Free Worldwide Delivery For June 2011

Great news! we are please to offer FREE worldwide delivery on all orders over £250.00.

This offer is valid for ANY order made during the month of June 2011.

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UK Jewellery Awards 2011

Updated 16th May 2011 – The Diamond Store are finalists at the 2011 UK Jewellery Awards, fingers crossed! See Below….

Wow, after what feels like a life time we have finally submitted our entry into the 2011 UK Jewellery Awards….

Last year we were finalists so fingers crossed we can go one better this year and win…we have entered the category E-Tailer Of The Year 2011.

It’s much harder than you would think to put a good entry together but it’s a good experience and it really makes you appreciate the hard work that the team here have put in over the last 12 months…

I will update this post once the finalists are announced in a month or so!

16th May 2011

Below is a complete list of all the finalists and different categories at the 2011 UK Jewellery Awards…

Retail Star of the year Sponsored by Jolyon Marshall Ltd

  • Andrew Pass, John Pass Jewellers
  • Brian Bailey, Fraser Hart
  • Julie Bryan, Fraser Hart
  • Lorraine Currie, Beaverbrooks
  • Mark Houghton, Fraser Hart, York
  • Peter Elliott, Beaverbrooks

Jewellery Designer of the year

  • Ana de Costa Fine Jewellery
  • Bjørg Design
  • Bobby White
  • Fei Liu Fine Jewellery
  • Alexander Davis Jewellery
  • SHO Fine Jewellery
  • Tomasz Donocik London
  • William Cheshire

Business Initiative of the Year

  • Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Design
  • Holition
  • VFM Consulting

Jewellery Etailer of the Year

  • Blacklock Jewellery
  • Monica Vinader
  • ROX Diamond & Watch Specialists
  • The Diamond
  • The Watch Hut
  • Unforgettable Moments

Catwalk Jewels of the Year Sponsored by Swarovski

  • Gilda’s Tryst
  • Gisele Ganne
  • Jianhui London
  • Manik Mercian
  • Trisori

Platinum Bridal Collection Sponsored by Platinum Guild

  • Charles Green and Son
  • David Roberts
  • Dennis & Lavery
  • Domino
  • Sarah Jordan
  • Sharman D Neill

Italian Jewels of the Year

  • Capossela Creazioni
  • Danila Tarcinale
  • Luxor GioielliI
  • Pellicioli Jewellery Design
  • Rosalba Balsamo
  • Trisori
  • Vernissage

Boutique Retailer of the Year

  • Branch on the park
  • Brazen Studios
  • Catherine Jones Jewellery
  • EC One
  • Gilda’s Tryst
  • Simon Pure

Retail Employer of the Year Sponsored by Pursuit Software Ltd

  • Beaverbrooks The Jewellers
  • Jeremy France Jewellers
  • Peter Jackson the Jeweller

Independent Retailer of the year

  • Jeremy France Jewellers
  • John Greed Jewellery
  • Keanes Jewellers
  • Rox Watch and Diamond Specialists
  • Stefffans
  • Timothy Roe Fine Jewellery

New Designer of the year

  • Akong London
  • FSAugusta
  • Gisele Ganne
  • Katie Rowland Jewellery
  • Leblas
  • Magnus & Bella

Multiple Retailer of the Year Sponsored by Clogau Gold

  • Beaverbrooks The Jewellers
  • Fraser Hart
  • Hugh Rice Jewellers
  • Peter Jackson the Jeweller

Supplier of the year Sponsored by T.H. March

  • Citizen Watch UK
  • Domino
  • Gecko Trading
  • IBB Amsterdam BV
  • Sharman D Neill
  • The Dreyfuss Group

Jewellery Brand of the year

  • Aagaard
  • Babette Wasserman
  • Chamilia Europe
  • Chaos
  • Charming by TiSento
  • Domino
  • Kit Heath
  • Lola Rose Jewellery
  • Molly Brown London
  • Ti Sento

Watch Brand of the year

  • Bremont
  • Bulova
  • Casio UK
  • Citizen Watch UK
  • Gc
  • Mondaine

Palladium Finally Gets The Stamp of Approval

The Newly Hallmarked Palladium Creates Beautiful Wedding Rings at The Diamond Store

The Newly Hallmarked Palladium Creates Beautiful Wedding Rings at The Diamond Store


Palladium finally became recognised as a precious metal when on July 22nd 2009 hallmarking for the bright, white metal came into effect. The hope is that this move will encourage further consumer confidence in palladium which has already enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity.


 First discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston, palladium was named after the asteroid Pallas which in turn derived its name from the Greek goddes Pallas Athena. As a result it is a depiction of this goddess of war which is used as a voluntary traditional mark for hallmarked palladium. The different standards of palladium fineness will be measured as 500 parts per thousand, 950 parts per thousand and 999 parts per thousand.


As one of the platinum group metals, palladium shares the same chemical properties as platinum which gives it its’ lustrous colour and tarnish-free surface. However because it is less dense with a lower melting point, it is cheaper. This means that jewellery consumers fond of platinum but not the prices have in palladium the perfect alternative, which thanks to the new hallmarking now comes with the industry’s seal of approval.


The Diamond Store have been using palladium for some time to create beautiful woman’s wedding rings and men’s wedding rings and welcome the hallmarking which will help to encourage public awareness of this splendid metal.

Why is Jewellery Hallmarked in the UK?

Put simply, gold, silver and platinum jewellery in the UK is hallmarked to ensure its’ quality giving the consumer confidence that the article they are buying is what it says it is. In fact hallmarking is the earliest consumer protection law dating back to 1300. Today hallmarking is controlled by the Hallmark Act 1973 (last amendments made in 1998) and the UK is one of the few countries in the world where this is compulsory for every item of jewellery sold, regardless of the location it was manufactured in.
When precious metals are used in jewellery, they are almost always combined with other metals, such as copper, in order to make them stronger and more durable. It is in this alloy that unethical jewellers can potentially make extra profit as they use a greater percentage of the base metal compared to the precious metal, instead of the other way round. This is incredibly difficult to work out by touch or sight alone and requires sophisticated testing to be employed by what are known as Assay Offices. 
In the UK their are only four Assay offices situated in Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Sheffield. There each metal undergoes a different, yet equally rigorous, process of testing followed by hallmarking once the correct level of fineness has been established. The hallmark consists of three basic symbols and is added either by hand operated or hydraulic presses or by laser, depending on the style of the jewellery. The three compulsory symbols comprise of the sponsor’s mark, the fineness mark (which tells you the karat) and the mark of the assay office where the hallmarking took place. 
As well as protecting the consumer, it also protects merchants ensuring that they all must meet a standard level of quality.