8 Pro Tips – Choosing the Perfect Wedding Day Jewellery for Him & Her

Wedding jewellery etiquette tips by TheDiamondStoreUKWITH the wedding season fast approaching, questions are arising about what wedding jewellery brides and grooms should wear? And importantly, how you should wear it?

Well, we’ve done a thorough search of all the biggest wedding fashion blogs and sites for you, to come up with a helpful list of wedding jewellery DO’S and DONT’S, for both him and her!

Wedding jewellery tips for the BRIDE:

1. BALANCE THE DRESS – Jewellery can make or break your dress, as much as your shoes or hairpiece can. As a rule of thumb…

♦ A heavily decorated dress looks best with simple jewellery
♦ Halterneck, sleeveless and asymmetrical dresses look stunning with drop earrings
♦ Pendants, long necklaces and chokers work with deep V-necks
♦ A statement jewellery piece should be balanced with small items
♦ If in doubt, wear a pair of diamond earrings and a diamond bracelet

2. MIX AND MATCH – The old saying, “something old, new, borrowed and blue” is very on trend right now. Combining heirloom jewellery with new pieces, or adding colour with gemstones, is a great look to go for. However, you should only mix items with similar styles. An antique pendant may look good with a faux-vintage bracelet, but it won’t go with a geometric 80’s bangle!

3. IT’S OK TO BUDGET – You should spend as much as you can afford on your wedding bands, but the rest of your jewellery doesn’t have to cost the moon. Your ring may be platinum, but who’s going to know your earrings are silver or 9K white gold?

4. ORDER EARLY – Not all wedding jewellery items are “off the shelf” and your retailer may have to make, resize or order them for you. Ideally, give yourself at least three months to plan.

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Wedding jewellery tips for the GROOM:

1. MATCH YOUR METALS – Men’s wedding accessories used to be limited to rings, cufflinks, watches and tie bars. Today, boys are “allowed” to wear much more: bracelets, earrings, pendants and ethnic or religious jewellery. However, the old rule still applies: don’t mix your metals. Stick to either gold or silver tones, whether it’s a belt buckle or lapel pin you’re combining. EXCEPTION: You don’t have to match your wedding ring with other items, it stands in its own right.

Now is a great time to wear those heirloom cufflinks2. BE MEANINGFUL – Do you have an emotional piece of jewellery? Now’s a great time to wear those heirloom cufflinks or your military service pin.

3. SHOW RESTRAINT – Unless your ethnicity or religion demands otherwise, it’s never a good idea to outshine the bride on her wedding day. So avoid going all Mr. T and stick to 1-3 carefully selected items instead. It’s OK to wear one statement piece, like quirky designer cufflinks, but the rest of your accessories should be few, and kept low key.

4. STAY IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE – This isn’t the day to go for a wild new style. A wedding day is stressful enough and she won’t be impressed if you rock up to the altar with pierced ears you didn’t have before. If you don’t normally wear any jewellery, then don’t do it today either. Your wedding ring and your bride will be decoration enough!

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This may seem like a no brainer, but both the bride and the groom should try to pick accessories they can also wear after the wedding. Not only will you get more for your money, but you’ll have wonderful jewellery to remind you of your happy day – and pass on to your children.

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How to choose the perfect wedding band

For thousands of years, many cultures have associated the wedding band as an emblem of eternity.  Rings have no beginning and no end, symbolising the never ending love and devotion associated with marriage. Legend has it that the vein in the “wedding ring finger” led directly to the heart. For the majority,  the engagement ring is the most exciting topic and although it does provide a great token of your loves affection, the wedding band is the epitome of the wedding. It is the symbol of the big day and your never ending love and will be part of your essential, every day wardrobe.

Choosing a wedding band can be pretty difficult with the endless variations available so it’s important to remember a few key things to help you on your way:

  • The right ring is the one that strongly reflects your personality and values — it’s not only a matter of carats and showing off. Choose a design which has symbolic meaning for you and even your partner.
  • Everyone knows that planning a wedding is a massive task in itself. It’s easy to put choosing the ring on the back burner so pick it pretty early.
  • Don’t stress about looking for a ring, make sure you enjoy the search as much as you enjoy the ring itself.
  • Single out the three most important elements for you. This can include what type of metal you want, if you want diamonds, if you wish to match your ring to your parters etc.

Check out some of our favourite celebrity wedding band/engagement ring combinations:

Our inhouse stylist has picked out her top wedding band picks:

Diamond wedding band

Chloe Ring £1299

The Chloe wedding ring is delicate and beautiful ring which I love just for the simplicity. 1.00CT of H/SI Quality Diamonds are set in an 18K Yellow Gold band and is a dead ringer for Gwyneth Paltrow’s ultra thin engagement ring and wedding band combination.

Platinum and diamond wedding band

Grace Ring £3129

Go for full on bling like Kim Kardashian with this Grace ring. The ring features 2.00CT of H/SI Quality Diamonds which radiate against the platinum band for a stunning effect. The baguette cut stones create the illusion of a solid sheet of diamond which reflects the light with a spectrum of colour.

diamond wedding band

Jasmine Ring £1435

This classic design and the beauty of diamonds combine perfectly in this Jasmine eternity ring to create a stunning piece of jewellery that will look incredible next to any white gold engagement ring. The ring features two rows of H/SI Quality Diamonds weighing 1.00CT which are highlighted by a pave setting and an 18K white gold band which contrasts with the sheer sparkle of the diamonds. The setting gives the illusion of diamonds freely sitting on the finger.

diamond wedding band

Sophie Ring £1925

If she loves big, bold jewellery then this is the eternity ring for her. The attention grabbing Sophie eternity ring features 1.50CT of H/SI Quality Diamonds in a mixed baguette and round design to create a stunning look. The ring is finished with 18K of white gold which further enhances the sparkle of the diamonds. This is the ideal ring for someone with a simple engagement ring or for someone planning to wear the wedding band alone. I especially love the 1920s feel this ring has!

diamond wedding band

Amy Ring £1179

This wedding band is the ideal selection for a lady who likes to mix and match her jewellery. Can’t choose between gold and white gold? Have them both! This can be combined with either a white gold or yellow gold engagement ring or even worn alone. Set in 18K Yellow Gold is 0.37CT of G/VS quality Diamonds.

What is your favourite wedding band from our top picks?

Sapphire Cluster Ring

If you are looking for a Sapphire Cluster Ring, I think  you are someone that knows exactly what you want and when you see it, you will know thats the one for you!


Since the big Royal Wedding last year, Sapphire Cluster Rings have become very popular.  They are a funny ring, because I believe if you don’t particularly like it first of all, it will grow on you.  I really believe the Catherine / Diana influence is greater than ever .    I know someone that was given one of these rings shortly after the Royal Wedding, but she really didn’t think it was her type of ring.  But albeit, a few months down the line, I think if she was given it again…it would be straight on her finger.


The Duchess of Cambridge is such a fashion icon at the moment that people want to look like her, people want to wear what she is wearing even it it doesn’t suit them.  But what else is interesting about The Duchess  of Cambridge is she wears dresses from Zara which is affordable by many of us and therefore, why shouldn´t we dress like her?

If you have a largish budget of just under the 2k mark then this Sapphire Cluster Ring is a must….its just stunning isn´t it?

Sapphire Cluster Ring



If you are on more of a budget then this ring may be for you…


Sapphire Cluster Ring


You can browse all Sapphire Cluster Rings here.

Kate Moss marries Jamie Hince today

Kate Moss is to tie the knot with her rock star fiancé Jamie Hince today. No details have been officially released about the venue but it has been reported that they will hold the wedding at a 12th-century St Margaret’s Parish Church, close to her home in the village of Little Faringdon, near Lechlade in the Cotswolds.

The couple are rumoured to be planning a festival-themed bash with celebrations lasting for three days for guests including  photographer Mario Testino and fashion designers Stella McCartney and Dame Vivienne Westwood.

The reception and wedding party will be held in marquees which have been erected behind the model’s mansion, with an 8ft metal fence outlining the perimeter of her estate. Security guards have been brought in to keep the paparazzi at bay and local residents have been given passes to allow them through road blocks surrounding the village.

White Gold Crossover Rings

I love Crossover Rings, I think they are just a little bit different and look beautiful. These two rings are my favourites.  These white gold crossover rings could be used as you wish, they could be an engagement ring or even used as an eterntity ring.  Its entirely up to you.  They could even be a birthday gift if that special persons birthday falls on the birthsign “diamond” or as a 60th wedding anniversary present.White Gold Crossover Ring by The Diamond StoreWhite Diamond Crossover Ring by The Diamond Store

If you are unsure if a crossover ring is the right kind of present, why not give our customer service department a call or click on live chat where you ask our staff what they think of the rings you are thinking about.

Unusual Diamond Engagement Rings

We all want something a little different, something special that noone else has, something unique.   But sometimes going completely off piste isnt quite what you want.  Whilst many people love having something bespoke, theres also something nice about people liking the same things.  Its like fashion isnt it.  You could like something but wouldnt have the guts to wear it, but the minute other people are wearing it…your feel confident.

The Diamond Store have a huge selection of diamond engagement rings, but really you can choose any of the diamond rings as your engagement ring.  You dont have to stick to the rules.

Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring by The Diamond Store

Tanzanite Ring by The Diamond Store

Unusual Diamond Engagement Rings by "The Diamond Store"

My advice is go with what you really really like.  Hopefully it be your one and only engagement ring so make sure that man of yours spends at least 3 months of his salary on your ring.  If not, The Diamond Store can now offer easy payments so theres no excuse not to have the ring of your dreams.

Whilst big is nice, quality is very important and as always if you want a second opinion you can always speak to our customer service department who can tell you what rings are popular and why.

Have a good look through here for unusual diamond engagement rings and congratulations!