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Cheryl Cole’s Engagement Ring – How Much – How Big?

Cheryl Cole has been sweeping the headlines this morning regarding her secret marriage to the French restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini. The couple tied the knot on the 7th of July on a beach on the Island of Mustique, after just THREE months of dating. What a quick mover CC! We’ve been swamped for requests for her  gorgeous engagement ring, so we had to quickly figure out what size she was sparkling! The two main questions we have had….what is the value of cheryl cole’s engagement ring and how big is the diamond in the ring? We have estimated that the centre diamond is Emerald Cut and is approximately 5CT and is a G/Vs quality diamond! The Trapezoid Side Diamonds are approximately 1.50ct and are set in platinum. We wouldn’t put past the value of this beautiful ring to about £275,000. Cheryl is definitely one lucky girl, who would turn this down?   Her wedding band looks is a diamond studded band, which is almost identical to our Platinum Diamond Eternity ring below. Ours costs £2575, what do you think …

Battle of the Sexes: the Truth About Engagement Rings

This infographic reflects data collected by The Diamond Store assessing the difference in opinion between the genders at different stages of the engagement process. While in some areas the sexes are more aligned than you may presume, there are still significant differences between the perfect engagement ring, how women would like to be proposed to, and what men think is the right thing to do. Take note gents, you’re first instinct might need double checking against what women really want! Feel free to share our infographic using the embedding codes below. If you are interested in deeper insight to our data, get in touch and we can provide detailed demographic splits of advice through guest blog posts or featured content. 640 * 305 Pixels <p><a href=””><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”Battle of the Sexes” /></a></p><p><a href=””>Engagement Rings: Battle of the Sexes</a> by <a href=””>The Diamond Store</a></p> 940 * 448 Pixels <p><a href=””><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”Battle of the Sexes” /></a></p><p><a href=””>Engagement Rings: Battle of the Sexes</a> by <a href=””>The Diamond Store</a></p>

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity Engagement Rings Celebrity engagements are our favourite thing to stalk. Why? Because with a celebrity engagement comes a ginormous ring for us to gawp at too! A-listers from Beyonce to Kate Middleton are sporting rings that roughly cost a whopping £50K and more! As fabulous as they might be, a celebrity ring isn’t easily attainable for the average lady so that’s where we come in! We have rounded up our favourite celebrity rings alongside our slightly cheaper variations! Beyonce Jay Z and Beyonce are known for their multi-millions and extravagant lifestyle so it was no surprise that the rapper ‘put a ring on it’ with a humongous, 18 carat diamond dazzler. The huge emerald cut diamond is reportedly worth $5 million. Yes…we can’t believe it either! Emerald cuts are the perfect classic and confident cut for a classic and confident lady like Bey. Our Emerald Cut 18K white gold ring is our perfect alternative. Still incorporating the classic Emerald Cut, this ring is adorned with a 0.50CT G-H/SI Quality Diamond which is held in a …

Be Part Of Our Nationwide Engagement Ring Survey

We would love you to be part of a nationwide survey we are running, just 2 minutes of your time will help us tell the nation what the UK really feels about getting engaged and more importantly the ring itself. This is an anonymous survey but over the next couple of months the results will appear in the National press and across the internet. Click here to take the survey (opens in a new window).