to help.


> What diamond cut is best for my engagement ring?
> Diamond Vs Gemstone Engagement Rings
> Find the Best Ring Style for Your Hand Shape
> 10 Best Engagement Rings in the UK
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> How to Buy and Put a Ring on Large Knuckles and Slim Fingers

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Buying Her the Engagement Ring She Really Wants for Valentines Fri, 26 Jan 2018 09:54:01 +0000 Simple engagement ring buying guide for Valentine's Day. It will help you buy her the perfect engagement ring she really wants. At the right price.

The post Buying Her the Engagement Ring She Really Wants for Valentines appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

If you’ve decided to propose on Valentine’s Day, the pressure’s on to buy the engagement ring that she really wants. Not only do you need to plan the most romantic moment of her entire life on the most romantic day of the whole year… You’ve also got to get the ring 100% right or the moment will be ruined. There’s a lot to take in with diamond shopping so we’ve written this guide makes life easy for you.

Step 1 – What style she wants

Ella Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 0.86CT from The Diamond Store UK

Halo ring

For her, the most important thing about an engagement ring is the style. She’ll wear it for the rest of her life, so it needs to look perfect. To suss out her style, observe the jewellery she already wears. Big and sparkly? Understated and simple? If you’re not sure, don’t be proud – ask her sister or best friend for advice.

These are the 5 most popular ring designs right now:

Certified Lily 18K Yellow Gold 0.50CT Diamond Solitaire Ring – CLICK TO VIEW

Solitaire: one single diamond

11 Grace Gealey style halo engagement ring with princess cut solitaire
Halo: One larger diamond encircled by smaller stones

Kaya Scodelario style engagement ring with sidestones Sidestones: extra diamonds on the band

1.00ct Diamond Cluster Ring in G/Vs Quality and 18K White Gold
Cluster: lots of small diamonds set together

Sapphire 1.55ct And Diamond 0.50ct 18K White Gold Ring Item FET26 UY
Gemstones: colourful sapphires, emeralds, rubies

Step 2 – Ring size, ring size, ring size!!!

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings on a Ring Sizer at TheDiamondStore UK

Unique Rings

Next you’ll need her finger size. This is crucial. A ring that doesn’t fit will ruin the big moment. Whatever you do, don’t try DIY methods like measuring her finger with a piece string. 95% of home measurements end up in disaster. Do one of these instead:

♦ Measure one of her existing rings with a ring sizer app
♦ Get a free ring sizer tool in the post
♦ Visit a jeweller and get her finger/existing ring measured
♦ Enlist her friends’ help to find out her ring size in secret

Step 3: Your budget

Diamond circles trilogy 3-stone ring made with diamond clusters with 1 carat diamonds and white gold 18K

Trilogy Ring

There’s a myth circulating around that an engagement should cost a month’s salary. Luckily, the reality is that there are no rules. Just bear in mind she’ll wear the ring all her life, so it needs to be high quality enough to withstand daily wear. Find a friendly jeweller, be honest about your budget and get the best ring you can afford. Some jewellers also offer 0% financing.

Step 4: Diamond shape

Chloe Certified Classic Round Solitaire Ring in yellow gold (various carat weights)

Diamond Solitaire

Now it’s time to shop for the ring. Most people expect a diamond to have lots of sparkle, and this will depend on its shape, referred to as the diamond’s ‘cut’. Here are the most common cuts, in order of sparkliness:

♦ Round cut  – Round, the most sparkly
♦ Princess cut – Square, almost as sparkly as round
♦ Pear cut – Looks like a teardrop, medium sparkle
♦ Marquise cut – Rounded sides tapering to points, medium sparkle
♦ Emerald cut – Rectangular, giving off long flashes rather than sparkle

Step 5: Easy way to pick diamond quality

01 Katie Piper Lookalike ring halo

Halo rings

Next, check diamond quality. Most people find this a complete headache, but we’ll make it very simple for you. If you’re buying a solitaire diamond up to 1 carat, buy quality H/Si or above. It’s the best, most popular and most affordable price-quality ratio for diamond sizes of up to 1 carat. If you stick to that as your minimum quality, you can’t go wrong. This is because in a diamond less than 1 carat in size, at that quality you won’t be able to see any obvious flaws in the diamond with a naked eye.

Step 6: Pick diamond size


Cluster ring

(If she prefers a coloured gemstone, skip to the next step.) “Carat” refers to a diamond’s size. Large diamonds are much rarer than small diamonds. So they’re more expensive per-carat than small diamonds. She wants a big, sparkly ring? If you’re struggling to stretch your budget to one large diamond, look for a ring made with a cluster of smaller diamonds. It will look big, sparkly and beautiful, simulating the look of one large diamond, yet be affordable.

Step 7: Alternatively, pick a gem

Diamond and gemstone engagement rings from TheDiamondStore UK

Sapphires – Rubies

Maybe your loved one desires a colourful gemstone, instead of a diamond? Gems are a beautiful choice that stand out from the crowd. Kate Middleton’s famous blue sapphire ring has made gems incredibly popular in engagement rings in the recent years. Plus gems are way more affordable per carat than diamonds, so you’ll get a much bigger ring for your money. Bear in mind, though, that not all gems are not tough enough to withstand daily wear! Gem hardness is measured on a scale from 1-10. Diamonds are the hardest, rated 10. Sapphires and rubies are 9.  Then topaz at 8, emerald and aquamarine at 7.5-8, tanzanite 6.5-7. We’d usually recommend sapphire (comes in many colours) or ruby (red) to be on the safe side.

Step 8: Choose a metal

There are four choices of precious metal for engagement rings: platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. Silver is NOT an option, it’s way to soft and will not withstand daily wear.

Your decision will depend on her metal-colour preference and your budget.

Platinum: Platinum is beautiful, white, and the most tough and durable of all precious metals. It’s also the most expensive choice. Platinum does not stain or scratch, although with age it develops microscopic surface denting, forming a look that’s called “the patina of age”. This is considered desirable in platinum jewellery, as it gives it a much loved and worn heirloom feel.

Platinum diamond engagement rings from TheDiamondStore UK

Platinum engagement rings

Yellow Gold: A traditional woman will prefer the classic look of yellow gold. Yellow gold may be sold as 18K gold or 9K gold. This is a measure of how much gold is used in the ring. Gold on its own is far too soft, so it has to be mixed with other, harder metals to keep its form. 18K gold has more gold content than 9K gold, but is also more expensive.

A unique yellow gold diamond cluster engagement ring TheDiamondStore UK

Yellow gold engagement rings

White Gold: White gold is simply yellow gold, but alloyed and coated with white precious metals to give it it a silvery-white luster. It looks beautiful and most people cannot tell it apart from platinum. Bear in mind though that its white precious metal coating will eventually fade and the yellow gold will shine through. This is normal for all white gold jewellery, but means the ring needs to be re-coated every so often. Same as yellow gold, white gold is sold in 18K or 9K purities.

White gold diamond engagement rings from TheDiamondStore UK

White gold engagement rings

Rose gold: This is a very fashionable and beautiful alternative to yellow gold. It’s made by alloying yellow gold and copper. It won’t scratch or need maintenance, but with age, the copper will tarnish slightly making the metal slightly redder. As with platinum, many people like this well-loved antique look rose gold gets with the passing of time. Rose gold also comes in 18K or 9K, just like yellow and white gold.

Rose gold martini diamond engagement ring at

Rose gold engagement rings

Now… it’s time buy THE ring she wants

Write down your checklist:

✓ Her preferred style – overall design, diamond shape, metal colour

✓ Ring size

✓ Your budget

Now that you know what you want, you can explain your exact requirements to your jeweller. In the UK, it’s a good idea to stick to jewellers who are members of The National Association of Jewellers. You can find verify a jeweller’s membership on their website. Find a friendly jeweller who’s happy to show you rings, explain what they’re all about and help you with all aspect of this important decision. Good luck! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert Personal Shoppers if you have any questions.

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Valentines Day gift diamond jewellery at The Diamond Store UK

Any prices quoted in this article were those available on 26th January 2018 and they may vary any time after this date.

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10 Best Diamond Jewellery Gifts She Will Love Mon, 22 Jan 2018 13:57:48 +0000 Our 10 best diamond jewellery gifts 2018 – based on most popular gift items and highest reviews this last twelve months. Guaranteed to make her smile!

The post 10 Best Diamond Jewellery Gifts She Will Love appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

Here is our 2018 list of Top 10 Diamond Jewellery Gifts for women. Based on our best selling jewellery items, which have had top customer reviews over the last twelve months, these are tried and tested gifts that you cannot go wrong with. 

1. Gorgeous Birthstone Earrings, £125

Each month an official gemstone. Find her birthstone now to give her a meaningful gift. For instance this pair of tanzanite earrings for £125 is perfect if she’s born in December.

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - Tanzanite stud earrings

Or view all birthstone jewellery

2. Sparkling Diamond Eternity Ring, £779

An eternity ring is the ultimate statement of love. Usually given on special occasions, it’s guaranteed to make her day memorable and romantic.

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - White gold eternity ring with princess cut diamonds

3. Beautiful Heart Necklace, £485

A heart necklace is another timeless jewellery classic. And better yet when handcrafted with diamonds. (View our full range of heart necklaces from only £149!)

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - Heart pendant necklace with diamonds and white gold - click to view details

4. Diamond Initial Pendants, from £105

These necklaces are a beautiful jewellery gift. It doesn’t have to bear the owner’s initial – it could also represent a loved one’s name, such as a child, partner or mother.

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - Initial letter pendant necklaces with diamonds and gold - click to view details

5. Diamond Twist Bracelet, £295

This is another jewellery classic. It’s an effortless accessory she can wear with anything from a little black dress to casual chic.

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - diamond bracelet silver twist

6. Diamond Studs, £249

You cannot go wrong with diamond stud gift earrings! They’re timeless, simple, elegant, go with any outfit and made with real diamonds.

Diamond stud earrings 0.20 carats white gold

6. Pink Sapphire Ring, £205

Pink sapphire is a great gift for gemstone lovers and those who adore colour in their jewellery –set in white gold with diamonds this ring has amazing sparkle.

Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts - pink sapphire ring

8. Blue Topaz Pendant, £109

Brazilian blue topaz is one of the most clear, sparkling gemstones. It’s a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection.

Blue sapphire pendant necklace in yellow gold

9. Emerald Earrings, £205

Green emeralds symbolise new beginnings, health and wealth. What better notion for a gift for a new mom, a special birthday or an anniversary? This is our most popular pair, ever.

Emerald stud earrings white gold

10. Ruby Bracelet, £505

Red rubies… the romantic gemstone that symbolises love! Add memorable sparkle and colour to her celebration with this timeless piece – or shop our ruby necklaces from only £155.

Ruby bracelet with diamond accents in yellow gold

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The post 10 Best Diamond Jewellery Gifts She Will Love appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

10 Best Jewellery Gifts for Mum in 2018 Mon, 22 Jan 2018 12:33:23 +0000 Our list of 10 best jewellery gifts for mum. These gorgeous items are meaningful, look beautiful, and she will get lots of wear out of them!

The post 10 Best Jewellery Gifts for Mum in 2018 appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.

Here is our 2018 list of 10 Best Jewellery Gifts For Mum! Based on the most popular and well reviewed gift items that our customers have bought for the most important women in their lives.

1. Freshwater Pearl Bracelet, £65
This exquisite freshwater pearl bracelet is made with natural oriental pearls. The vintage style sterling silver clasp gives it a stunning finish.

Best Gifts for Mum - Pearl Bracelet

2. “Mum” Diamond Necklace, £355
A fine sterling silver necklace with ‘Mum’ spelled with a sparkling diamond heart… it’s sure to make her Christmas very happy!

Best Gifts for Mum

3. Emerald Earrings, £205
Emerald is the precious gemstone that symbolises motherhood. These gorgeous, glimmering earrings work effortlessly as luxurious daytime or evening accessories.

Best Gifts for Mum - Emerald earrings

4. Mother of Pearl Watch, £245
This ladies’ Rotary Les Originals watch is a contemporary classic. A fine precision Swiss timepiece, it’s elegant, feminine and adds impeccable style to any outfit.

Best Gifts for Mum - Watch mother of pearl

5. Sapphire Diamond Necklace, £219
Deep blue, beautifully polished into a square princess cut, surrounded by sparkling diamonds. This Stellato sapphire necklace is a gift she’ll always treasure.

Best Gifts for Mum - Sapphire necklace

6. Diamond Stud Earrings, £249
You cannot go wrong with diamond stud gift earrings! They’re timeless, simple, elegant, go with any outfit and are made with real diamonds.

Best Gifts for Mum - diamond stud earrings

7. Extra Long Pearls, £149
Is your mum’s favourite TV series The Crown? Then she’ll be well aware that “queenly” pearls are back in fashion in a huge way right now. This stunning extra long necklace is 55 inches long and made with oriental asymmetrical freshwater pearls that display beautiful luster.

Best Gifts for Mum - Extra Long Pearl Necklace

8. Mother & Child Necklace, £85
A lovely gift for first-time mums to mark your new family’s first Christmas together. This beautiful pendant is made with fine sterling silver and a sparkling diamond on the setting.

Best Gifts for Mum - mother and child necklace

9. Silver Diamond Twist Bangle, £106
Looking for a stylish gift for a fashion conscious mum? This simple but elegant silver twist bracelet with shimmering diamond detail is right on trend.

Best Gifts for Mum - silver twist bangle

10. Diamond Cluster Earrings, £275
Sparkling, real diamonds set in lustrous gold. A gift that last a lifetime and more. She’ll always think of you and treasure those special Christmas memories when she wears them.

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All prices quoted correctly on 22nd January 2018, but are subject to change at any time.

The post 10 Best Jewellery Gifts for Mum in 2018 appeared first on The Diamond Store Magazine.