What is the Meaning Behind Garnet – January’s Birthstone?

Garnet_birthstone_meaning_thediamondstoreIF you were born in January, then garnet is your birthstone. Garnet birthstones are said to bring you luck, love and health.

But what’s the meaning behind garnet? What is it made of? Where does it come from? Find out all about this fascinating, fiery gemstone below.

Myth, history and lore
Garnet is a legendary and royal precious stone. In Egypt, archaeologists have discovered garnet amulets in the tombs of pharaohs. In Rome, it was typical for noble patriarchs to have carved signet rings made from garnet. They’d use these to stamp the wax seals on important letters and documents. The ancient Persians only allowed their kings to own and wear garnets.

vsC3674Birthstone meaning 
As the birthstone for January, garnet is said to inspire love, passion, loyalty and friendship. Its fiery sparkle and symbolism make it a perfect gift for January birthdays and romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day. It is also the gem traditionally gifted on 2nd and 18th wedding anniversaries.

8th century garnet and gold sword hilt fitting – Photo by Daniel Buxton, Birmingham Museum, Courtesy of Wikipedia.com

Garnet myths from around the world:

♦ During the time of the Roman Empire, many believed that garnets could protect travellers. If a garnet glinted and sparkled, it was as a warning of approaching danger.

♦ The Chinese said the red garnet represented a tiger’s soul, having transformed into a precious gem after the animal’s death.

♦ The Navajo Indians in Utah, USA, also used garnets as adornments that could bring luck and protection.

garnet_meaning_birthston_thediamondstoreWhat colour is it?
Garnets are formed from not just one, but many different kinds of silicate minerals. That’s why they occur naturally in a range of colours, although the best known variety is red garnet. Red garnet usually comes in red-orange, red-brown or purple hues. Garnets are known for their captivating sparkle, referred to as “fire”. This effect is at its best in soft lighting, like candles.

How hard is garnet?
Garnet ranks 6.5 – 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. To give you an idea, diamonds rate 10 and talc only scores 1. Although garnet is fairly durable, it is a crystal and should always be handled with care. Avoid knocks and store it away from harder gems that could scratch it.

Why the name?
The gemstone’s name comes from the Latin word “granatus”, meaning “seeds”. Clusters of garnet crystals resemble the red seeds inside a pomegranate. Here you can see pomegranate seeds on the left and garnet crystals on the right.

pomegranate_garnet_birthstone_meaning  garnet_crystals_birthstone_meaning

Where is it found?
Garnet deposits are found all over the world. Some of the biggest mines are in India, Africa, South America and Russia.

10527Celebrity birthstone garnets
Before she got engaged to Prince William, Catherine Middleton often wore a pearl and garnet gold ring. The press frequently speculated whether it was a gift from Prince William. Garnet is the Duchess’ birthstone, born on 8th January.

Buying garnet jewellery
Red garnet is a very affordable and beautiful gem. It naturally occurs as big, clear crystals. Its the perfect choice for large, showstopping jewellery pieces. If garnet is your birthstone, it will always hold special significance for you. For that reason alone, it’s worth including in your jewellery collection.

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Simply Sapphire – Sapphire Jewellery & Who Looks Great

Its already September! Which means its Sapphire’s turn to be the gemstone of the month! We have chosen five celebs which wore the Sapphire the best and have rated them out of 10 on our fire chart of smoking hot celebs.

1) First we have Jennifer Hudson, who wore this blue Sapphire gown at the Oscars. We have given Jennifer a 6 on our fire chart!


2) Our second celebrity is Jessica Lowndes, who wore this low-cut Sapphire gown to the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards. We have rated Jessica a 7 on our hot fire chart.



3) Our third celebrity or should we say royal, is the Duchess- Kate Middleton. Kate wore a knee length Sapphire dress to match her gorgeous Sapphire engagement ring. We have rated her an 8 on our fire chart of hot celebs.


4) Our penultimate celebrity is Jessica Stam. She wore this blue Sapphire sheer gown which was teamed with a floral lace underneath to the 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards. We have given Jessica a firey 9!

jessica stan

5) Our final Celebrity is Blake Lively. She wore this stunning gown to the MET Gala in 2009. She definitely deserves a 10 from us! Way to go Blake!


 We have also chosen our top ‘phiring’ hot blue Sapphire’s from The Diamond Store.


 price of the necklace is at the time this article was written.


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Gorgeous gemstones

Gorgeous gemstones

Gemstones are just as beautiful as diamonds. The ever popular gemstones for jewellery such as sapphire, amethyst and ruby seem to overshadow other gemstones that are just as stunning. At The Diamond Store we hold a gorgeous selection of gemstone jewellery that covers the most popular to the lesser known.

Pink tourmaline is a gorgeous gemstone that is usually seen in a pastel pink hue, very similar to pink sapphire. It’s delicate and understated in it’s appearance and looks elegant as part of a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings. Definitely a gemstone that deserves more recognition!

Opal is much more well known than pink tourmaline but definitely not worn enough. Opal has such a classic look about it, it’s perfect for those who love a vintage buy and is certain to insure a stunning look. Opal looks beautiful when set by itself or set with diamonds and other gemstones.

Turquoise jewellery is wonderful for those who love to make a statement and be bold with their fashion and jewellery accessories! It has a very mediterranean feel about it due to its colour and the way it is cut is usually rounded, similar to the jewellery that you would find in the mediterranean, beautiful.

Which gemstone is your favourite?

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London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week takes place during October and London’s night life comes into its own. The best in London’s mixing and bar skills showcase their skills at a number of bars. There are pop up bars, master classes, shops getting involved and more. If you fancy getting involved at home, why not! Invite a few friends round and make your own cocktails. Below we’ve picked out our favourite cocktails, given you the recipe and matched up one of our stunning cocktail rings just for good measure! Continue reading

Celebrate August with the Peridot birthstone

Celebrate August with the Peridot birthstone

The most common question we hear is, what is peridot? Peridot is actually the birthstone for August but is so unusual and actually very rare. Any lady with a passion for bold and unique jewellery will love our dazzling peridot collection with many pieces incorporating diamonds to really make the citrus lime colour pop.

Peridot 8mm and Diamond Earrings £389

Peridot  and Diamond Earrings £389

Peridot 8mm and Diamond Necklace £239

Peridot and Diamond Necklace £239

Peridot 1.54ct ring £245

Peridot and Diamond Ring £245

Peridot Fact File

  • The word Peridot is derived from the Greek word “faridat ” which means “gem”. The peridot (pronounced pear-a-doe) is a pale green variety of chrysolite and used as a gemstone
  • Peridot is the birthstone for August
  • It signifies a 16th wedding anniversary
  • Dating back 4000 years, the tiny St. John’s Island (now known as the Egyptian island of Zabargard) is documented as the very first source of Peridot.
  • According to folklore, Peridot is thought to bring good luck and peace to the wearer.
  • Peridot is considered one of the more affordable green stones available however generally, darker versions of the stone are more expensive

Our in-house Stylist has selected the perfect outfit to team with Peridot accessories. She tells us:

The luminous green that is a Peridot stone, is completely on trend. Teaming Peridot accessories with a black, white or grey, monochrome outfit is a must for this season however, if you want something a little more subtle, team with denim or neautrals. I love this smart-casual blazer look.

Is your birthstone Peridot? How would you wear it and what is your favourite piece?

Tanzanite Jewellery Edit

Jewellery Highlight: Tanzanite

Tanzanite is an extraordinary gemstone. It occurs in only one place worldwide. Making it incredibly special. Tanzanite’s colour is what is so unique, its mixture of sea and pastel blue is surrounded by a captivating purple aura.

Tanzanite and Diamond Necklace £159

Tanzanite and Diamond Necklace £159

Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings £279

Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings £279

Tanzanite and Diamond Ring £349

Tanzanite and Diamond Ring £349

Tanzanite Fact File:

  • Did you know that the gemmological correct name for Tanzanite is ‘blue zoisite’ but it was felt to be too close to the English word ‘suicide’.
  • The name ‘Tanzanite’ comes from the place where they were first found.
  • Tanzanite is the birthstone for December
  • Tanzanite is deemed a ‘modern’ gemstone
  • The stone is particularly highly prized because it is found in only one place in the whole world.
  • It was discovered  in 1967, and was celebrated by the specialists as the ‘gemstone of the 20th century’.

Our in-house stylist recommends some great outfit combinations for your Tanzanite jewellery.

Tanzanite is such a stunning colour with its mixture of both blue and purple. Let your jewellery do the talking by teaming it with neutral colours and a lot of white. You could also team the jewellery with varying shades of blue for a monochromatic look. Take this pale blue embellished cami which would look great with denim jeans. My favourite combination however is the orange, cut out dress. Perfect with tan wedges for a summer look!

Do you like Tanzanite stones? What would you wear it with?

A Sparkling Emerald Cut Citrine & Diamond White Gold Ring

As we have been hit by some of that very famous British fog… a little something to brighten up the day!

This alluring diamond and citrine ring demands attention with its bold and unique design. The citrine’s sunny hues sparkle amazingly against its surrounding diamond. This ring could make a wonderful birthday gift, or better yet – a breath taking Christmas gift.

<a href=”http://www.thediamondstore.co.uk/citrine-289ct-and-diamond-9k-white-gold-ring-p20252c268.cfm