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10 Best Jewellery Christmas Gifts for Mum

Our list of 10 best jewellery gifts for mums. These sure-fire items have meaning, look elegant, and she will get wear out of them time and time again.

British Wedding Traditions Explained

Why do we toss the bouquet, wear a white dress, have a first dance? Here are 10 fascinating facts about the most popular wedding superstitions in the UK.

White Gold Vs Platinum

Many people ask what are the pros and cons of white gold vs platinum jewellery? Learn the difference to help you make the right choice.

what is rose gold

Rose Gold Jewellery: Everything You Need to Know

How rose gold is made, where it comes from and why it has been so fashionable throughout history.

What Is Heirloom Jewellery?

How to Build a Jewellery Collection

A 3-step guide to building a jewellery collection. Learn to choose (1) jewellery essentials, (2) statement pieces and (3) personal and trend items.

Ruby Ring Buying Advice for Your 40th Wedding Anniversary

In depth advice on ruby rings for 40th wedding anniversaries. 6 best reviewed styles, including ruby eternity rings, their meaning, benefits and examples of rings.

Diamonds: 5 Questions People Most Often Ask

Easy diamond buying. We give simple answers to 5 most asked diamond questions. Understand inclusions, quality, size, conflict-free diamonds – and how to get most sparkle.

Happy Birthday to The Queen! Her Life in Jewels

The Queen’s 90th Birthday: Her Life in Jewels

As HM Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday on 21st April, we take a nostalgic look at her wonderful jewellery.

The Meaning of Eternity Rings – Little Known Facts

The Meaning of Eternity Rings – Little Known Facts

An eternity ring symbolises a special moment in a couple’s shared journey through life. Find out 10 fascinating facts about these amazing feats of jewellery craftsmanship.