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10 Best Valentine's Jewellery Gifts Under £150

♥ 10 Best Valentine’s Jewellery Gifts Under £150 ♥

Take a look at our 10 best Valentine’s jewellery gifts under £150. Based on popularity and top customer reviews, these are perfect gifts for February 14th.

Amethyst – February Birthstone Meaning

What is the meaning of amethyst? As February’s birthstone it is also the official gemstone of Valentine’s Day. Read all about its lore, beauty and meaning.

Our 10 Best Engagement Rings of 2016

Our 10 Best Engagement Rings of 2016

Based on customer reviews and popularity, we present you with our 10 best engagement rings of 2016. We hope they inspire you to find your own perfect ring.

Garnet – January Birthstone Meaning

Discover the meaning, lore, history and facts behind garnet, January birthstone. Where its from and why its crystals are compared to pomegranate seeds?

Winter Bridal Look

How to Create a Winter Bridal Look

Guide to creating a beautiful winter bridal look. Winter 2017 hottests trends, tips and inspiration. Dress, accessories, flowers, jewellery and more.

Discover the Best Engagement Ring Style for Your Hand

Discover the best engagement ring style for your hand. View 6 different hand types – and find a matching ring design that flatters your hand the most.

Tanzanite – December Birthstone Meaning

Tanzanite is the rarest gem on earth, you can only find it in one place by Mount Kilimanjaro. This gem is best known for its unusual blue-violet shimmer.

10 Best Jewellery Gifts for Mum

Our list of 10 best jewellery gifts for mums. These sure-fire items have meaning, look elegant, and she will get wear out of them time and time again.

11 Best Winter Proposal Ideas

11 tried and tested winter proposal ideas for snowy romance, Christmas and New Year. You cannot go wrong if you pop the question with one of these!

The Halloween Edit: Black Diamonds

Welcome to our Halloween jewellery edit. Black diamonds & symbolic jewels. Stunning pieces you can wear all year round, not just on October 31st.