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Cheap Blue Sapphire Pendant

18K White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Pendant

Yesterday I had some friends over for lunch and instantly I noticed her  necklace.  Id never seen her wear it before.  It was a blue sapphire, diamond cluster pendant.  It was absolutely beautiful.  What it made me realize was how much a certain gemstone colour close to the face can really bring the colour of your eyes out.


My friend has blonde hair and blue eyes and this blue sapphire and diamond pendant not only sparkled amazingly itself but made her eyes sparkle just as much.


This particular Blue Sapphire & Diamond Pendant is 18k white gold with 0.10ct of diamonds.  There are lots more to choose from on The Diamond Store Website.  For more Cheap Blue Sapphire Pendants.




18K White Gold Diamond and Tanzanite Cluster Pendant 0.21ct


Or, you may prefer this shade of blue which you may be surprised to learn isn´t actually Blue Sapphire but a Tanzanite & Diamond Pendant.  The colour is also beautiful and maybe, depending on the shade of preference, skin colour and eyes, you may choose Tanzanite over Sapphire.    Some people are set on certain gemstones, either sapphire, emerald, ruby etc, but maybe different shades of other gemstones will work better.


Obviously, gemstones colour will look different from the Internet to being in your hand.  So wherever you buy from, do check that you can get a refund if the colour is what you expected.  The Diamond Store do offer a full refund on pendants should you decide that its not right for you.


For more Cheap Tanzanite Pendants look here.


Bowling Pendant – Bowling Pin Jewellery

9K Gold Diamond Bowling Pin Pendant (0.02ct)This Bowling Pin Pendant is  will make a fantastic Birthday Present for any one that loves bowling.  It could be for a man or a woman and maybe change the change for a slightly thicker one should it be for a man.


This Bowling Pin Necklace  is just £105.00 (at time of writing post) and  9K Yellow Gold.  It also has 0.02ct of premium quality diamonds in Channel Setting.    Its such a perfect gift.  Should  the recipient not like the gift, don’t worry, The Diamond Store offer a full refund.


Also if you order the Bowling Pin Pendant, it will be delivered gift boxed and free of charge.




Yacht Brooches – Yacht Jewellery

For any sailors out there, The Diamond Store have these beautiful pieces of jewellery perfect for anyone yacht lover.    When buying a present for someone, whether its an Anniversary present, Birthday present or Christmas present, its lovely to receive something that has that special touch, that personal touch.




This stunning Diamond Yacht Pendant is 9k Yellow Gold with 0.05ct of Premium Quality Diamonds in a Claw Setting.  For the latest price, click on the picture.






18K Gold Diamond Yacht Brooch - PendantThis Yacht Pendant is quite a lot more expensive that the Yacht Pendant above because not only is it a pendant but also a brooch.  This is a stunning 18k Yellow Gold Pendant in Pave Setting and 0.75 carats of H/si quality Diamonds.  For the latest price click on the picture.


If you are unsure of what sort of present to buy or have any questions, feel free to contact the customer services department who can help you.






Guitar Brooch – Diamond Guitar Brooches

Looking for a really special gift for someone whose passion is the Guitar? What better than these stunning diamond Guitar Brooch.  All 3 of these Diamond Guitar Brooches are 18k Gold in a Pave Setting with 1carat of H/si quality Diamonds.        There are 3 brooches to choose from either Diamond & Sapphire, Diamond & Emerald or Diamond & Ruby.    Not only is this a stunning brooch but its also a pendant which is a great idea.


18K Gold Pave Diamond and Emerald Guitar Brooch - Pendant18K Gold Pave Diamond and Ruby Guitar Brooch - Pendant18K Gold Pave Diamond and Sapphire Guitar Brooch - Pendant


The Diamond Store offers a 5 year guarantee and  postage and packing is free.  The jewellery comes in a beautiful gift box ready to give.    If you are thinking of buying a brooch and have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service department where someone will be more than happy to help with your decision.



Jane McDonald Necklace – Jane Loose Women Necklace

Jane McDonald Necklace


If you are watching Loose Women today, your eyes may be drawn to the Heart Necklace that Jane McDonald is wearing today.  It looks like a Diamond Heart Pave Necklace.  Its beautiful, I absolutely love it and its something that you could wear every day or just for special occasions.











18K White Gold Pave Diamond Cluster Heart Pendant

Heart Pave Pendant

Heart Pendant 0.50CT Diamond 9K White Gold

Heart Pave Necklace




















The first heart pave necklace (No.1)  is this magnificent Diamond Heart Pendant which at the time of writing this post is on sale for £919.00 in 18K White Gold. Pave setting. 0.50CT of Premium Quality Diamonds.  The second heart pave pendant (No.2) is on sale £469.00 at the time of writing this post.  It is 9k white gold in pave setting of 0.50ct of Premium Quality Diamonds.


All jewellery is gift boxed and postage is free.  There are a whole range of these Heart Pave Necklaces .  Just look here or search Pave in the search box.

Clown Pendant – Clown Necklace

9K Gold Diamond and Ruby Clown PendantIts one of your friends birthday, or a family member´s birthday coming up.  They love clowns.  What better could you buy than this gorgeous 9k Gold Clown Pendant or Clown Necklace with Diamonds & Ruby.  I always think it nice sometimes clubbing together, and buying one good present rather than lots of little ones.  This would certainly be a present they wouldn´t forget.


This is such a beautiful piece of jewellery for something that collects everything to do with clowns.  There is even a Moving Clown Ring.  There are lots of other novelty pendants on the website, just search in the search box above.


All jewellery from the diamond store has free postage and packaging and is presented in a beautiful gift box.