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A Sparkling Emerald Cut Citrine & Diamond White Gold Ring

As we have been hit by some of that very famous British fog… a little something to brighten up the day! This alluring diamond and citrine ring demands attention with its bold and unique design. The citrine’s sunny hues sparkle amazingly against its surrounding diamond. This ring could make a wonderful birthday gift, or better yet – a breath taking Christmas gift. <a href=”

Engagement Rings under 500

There is a lot of pressure when thinking of getting engaged.  The biggest pressure is The Engagement Ring.  We all see these people on our TV´s getting engagement with huge fancy rings costing the earth.  But in reality, we can’t all afford these big diamonds.  There are lots of debates of how much a man should spend on an Engagement Ring, but at the end of the day, the decision is yours.   Engagement Rings can be a Diamond Engagement Ring or your girlfriend may have mentioned that she would love a Ruby Engagement Ring, Emerald Engagement Ring or even a Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring like The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine.   Here are just a few beautiful rings that can be Engagement Rings for under 500.     Here are some diamond engagement rings under 500 which I think is amazing.  The last 2 look far more expensive!   All these beautiful rings come in a beautiful gift box and bag  and postage is free too.  Most rings are returnable, so if she …

Yellow Sapphire Ring

  Just look at this stunning Yellow Sapphire Ring  What does it say to you? To me it says, summer, sun, happy, fresh.  I have a huge yellow gemstone ring and find myself wearing it every summer.  Its like a little pick-me-up.   Wear with a little yellow top or flowery dress with yellow in it, or just team with a Yellow Sapphire Necklace or yellow costume jewellery and I promise you, you will look and feel great.   Not everyone can wear yellow, so do choose carefully.   It can look very different on skin tones.  But deciding if you buy Yellow Sapphire on Yellow Gold or White Gold will make a huge difference. This ring above is one of the most expensive 18k Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Ring.       Here are some cheaper Yellow Sapphire Rings     I love this set here of Yellow Sapphire Ring & Yellow Sapphire Huggy Earrings on white gold.  I think its such a simple design, there really is no reason why someone would´t like …

New Gemstone Full Eternity Rings Collection

We are sooo excited….we have just launched our new collection of gem set full band eternity rings.The gemstones (ruby, emerald or sapphire) really add another dimension to these rings….they are also a perfect match for someone who has a gemstone engagement ringWe have started off with a range of 5 different styles and the three most popular gemstones, emeralds, sapphires and rubies…we may expand on this in the future so watch this space. All the rings are available in 18K white gold and we offer a choice of sparkling H/si or G/vs diamonds…and we can make these rings in any size, no restrictions on that….as with our existing range of eternity rings it really allows you to customize the ring and make it exactly how you want it. If you want one for Christmas please be quick…these rings normally take us 2 – 3 weeks to make and whilst we are quicker at Christmas time we are running out of time…. You can view the complete range of rings here…Gemstone Full Eternity Rings  

Ruby Rings – Ruby Birthstone Selling Well In June/July

I was just looking through the jewellery we have sold over the last 6 weeks and was pleasently surprised to see that Rubies were selling well. OK, fair enough Ruby is the birthstone for Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd) but with such a fuss about the royal engagement ring I thought that rubies were going to get completely over shadowed this year by Sapphires. However, things have held up well over the last 6 weeks and we have sold a lot more rubies this year than for the same time last year, thats for sure. Rings are by far and away te most popular gift, followed by earrings and pendants. Here is a link this summers best selling ruby ring and our most popular ruby earrings.  Here is a link to my favourite ruby ring, such a beautiful centre ruby that is perfectly complimented by stunning, sparkling diamonds…. We sell ruby jewellery from a little as £59.00 and here are some direct links into the most popular “ruby” pages on The Diamond Store…if you’re too late for a …

New Gemstone Eternity Ring Styles

THESE RINGS CAN NOW BE VIEWED BY CLICKING HERE We have always been proud of the extensive range of Diamond Eternity Rings that we offer, in total there are currently something like 600 combinations if you look at the different diamond qualities, white gold, yellow gold, full band / half band variations etc. That’s not to mention the fact that each ring can be made in anyone of 40 different finger sizes….wow I am exhausted just typing this….. Anyway, one of the questions we were getting asked a lot was whether we could modify the rings by adding different gemstones etc. Well, we listened and something we have been working hard on is a range of new gemstone full and half band eternity rings (like the ring in this image!). This always takes longer than I want but we should be ready to offer these rings in the next couple of months…all the main gemstones will be on offer, Ruby, Emerald, Tanzanites & Sapphires etc Watch this space….