Easy Tips How to Pack Jewellery When Travelling This Christmas

jewellery_packing_tips_thediamondstore.jpgYOUR jewellery means a lot to you. Its value almost certainly extends beyond monetary worth. That means making a little bit of extra effort to keep it safe when travelling during the holidays.

Here, we’ve rounded up a few jewellery packing tips to aid you on your way! Continue reading

Happy Birthday Cara!

We would like to wish Cara Delevingne a very Happy 22nd Birthday! For those of you who are not very familiar with Cara, she is an is an English fashion model, socialite, actress and singer. She is fast stealing the supermodel crown who is the already the face of Burberry, DKNY, Fendi, Saint Laurent and Chanel. Cara seems to have it all – from holidays with Rihanna and dates with Harry Styles.

We have chosen 5 of her outfits and rated it on our Delevigne-meter . i.e is it DELicious or DULLevigne. We have also added a piece of  The Diamond Store jewellery, which we think will match her outfit.

Outfit number 1: Cara wore this gown to the MET gala in 2013. We think Cara looks DELicious in this outfit!


We have matched a pear shaped gold diamond necklace.

Outfit 2: Cara wore this dark green dress to the amFARs Cinema Against Aids in 2012. We think this is a little DULLevigne.

Cara+Delevingne+2012+amfAR Cinema Against Aids

We matched some diamond and emerald earrings.

Outfit number 3: She wore this to a Roberto Cavalli Party in Paris in 2011. We love the shimmer and sparkle on this dress- its definitely DELicious.

Roberto Cavalli Party - Inside Photocall PFW Ready To Wear S/S 2011

We have matched this dress with a black diamond ring.

Outfit number 4: Cara wore this black lace dress to the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. We think Cara looks DELicious in this gown.


We matched this with a diamond collarette.

Outfit number 5: Cara wore this casual outfit and army print jacket to support her best friend Rita Ora in concert. We think this DULLevigne.


We matched this outfit with a simple pair of diamond studs.

What Cara outfit is your favourite? Send in your DELicious images or Tweet us @diamondstoreuk

For richer, for poorer… 3 ways to propose

Preparations are a hugely important part of the process when proposing. Whether you are on a tight budget or you’re planning to extravagantly push the boat out with your proposal, The Diamond Store has some tips and some rings that will help you create the perfect moment.

Undoubtedly, the most tricky part of a proposal is getting the ring right. If you are really having trouble making a decision, the team at The Diamond Store are always willing to give expert advice – simply give us a call on +44 (0) 845 084 1200 during office hours.

Alternatively, here are some suggestions that we’ve come up with that might give you a bit of a kick start:

1. Being on a budget certainly does not mean you can’t have a perfect setting. All you really need is a bottle of Prosecco, some roses and a ring to make it special, right?

pros and roses

Choose a location. This could be a park, a restaurant or even the comfort of your own home. Little things mean the world to a woman.

White Topaz & 0.48CT AA Tanzanite 925 Sterling Silver Ring

White Topaz & 0.48CT AA Tanzanite 925 Sterling Silver Ring £89.00

This Topaz ring is dainty, delicate, and simply divine. And how can you complain about the price?! With the Marks & Spencer Prosecco and roses and this ring – your grand proposal total is £121.99

2. If you have been thinking about popping the question for a long while and have had a few years to save up a little, then why not consider a gorgeous London tourist attraction like your own private capsule on The London Eye?

london eye


What a seriously romantic treat for your lady – and an unforgettable trip! To go within the price range, The Diamond Store has the perfect diamond and white gold engagement ring:

0.75CT Ideal Prince Cut Diamond & 18K White Gold Ring £1499.00

0.75CT Ideal Prince Cut Diamond & 18K White Gold Ring £1,499.00

If this sounds like your kind of proposal- your grand total is £1,999.00

3. Lastly, if you are intending on something even more luxurious, how about taking a few days in the Italian sun? We highly recommend the Hotel Splendido, looking over the harbour of Portofino – does it get more glamorous than that?

hotel splendido


And to propose at a place like The Splendido, you have to have the most unique and remarkable ring to hand to your woman:

Platinum 1.56CT Diamond Solitaire Ring £7,525.00

Platinum 1.56CT Diamond Solitaire Ring £7,525.00

This platinum ring is one of the most outstanding of The Diamond Store’s collection and demonstrates elegance and gracefulness. If you choose to go for this sort of option – your grand proposal total is £8,305.00

These are only a few possibilities. There are endless amounts of ways to propose but no matter how or where you decide to ask the question, these suggestions prove that budget never has to be an issue!

How did your partner propose? We would love to hear from you!



Goodbye Rubies and Welcome Peridot

In the month of August we bid farewell to the ruby, and welcome the beautiful peridot. We must also welcome the celebrities who are celebrating their birthdays; Kylie Jenner and Mila Kunis. It would only seem right that we handpick their favourite outifts and pair it with their birthstone.

Kylie Jenner has been sweeping the headlines recently, and we have to say that this is one of the most lush outfits she has sported.


To match Kylies’ sweet and innocent look here, we have chosen this lovely heart shaped peridot necklace.

Mila Kunis has also been in the news lately due to her pregnancy and forthcoming marriage to hearth-throb Ashton Kutcher is the stunning Mila Kunis. After a lot of debating we have finally picked this outfit which she wore to the Oscars and which we absolutely loved. We matched it with some peridot, citrine and smoky quartz diamond earrings.


We have also picked our top 5 favourite peridot jewellery, in order to give you a helping hand to glamourise your August Wardrobe!

At number 5 we have this peridot and sapphire ring:

At number 4 we have peridot and diamond earrings:

At number 3 we have this diamond and peridot necklace:

At number 2 we have chosen a peridot, citrine and smoky quartz ring and diamond ring:

And at our number 1 position, we have picked these gorgeous peridot and diamond earrings:

Are you born in August? If so, hint to your loved ones which item you would like

Behind the scenes with Britain’s Got Talent’s runner, Katie Unger!



We had the pleasure of spending five minutes on the couch with fabulous Katie Unger, who works behind the scenes on Britain’s Got Talent and has also worked behind the scenes on Take Me Out and Strictly Come Dancing! Exciting stuff right?

1.       What exactly is a runner, and how did you decide to get into this career?

A runner is an assistant. You can assist in the office with ordering stationary, printing off scripts and helping with paperwork…. or a runner on location where you help with contributors and tea and lunch runs for talent and the crew…. or in studio where you can be on the studio floor or in the gallery where the show is directed and produced from. I decided to get into this career because working in television is an extremely exciting job to have and you build up a valuable skill set as well.

2.       What is your favourite type of show to work on?

My favourite type of shows to work on are the entertainment shows such as Take Me Out and BGT! I get a thrill from the fast pace and all the glitz and glamour, not to mention the back stage gossip!
3.       Who are you most proud to have worked with since being a runner?

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Olympians including Victoria Pendelton and Louis Smith on Strictly Come Dancing, so I think that’s whom i’m most proud of.

Louis Smith_0Victoria-Pendleton







Strictly Come Dancing

4.       We heard you work with Simon Cowell. Is he really as nasty as he appears on the shows?

As I worked on the extra show to BGT I didn’t work with Simon Cowell directly, but from the filming I did do with him I saw that he is a very hard working conscientious man.

5.       Since being a runner, what was the most challenging task you have had to take on?

The most challenging task about being a runner is having to remember everything and foresee problems you didn’t even know were around the corner. You constantly have to be on the ball, at the top of your game and working extremely hard even if you’re surviving off 4-5 hours sleep a night. So is everyone else and they are under a lot more pressure than the runners!

6.       Is being a runner and working with celebrities really as glam as it sounds?

In on word, YES!

7.       What tips would you give to someone who wants to follow (run) in your footsteps?

When you’re fresh out of university and want to be a runner here are my four top tips:

  1. Being a producer at university or for a piece that isn’t for broadcast doesn’t mean you can apply for broadcast producer roles. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top.
  2. Send your CV to every production company possible. If this means watching a whole day of television and waiting until the end credits of shows to get names of production companies then enjoy watching!
  3. Make your CV as short as possible and don’t include jobs or experiences that aren’t relevant to a job in television, e.g. waitressing for a year.  If your CV is a page long it’s okay!
  4. Apply for work experience schemes, even if it means you’re in the U.K. while your friends are on holiday getting a tan. In the end, it will be worth it.

TV photos

Katie picks her favourite picture of the judges and we agree! So much so, we have matched their jewellery with ours.. doesn’t The Diamond Store have talent? (sorry, it had to be done).

We have matched Amanda’s ring with our Opal and Diamond ring.


We have matched Alesha’s simple gold chain, with our 18K gold chain with a solitaire diamond.



We’d like to say a huge thank you to Katie, for taking five minutes out of her busy schedule and giving us a sneak peak at the life of a runner!

Breaking news (almost) .. Get the Royal look

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, made a charity visit to Blessed Sacrament School in Islington, North London this morning. The reason behind the visit was to view the progress of M-PACT Plus, a project which helps address the difficult issue of addiction in families.
The Duchess was dressed in a gorgeous shocking pink dress designed by Goat with nude heels. Taking inspiration from the lovely Duchess, we have put together six different looks using her dress, so you can get the royal look too!

kate photo credit: Andrew Parsons

1. The  Diamond Dazzler:

Be the Diamond Dazzler, by adding a simple diamond necklace, earrings or a bracelet to this dress. Or why not go all out and add them all? The beauty of diamonds is that they don’t need to be big to be noticed. So whether you go for little diamond studs or long drop earrings, you’ll surely get noticed. We recommend wearing this diamond necklace with the dress. Its so simple and elegant, and if worn with small round, diamond studs, then there’ll be no stopping you from dazzling away.

2. The Classic Royal:

In order to get a more classic, sophisticated royal look, there’s no better accessory than pearls! Wearing a lovely freshwater pearl necklace with this dress will be perfect for an afternoon tea party or even a normal day in the office! A woman can never go wrong with pearls; especially since they’re a classic! The colour combination between the dress and the pearls is like a match made in heaven! The neckline of the dress is perfect for a round pearl necklace too!

kate 2


3. The Golden Girl:

If you’re not really a jewellery person, but will wear the odd pair of earrings or necklace to jazz up an outfit, then we’ve got the perfect pair of earrings for you! This gorgeous pair of pink Sapphire drop earrings will add the right amount of sparkle to your outfit but not too much that you look OTT! Add a gold watch or bracelet to one wrist and you’re good to go!


4. Pretty in Pink:

If you’re the typical girly girl and pink is your favourite colour, well you’ve already got the perfect dress, all you need to do now is accessorise! With this salmon pink dress you can choose your accessories in either gold or silver. We recommend these Pink Tourmaline earrings for that sweet, innocent look!


5. Perfect for the Office:

If you’re the working girl and need the perfect outfit for the office, we have the ultimate combination! The Duchesses’s pink dress is the perfect knee length, and with this pink sapphire bracelet to go with it, you’re very likely to be in-line for a promotion! Add some drop down earrings and a nude clutch and turn your office attire into an evening showcase! It’s amazing how accessorising  in the right way can ‘work’ wonders!

kate 4


6. The Rock(star) look:

Who said celebs are the only people who can wear big rings and look cool! For all you gemstone and ring lovers, we have found the ideal combination of the two so that you can look like a celebrity too!

kate 3               kate 3

Our Duchess definitely rocks her wedding ring, but till you ladies find your prince charming, how about this Multi Gem and Moonstone ring?


Let us know what look you would go for! We quite fancy ‘The Golden Girl’


For more information on Kate Middleton’s visit to the primary school along with access to the picture credits, check out  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2676324/Pretty-pink-Duchess-Cambridge-delights-school-children-charity-visit.html 



Burberry’s A/W 2014 Campaign

Today we can’t ignore Burberry’s divine A/W 2014 campaign! Shot by the legendary Mario Testino, the campaign features best buds Cara Delevigne and Suki Waterhouse, working together for the first time! The girls are joined by Malaika Firth, a rising model star, and three male models, Callum Ball, Tarun Nijjer and Oli Green (who are all pretty droolworthy).

Burbery 2

Here we not only swoon over the collection, but have handpicked some of our key pieces which we think Burberry need to know about!


To go with the purple and blue autumnal tones of Burberry’s A/W collection, we have picked this stunning amethyst ring. It might be a simple design, but that’s what makes it versatile, and you will see similar rings on the fingers of many fashionistas this autumn.

Burbery 1



The incomparable design of this diamond heart pendant makes it a real one-off as the diamonds are baguette cut, adding further interest to this unique design. It is perfect to spice up the classic Burberry trenchcoat, a staple that has seen many years of success.

Burbery 33.

Set with a mixture of fashionable black diamonds and sparkling white diamonds, an infinity link bracelet is incredibly “in” right now. It would go perfectly under Burberry’s woolly jacket this winter!

Burbery 4


To keep up with Burberry’s autumnal floral prints, a pair of earrings with a pink stone will keep things colourful. These gorgeous earrings feature unique pink sapphires which sparkle sublimely in circles of diamonds, and add a modern twist to a classic cut.

Burbery 5



Similarly to the amethyst ring, a tanzanite ring is also the perfect compliment to the autumnal floral prints that Burberry have produced this year. When you’re wearing this ring you won’t want to cover your hands with gloves!

Burbery 66.

This custom pear shaped diamond necklace is another classic that goes beautifully with the English Burberry trench. Trust us, you won’t want to cover it with your scarf. Wear on its own, or with a pair of diamond studs for a truly elegant look.

Burbery 7


To watch a video about Burberry’s A/w 2014 campaign, click here: http://www.highfashionmagazine.com/covers-spreads/burberry-reclaims-cara-delevingne-suki-waterhouse-aw-2014-44654