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The Meaning of Eternity Rings – Little Known Facts

Originally posted on The Diamond Store Magazine:
THE ultimate romantic gift, a mind blowing feat in jewellery craftsmanship, and a ring with a spellbinding history… Whichever way you look at eternity rings, they’re true marvels of physics, design, beauty and skillful expertise. But do you know the many curious facts and real meaning behind them? ? 1. Ancient Egyptians invented them In Old Egyptian hieroglyphics, from around 2000-1800 BC, the circle represented eternity. Egyptians also believed that marriage was a bond so strong it was uninterrupted by death. The ring represented this magical union between two people. In tombs, archeologists have uncovered many simple rings made from carved bone or beads, as well as elaborate metal and gemstone wedding bands. 2. Symbols of lasting love and commitment The idea of an eternity ring is that of a continuous circle which can never be broken. Made with precious metals, diamonds and gemstones that go all around the ring, they represent everlasting love – and everything it can endure. 3. Bought for romantic occasions Eternity rings are usually given at special times…

Diamond Jubilee Hallmark – On Diamond Store Jewellery

  Hallmarks are compulsory marks branded into precious metal to show who made the item, its standard of quality and the Assay Office where it was quality tested and marked.   A hallmark is the reassurance of quality and give customers the peace of mind that they are investing in a quality piece of jewellery which has been tested to ensure it conforms to all standards of metal purity.   2012 is the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. To celebrate the Queens service of 60 years, the UK Assay Offices have created a special commemorative hallmark.   The Diamond Store will be offering this unique, historic, collectable hallmark on all our Full Eternity Rings     After engagement rings, eternity rings are the most coveted jewellery as the circle of precious stones represents one person’s eternal love for another. Eternity rings are traditionally given to mark special occasions in a couple’s life such as significant anniversaries, the birth of a child or milestone birthdays. Diamonds feature in many of the eternity rings as they …

Interesting Facts About Eternity Rings

The endless or eternal loop of the eternity ring has always represented eternal love and commitment, the origin of which can be traced back as far as 4000BC. To accentuate the theme of two lives forever intertwined, many eternity rings are multi stranded or plaited. Some designs take the form of a snake swallowing its own tail.   One traditional reason for giving or receiving an eternity ring is the birth of the first child. This is one way that men can empathise and show support for the pain and discomfort their partner has endured during the process of childbirth.   Eternity rings are also given to mark anniversaries and milestone birthfays and can either be worn alongside the wedding and engagement ring or can be used to replace the wedding ring.  

White Gold Baguette Channel Set Ring

White gold baguette channel set rings are stunning.  You can use them as eternity rings either a full or a half, or even as an engagement ring.  There are so many designs to choose from, so I have just selected a few of my personal favorites.  If you go to The Diamond Store Website, click on rings and at the side you can search by shape of stone and the setting.  Baguette is the shape of the stone and Channel is the type of setting.  Put the two together and you have a beautiful combination, .a Baguette Channel Set Ring.   Here are some White Gold Baguette Channel Set Half Eternity Rings.                         Here are some of my favourite Full Eternity Baguette Channel Set White Gold Rings                           If you are buying a Baguette Channel Set Ring as a present and would like some more advice or just another opinion, you can …

5 Stone Eternity Ring

When thinking about buying an eternity ring, it´s quite important to consider a few things about the person you are buying it for.  Will it be a diamond ring that will be worn every day or just worn on special occasions.  Are they quite a heavy handed person and use their hands a lot during their work?  It´s important, because eternity rings are beautiful delicate rings, and some people love full eternity rings, some people like half eternity rings and some peoples preference is a 5 stone eternity ring, and there is a right ring for each person.   Having had a browse through some of the 5 stone eternity rings that The Diamond Store have for sale, they really are quite nice.  I have never really noticed how many stones are in each ring.  I just thought it was either full or half.  But 5 is a nice odd number and personally I always feel that odd numbers look better when it comes to stones, i.e 1, 3, 5 etc.   5 Stone Eternity …

3 Stone Engagement Rings

What does a 3 stone engagement ring mean?  Well it is meant to represent the past, present and future.  Lately a few celebrities have received 3 stone engagement rings…it maybe for the symbolic reason of their past, present and future, or maybe they are just greedy buggers!    Madonna was given a 3 stone engagement ring by Guy Ritchie.  the popular Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey have already recived a 3 stone engagement ring, which Im sure will not be their last.  The Engagement Ring Business sure does seem to do well within the Celebrity World. One week engagement and married, the next, the marriage is being annulled.   3 Stone Engagement Rings are also popular as anniversary presents.  But like I have mentioned before on The Diamond Store News, there are no set rules and you can use any ring for whichever occasion you want nowadays.  There is not wrong or right, it´s about you, what you like and what you want.                       I …

New Gemstone Full Eternity Rings Collection

We are sooo excited….we have just launched our new collection of gem set full band eternity rings.The gemstones (ruby, emerald or sapphire) really add another dimension to these rings….they are also a perfect match for someone who has a gemstone engagement ringWe have started off with a range of 5 different styles and the three most popular gemstones, emeralds, sapphires and rubies…we may expand on this in the future so watch this space. All the rings are available in 18K white gold and we offer a choice of sparkling H/si or G/vs diamonds…and we can make these rings in any size, no restrictions on that….as with our existing range of eternity rings it really allows you to customize the ring and make it exactly how you want it. If you want one for Christmas please be quick…these rings normally take us 2 – 3 weeks to make and whilst we are quicker at Christmas time we are running out of time…. You can view the complete range of rings here…Gemstone Full Eternity Rings