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Wearing engagement and wedding rings on which finger?

“REALLY? You wear your engagement ring that way?” On a recent visit from London to Spain, one of our Personal Shoppers was astonished to discover that women there wear their engagement rings on the fourth finger of the right hand. According to the tradition in the UK and USA, women wear their engagement rings and wedding bands on the fourth finger of her left hand. Men also wear their wedding bands the same way. After researching the topic, our colleague discovered that there are at least 7 different ways in which engagement rings are worn around the world today. What’s exciting, is that in an increasingly multicultural society it’s becoming hip to borrow exotic engagement and marriage traditions from other countries. So you don’t have to feel tied to any particular rule if you don’t want to! ENGAGEMENT RING TRADITION IN BRITAIN Traditionally in the UK and in Ireland, the man proposes to the woman with an engagement ring, which he slips onto her fourth left-hand finger, known as the ring finger. Some couples also buy a promise ring before an engagement ring. A promise ring usually symbolises the couple’s commitment to each other before engagement, or it can act as …

Spotted: MIC’s Rosie Fortescue wearing The Diamond Store!

Spotted: Rosie Fortescue wearing The Diamond Store It’s always great when we see someone of a high fashion caliber wearing our pieces. This goes without saying for the stunning Rosie Fortescue who is rocking our garnet and yellow gold ring over on her blog.  Rosie first appeared on our screens in Channel 4’s Made in Chelsea. As if we weren’t already spying on her style from the show, she has her At Fashion Forte blog which allows us to steal her fabulous style with ease… ahhh. We love Rosie’s elegant and fashion forward style. She combines great tailoring, statement necklaces, leather and mixes and matches unique fabrics to create her own street style. We’d love to raid her wardrobe! What we really want to know is, who caught a glimpse of Made in Chelsea’s Rosie Fortescue rocking our beautiful garnet flower ring? Our breath-taking garnet ring is perfect for any January baby like Rosie. The ring features a unique collection of round cut garnet gemstones which are claw set to create a flower design in …

21ct Blue Topaz And Diamond Ring – Amazing Ring!

I love this new Blue Topaz ring that we have just added to our collection….a 21ct Blue Topaz – yes 21ct is the centre piece and it sits perfectly with the white gold setting and diamonds surround.   Really the description says it all…   You can’t fail to impress her with this exceptional blue topaz ring. If she likes bold, eye-catching jewellery then she is going to fall in love with this show-stopper. The ring features an impressive 21.01CT round cut blue topaz gemstone which measures 18x16mm and is lined on either side with a collection of sparkling Premium Quality Diamonds weighing a total of 0.11CT   All in all an amazing ring and we can make it in ANY SIZE!   Watch the video below and then you can read more about the ring here – View The Ring.    

White Gold Baguette Channel Set Ring

White gold baguette channel set rings are stunning.  You can use them as eternity rings either a full or a half, or even as an engagement ring.  There are so many designs to choose from, so I have just selected a few of my personal favorites.  If you go to The Diamond Store Website, click on rings and at the side you can search by shape of stone and the setting.  Baguette is the shape of the stone and Channel is the type of setting.  Put the two together and you have a beautiful combination, .a Baguette Channel Set Ring.   Here are some White Gold Baguette Channel Set Half Eternity Rings.                         Here are some of my favourite Full Eternity Baguette Channel Set White Gold Rings                           If you are buying a Baguette Channel Set Ring as a present and would like some more advice or just another opinion, you can …