6 Ideas – Get the Look for Less: Lady Gaga Diamond Heart Engagement Ring


YES, we know… we want one too! Ever since Lady Gaga revealed her Valentine’s Day engagement to actor Taylor Kinney, we’ve all gone mad for heart shaped diamond rings!

Luckily here at The Diamond Store we already have our very own range, trend setters that we are. From dazzling diamonds to precious coloured gems, feast your eyes on these six gorgeous, luxurious (and very affordable) pieces below. With prices from £149 to £2,299, you can pick the perfect one to suit your style…

Click on the images or the prices below for more information on each ring!

1. Galileo Heart Ring – price £2,299
This ring is made from 1.20 carats of high grade diamonds that create the illusion of a MUCH bigger rock. Nothing says romance in a show stopping style better than this ring.


2. Diamond Hearts Full Eternity Ring – price £1,249
Looking for a design that draws inspiration from the heart detail on Lady Gaga’s ring’s band? This exquisite eternity ring in white gold is just the thing.

Heart Diamond Eternity Ring

3. Blue Topaz Heart Ring – price £495
Handcrafted with precious blue topaz and premium quality diamonds, this unique heart ring sparkles beautifully every time it catches the light.

Blue Topaz Heart Ring

4. Vintage Amethyst Heart – price £245
Created in the retro spirit, our romantic amethyst ring features ethical diamonds and white gold… and leaves an unforgettable impression.

Amethyst Diamond Heart Ring

5. Two Hearts Pave Diamond Ring – price £239
With two hearts beating (and sparkling) together as one, this breathtaking diamond design ring is all about style, romance and going ga-ga for each other.

Two Hearts Diamond Ring

6. Love Heart Design Diamond Ring – price £149
If you love the idea of a heart ring, but aren’t prepared to go as big as Lady G, this delicate diamond piece is ideal for you. A gorgeous white gold double-band completes the look.

Diamond Heart White Gold Ring

Which of these ring made you go ga-ga? Comment below or tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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Halle Berry Engagement Ring

I was a little shocked the other day to hear that the guy that was once dating Kylie Minogue is now engaged to Halle Berry.  Not that there is anything wrong with Halle Berry, but you could not get two different looking women..surely?


Halle Berry may have just made the Emerald gemstone even more popular than it was, as she received a huge Emerald Engagement Ring from  Kylie´s ex boyfriend, French actor Olivier Martinez.  The Emerald Engagement ring is apparently a 4 carat emerald and perfect colour.


18K WHITE GOLD 1.00CT DIAMOND AND 1.95CT EMERALD RINGThis is one of our most expensive Emerald Engagement Rings which has 1carat of diamond and nearly a 1.95ct emerald and at the time of writing this, the price is £1899.  Its stunning in the picture to the left, but watch this video of exactly the same ring which really brings the ring to life where you can see its true beauty.





The Diamond Store have a large selection of Emerald Rings to choose from available in White gold or Yellow Gold.  All jewellery is beautifully gift boxed and delivery is free.  If you require any help when choosing an Engagement Ring, you can always call our Customer Service Department who can give you their expertise on choosing the right ring.


Gaby Roslin Engagement Ring

On Loose Women the other day, Gaby Roslin was on and shared the news that she recently got engaged to her long term boyfriend David Osman.  She said they were walking along the beach with the kids when all of a sudden, David, went down on one knee and asked her to marry him.  She said she thought he was joking and then it all became very real and she said yes.  She said there is no rush for a wedding, sometime next year.


I thought she was going to show us her engagement ring but she didn’t!  So if you do know what sort of engagement ring Gaby Roslin received do let us know.


It was great having Gaby Roslin on Loose Women, because that means the name Chris Evans comes up which always give Carol something to shout about as they were once married, which I still cannot believe…I don’t know why but I just can’t see Carol and Chris together.


Gaby said she has known Carol for 20 years and Carol said something like…”no its not that long”.  But Gaby confirmed it was back in 1992 when she became a household name presenting the big breakfast with Chris Evans.


0% Interest Diamond Engagement Ring

0% Finance Available

The Diamond Store have just introduced 3 years 0% interest on  a selected range of Diamond Rings.  So now, there is no excuse for putting off that engagement!  This is a fantastic opportunity and if you have been thinking about getting engaged and buying a diamond engagement ring.  Now you can go for both quality and quantity with this opportunity of 0% interest.


Here are some examples of the payments and they are pretty amazing!


Certified 0.50CT Chloe Low 18K White Gold Engagement Ring H/SI2

0% Interest Payments on £1,229 Ring


This Chloe Set Diamond Engagement Ring is 0.50ct of H/SI2 Quality Diamond in 18k White Gold.  This ring at the moment is £1229.00.  However, if you take advantage of the jewellery 0% interest over 3 years, here is what you would pay.


Price £1229.00.  Pay 50% deposit of £614.50.  Then 36 monthly payments of just £17.06  


Read more about this Chloe Engagement Ring




Certified 0.50CT Lily 18K Gold Engagement Ring G/VS1

0% Interest Payments on £2,055 Ring


This 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring is from the Lily Collection and features 0.50CT G/VS1 Quality Diamond which is held in a four claw twist design.  This ring is normally £2,055, but if you take advantage of 0% finance, look at these payments.


Price £2,055.00.  Pay 50% deposit of £1,027.50.   Then 36 monthly payments of just £28.54.  


Read more about this Lily Engagement Ring




Certified 0.70CT Leah 18K White Gold Engagement Ring G/VS2

0% Interest Payments on £3,165 ring


This Diamond Engagement Ring is from the Leah Collection.  Its one of my favourite rings.  This ring is 18k White Gold with 0.70ct of  G/VS2 Quality Diamond.


Price £3,165.00.  Pay 50% deposit of £1,582.50.   Then 36 monthly payments of just £43.95.  


Read more about this stunning Leah Ring with 0% Finance





Certified 0.90CT Petra Platinum Engagement Ring H/SI2

0% Interest Payments on £4,109 Ring


This Diamond Engagement Ring is from the Petra Range and features a 0.90CT H/SI2 Quality Diamond on a  Platinum band. The price of this ring is £4,109 but if you take advantage of 0% finance over 3 years, look at the payments below.


Price £4,109.00.  Pay 50% deposit of £2,054.50.   Then 36 monthly payments of just £57.06.


Read more about this stunning Petra Engagement Ring 




Certified 0.90CT Grace 18K Gold Engagement Ring G/VS1

0% Interest Payments on £5,199 ring


This beautiful Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring is from the Grace Collection.  Its 18k with Claw setting. 0.90CT of G/VS1 quality diamonds.  This ring is normally £5199.00  but if you take advantage of 0% finance, just look at these payments.


Price £5,199.00.  Pay 50% deposit of £2,599.50.   Then 36 monthly payments of just £72.20


Read more about this stunning Grace Diamond Engagement Ring





All jewellery comes with a  5 year guarantee.  It all be delivered in a  beautiful gift box and delivery is free.  If you are unsure of what sort of ring to buy, you can always call the Customer Service Department who can give you their expertise when buying an engagement ring.





0.33ct Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are thinking about proposing to your girlfriend, or maybe you think your boyfriend is about to pop the question, suddenly your life will be  taken over by diamonds & engagement rings & wedding dresses.

You are probably searching the internet like mad, looking for the best price Diamond Engagement Ring, looking at sizes, quality of diamonds, different golds and all the different prices.  It´s so hard looking on the internet at a still picture  and get a real feeling of how big the diamond is and what it would look like on your wife-to-be´s hand.  Well take a look at this video.

The Diamond Store thought just that and have decided show most of their products in new video form to give you a real perspective of  the ring.  This particular ring is a 0.33ct White Gold Diamond Ring.    If you are a bit confused with Carats & Quality, you can always call the customer service department who can give you their expertise is buying the perfect ring with the budge you have.


Cheap Engagement Rings – Where can I buy cheap engagement ring?

With the recession and general cost of living being more and more expensive at the moment, lots of people are searching for cheap diamond jewellery, especially Cheap Engagement Rings.  Where can I buy a cheap engagement ring is a very common questions.  It is said that a man should spend a months wages on a ring, or 3 months.  Infact you can read here what people do spend on engagement rings in all the different regions of the uk.

But what is cheap?  Engagement Rings under 100?  Engagement Rings under 200?  Engagement Rings under 300?  Engagement Rings under 500?  We all have a different view as to what is cheap, it all depends on our own income and what sort of person you are.  Do you prefer to pay it all up front or maybe prepared to take out finance to buy the engagement ring you or your wife to be really wants.  I have listed here some Cheap Engagement Rings that I don’t think look cheap at all.  There are lots more on the Website and it is easy to search via price.


These gorgeous cheap Engagement Rings are all currently under  £200

9K Gold Diamond Single Stone Ring (0.09CT)Sapphire & 0.02CT Diamond Ring 9K Yellow GoldRUBY & 0.05CT DIAMOND RING 9K YELLOW GOLDEMERALD & 0.01CT DIAMOND RING 9K YELLOW GOLD9K Gold Diamond Cluster Ring - E4061


These beautiful cheap engagement rings are all currently  under  £300

9K Gold Diamond Claw Set Solitaire - E44949K White Gold DIAMOND AND SAPPHIRE RING 0.18CTRUBY & 0.14CT DIAMOND RING 9K WHITE GOLD9K White Gold DIAMOND AND EMERALD RING 0.18CT9K Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring - E4067


These stunning rings are all between £300 and £500

High Set Chloe 18K White Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring 0.25CT-H-I/I19K White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ring 0.30ct9K White Gold DIAMOND AND RUBY RING 0.30CT9K WHITE GOLD DIAMOND AND EMERALD RING 0.30CTPETRA 18K GOLD DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING 0.25CT-H-I/I1