The man’s guide to picking an Engagement Ring..

Buying an engagement ring seems like a simple thing to do.. you just see a ring you think she’ll like and buy it, right? How hard can it be? However,  if you have just started or are already midway through the process or have been through it, you will know that the reality is very different. Not only is this likely to be the most expensive jewellery purchase you ever make BUT the ring stands as an eternal symbol of everything you share with this person. As if that wasn’t enough pressure already, but you do only get one chance to get it right… hopefully. So in order to make your experience less traumatic we have put a little guide together for you to help you pick the perfect engagement ring.

1) Trust your instincts: 

This is a very important purchase, probably the most important purchase you’ll ever make, and so it should be treated with the respect and careful consideration it deserves. The first thing to remember is to not let it detract from the magic of the occasion. The moment is about the both of you and you’re together for a reason, so through all the advice and tips you’ve picked up, let your own instincts still be the primary influence. The ring that is chosen becomes a part of the scene and therefore has sentimental value attached to it, and so most women are reluctant to part with.

2) Know your budget:

Typically the myth is that you should spend an average of about two or three months salary on a ring. Never forget that you will only be buying this once, so buy the best that you can afford. To find the best value for your money, the Internet is your best bet as prices can be as much as 60 percent below high street retailers. If you have seen something you like on the high street for £2000 though and then find its equivalent on line for £1000, don’t settle for that one. Buy to the top of your budget and get a ring twice as good.

3) Style matters:

From the size of the diamond to the colour of the metal, there are many factors to consider when choosing the ring style. If you’re intending to surprise your partner then look at what her friends and family are wearing because it will give you a rough guide of what she will be expecting and what you ideally have to better. It may be an idea to consult her good friends, they may know her taste.
Remember to coordinate the ring to the person, as a huge stone won’t look good on a very dainty hand, and keep their character in mind. Most importantly pay attention to her, because the chances are that she would have hinted the kind of ring she wants.

4) The four C’s:

These are colour, clarity, cut and carat and are used to categorise and grade the diamond. For most people, the most important factor is finding a balance between quality and size. Ultimately you have to decide what has priority and realise that if you want a bigger diamond, you may well have to sacrifice a little on quality and vice-versa, depending on your budget.

5) The ring size:

This can be tricky because it is difficult to do without giving the game away. Again it is a question of asking friends and family if they
know or getting one of her rings measured if she already wears one her finger. You could always take a leap of faith and guess and then have the ring re-sized after the event, but this is easier if the estimate is close to the actual size.

 6) Choosing a jeweller:

A. One of the first things you need to look for are affiliations to trade organisations such as the British Jewellers Association, which has a high codes of ethics that members must stipulate to.
B. When buying online, search for independent reviews by previous customers as these are a great seal of approval. A good website should also have a customer testimonial section where they get to showcase feedback from their customers..
C. Check for guarantees as you want to know if there are any problems you are covered, such as the 5 year guarantee.
D. It’s important to find out what the returns policy of the company is because if she doesn’t like the ring (or Heaven forbid she says no), you need to know that you can get your money back.
E. Make sure there is an independent certification of the diamond. It costs and adds to the price of the ring, but is worth it as the certificate is like a stamp of legitimacy to say that the diamond is of the quality advertised.
F. You need a detailed receipt as it may be crucial for any future insurance claim.

7) Buying online vs Buying on the high street:

There’s no doubt that buying online can take a lot of the romance out of the process as there’s an element of occasion in visiting a high street store. It can be enjoyable to go into a jeweller with your girlfriend and be spoilt and pampered and made a fuss of, but the savings that can be made outweigh the opportunity to sit on a fluffy white sofa. Someone is paying for that service and ultimately it’s you. Some websites that offer cheaper prices may have to import the diamonds which means you could be lumbered with duty fees on top of the quoted price and VAT. Also if there’s a fault with the diamond it can be a logistical nightmare as it has to be returned to the source. Be sure to check this before continuing with your purchase. Beware of retailers selling comparable advertised grades for unrealistically low prices, if its sounds too cheap, it is usually for a reason…

We hope this guide will useful to all of you waiting to pop the question and will help you enjoy your experience! For more information and inspiration visit

Cheryl Cole’s Engagement Ring – How Much – How Big?

Cheryl Cole has been sweeping the headlines this morning regarding her secret marriage to the French restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini. The couple tied the knot on the 7th of July on a beach on the Island of Mustique, after just THREE months of dating. What a quick mover CC!

Celebrities at the Firehouse Club, London, Britain - 30 May 2014

We’ve been swamped for requests for her  gorgeous engagement ring, so we had to quickly figure out what size she was sparkling!

The two main questions we have had….what is the value of cheryl cole’s engagement ring and how big is the diamond in the ring?

We have estimated that the centre diamond is Emerald Cut and is approximately 5CT and is a G/Vs quality diamond! The Trapezoid Side Diamonds are approximately 1.50ct and are set in platinum. We wouldn’t put past the value of this beautiful ring to about £275,000. Cheryl is definitely one lucky girl, who would turn this down?


cheryl cole ring

Her wedding band looks is a diamond studded band, which is almost identical to our Platinum Diamond Eternity ring below. Ours costs £2575, what do you think Cheryl’s cost?

We absolutely love Cheryl’s engagement ring! What’s your opinion about it? Check out our full range on

Let’s hope this marriage lasts, then we can provide the jewels for her anniversaries to come :-)

Diamond Jewellery – The Perfect 40th Birthday Gift!

Recently one of our customers’- Anthony King, wrote to us in order to share what he planned for his wife’s 40th birthday. We were so incredibly impressed with his surprise for her, that we feel that this story deserves to be shared with the rest of our amazing customers. All you fellas out there can most certainly use this story as inspiration to surprise your love ;).

And so the story begins..

My wife’s 40th birthday was fast approaching and I wanted it to be a memorable one. She had been bugging me for a bigger single stone diamond ring than her current engagement ring but I told her that I was offended by that request; in my mind, the ring I proposed with was meant to be the ring she wears forever. The fact that I had a limited budget when I proposed is tough, but that’s the ring she accepted! But then I started secretly thinking it wouldn’t be that bad if she had a statement ring, one that said her husband really appreciates her and loves her, so I started scheming.

Having made my decision, I quietly tested her tastes of ring styles, trying to be as subtle as I could. I picked up on some of her preferences whenever we were admiring other friend’s rings. I started researching as to what size of diamond I could expect for my budget and started a Pinterest board of ring styles that I liked. Once I had narrowed on a style and diamond choice, I searched for the best deal I could find. I had visited some high street retailers but they didn’t have the choice and value that could compare to that online. I finally chose The Diamond Store as it had excellent user reviews, great videos of the jewellery being worn and had a great selection to choose from. It met my budget requirements and I was even able to finance the ring allowing me to spread the payments, which also allowed me to extend my budget a little more.

When it came to executing the surprise and presenting the ring, I wanted to be original. We were having a party for friends in order to celebrate and decided I would surprise her with the ring then. My wife loves her iPhone so I commissioned a cake maker to bake me 25 little cupcakes and each cupcake would be a different app. I asked her to pack the diamond ring (wrapped in plastic) in to the centre cupcake which would be The Diamond Store app.


On the night we all sang happy birthday to her and after she blew out the candles and whilst everyone was watching, I asked her to open The Diamond Store app. She did, and she got a shock, it was a smashing success :). I’m so glad that she loved the ring and my mission was accomplished.” 



We love this story, and would love to hear more! What’s the most romantic thing your other half has done for you on either your birthday or anniversary? Write to us on Twitter or Facebook for a chance for your story to be added! @diamondstoreuk

Ring’s are our thing!

Ring’s are our thing!

Here at the diamond store we love the thought of a man making his girlfriend’s dreams come true with the perfect engagement ring.  When you have picked just the right place to surprise the girl of your dreams, you need to have the most superb engagement ring for her. This is why we have such a huge range of engagement rings, from a ring covered in diamonds to beautiful gemstones like emerald and sapphire. We have the ideal ring for every woman.

Platinum diamond engagement rings are absolutely stunning and are guaranteed to take your breath away.  We have such a wide range of flawless platinum diamond rings, they could bring a tear to your eye when you find the right one.

If you like to go against type choosing one of our sapphire rings is ideal for you. We carry sapphire rings in blue, green, yellow and pink so whatever colour is best for you we have it. All of our sapphire rings are set with diamonds or other gemstones such as opal and every combination is gorgeous.

Another amazing gemstone that makes for an unbelievable engagement ring is ruby. Spectacular rubies from Thailand teamed with our beautiful diamonds look fabulous and are sure to make any woman swoon.

Our dazzling selection of emerald rings are sure to work their magic when paired with diamonds, set on gold or white gold. We have so many different styles whether you like to go big or keep it understated, there is a sensational emerald ring for everyone.

Which of our amazing rings would  be your ideal engagement ring?
Head over to The Diamond Store website  and search the item references to find your perfect ring!

Proposal Story: Natasha and Richard

Proposal Story: Natasha and Richard


How and where did you first meet?

Richard and I met in March 2011. It was a Saturday night and I had gone for dinner with a girlfriend when we decided to meet up with some old school friends in a bar. Richards came to join his friends after leaving another party and we got talking. The bar was closing but Richard invited us all back to his flat, although when there we didn’t actually speak much. Within 10 minutes of leaving his flat he had added me on Facebook and it all went from there…!!
How and where did he propose?

I always expected to know when Rich was going to proposes to me. I thought we’d go away, or go to the countryside and I would sense it coming but he completely surprised me! That morning he was not being his usual self and kept asking what time i’d be home – I thought he’d just woken up on the wrong side of the bed!! I’d been out shopping and came home to Rich sat on the sofa. I sat with him and we were talking and he was being a bit “off” with me (turns out it was nerves!!). He asked to show me something on the TV and put on a movie he had made of pictures of us and throughout our journey together so far. I was so shocked I didn’t quite understand what was going on and got a bit emotional. When the movie finished I turned to look at him and he had got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It couldn’t have been a more perfect way for him to propose – and very unexpected!!
Can you share anything about the wedding?

We are getting married in November 2014 in London. We want our wedding to be one big party with great food and drink and can’t wait to celebrate with all our family and friends.

Sophie and Elliot’s Engagement Story

The Engagement Story: Sophie and Elliot

How and where did you meet?

Elliot and I first met at Leeds University where we both spent three years studying. I’m from Manchester and he’s from London but after about a year there we both got introduced through mutual friends. We were both quite serious about each other early on and decided to stay together whilst Elliot took a year off travelling after his course. After he had finished travelling and I had finished my degree we decided to move in together in London!

Sophie and Elliot

How and where did Elliot propose?

In the summer of 2013, Elliot and I planned a two week trip to America which started in LA and ended in Las Vegas. After the second week we arrived in Las Vegas and he proposed to me in front of the Bellagio fountains! I couldn’t believe it. It was so romantic and such a surprise. I don’t know how he had gone all week without giving anything away. It was the perfect touch to an amazing holiday.

Can you share anything about the wedding?

We have just about started planning the wedding, which will be in September 2015. We have decided to have it at a beautiful venue in Manchester. The engagement party is next month, which I’m excited for. We are having all our friends for drinks at one of our favourite bars in London! I am looking forward to the celebrations.

Battle of the Sexes: the Truth About Engagement Rings

This infographic reflects data collected by The Diamond Store assessing the difference in opinion between the genders at different stages of the engagement process. While in some areas the sexes are more aligned than you may presume, there are still significant differences between the perfect engagement ring, how women would like to be proposed to, and what men think is the right thing to do. Take note gents, you’re first instinct might need double checking against what women really want!

Battle of the Sexes

Feel free to share our infographic using the embedding codes below. If you are interested in deeper insight to our data, get in touch and we can provide detailed demographic splits of advice through guest blog posts or featured content.

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