Ring’s are our thing!

Ring’s are our thing!

Here at the diamond store we love the thought of a man making his girlfriend’s dreams come true with the perfect engagement ring.  When you have picked just the right place to surprise the girl of your dreams, you need to have the most superb engagement ring for her. This is why we have such a huge range of engagement rings, from a ring covered in diamonds to beautiful gemstones like emerald and sapphire. We have the ideal ring for every woman.

Platinum diamond engagement rings are absolutely stunning and are guaranteed to take your breath away.  We have such a wide range of flawless platinum diamond rings, they could bring a tear to your eye when you find the right one.

If you like to go against type choosing one of our sapphire rings is ideal for you. We carry sapphire rings in blue, green, yellow and pink so whatever colour is best for you we have it. All of our sapphire rings are set with diamonds or other gemstones such as opal and every combination is gorgeous.

Another amazing gemstone that makes for an unbelievable engagement ring is ruby. Spectacular rubies from Thailand teamed with our beautiful diamonds look fabulous and are sure to make any woman swoon.

Our dazzling selection of emerald rings are sure to work their magic when paired with diamonds, set on gold or white gold. We have so many different styles whether you like to go big or keep it understated, there is a sensational emerald ring for everyone.

Which of our amazing rings would  be your ideal engagement ring?
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Proposal Story: Natasha and Richard

Proposal Story: Natasha and Richard


How and where did you first meet?

Richard and I met in March 2011. It was a Saturday night and I had gone for dinner with a girlfriend when we decided to meet up with some old school friends in a bar. Richards came to join his friends after leaving another party and we got talking. The bar was closing but Richard invited us all back to his flat, although when there we didn’t actually speak much. Within 10 minutes of leaving his flat he had added me on Facebook and it all went from there…!!
How and where did he propose?

I always expected to know when Rich was going to proposes to me. I thought we’d go away, or go to the countryside and I would sense it coming but he completely surprised me! That morning he was not being his usual self and kept asking what time i’d be home – I thought he’d just woken up on the wrong side of the bed!! I’d been out shopping and came home to Rich sat on the sofa. I sat with him and we were talking and he was being a bit “off” with me (turns out it was nerves!!). He asked to show me something on the TV and put on a movie he had made of pictures of us and throughout our journey together so far. I was so shocked I didn’t quite understand what was going on and got a bit emotional. When the movie finished I turned to look at him and he had got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It couldn’t have been a more perfect way for him to propose – and very unexpected!!
Can you share anything about the wedding?

We are getting married in November 2014 in London. We want our wedding to be one big party with great food and drink and can’t wait to celebrate with all our family and friends.

Sophie and Elliot’s Engagement Story

The Engagement Story: Sophie and Elliot

How and where did you meet?

Elliot and I first met at Leeds University where we both spent three years studying. I’m from Manchester and he’s from London but after about a year there we both got introduced through mutual friends. We were both quite serious about each other early on and decided to stay together whilst Elliot took a year off travelling after his course. After he had finished travelling and I had finished my degree we decided to move in together in London!

Sophie and Elliot

How and where did Elliot propose?

In the summer of 2013, Elliot and I planned a two week trip to America which started in LA and ended in Las Vegas. After the second week we arrived in Las Vegas and he proposed to me in front of the Bellagio fountains! I couldn’t believe it. It was so romantic and such a surprise. I don’t know how he had gone all week without giving anything away. It was the perfect touch to an amazing holiday.

Can you share anything about the wedding?

We have just about started planning the wedding, which will be in September 2015. We have decided to have it at a beautiful venue in Manchester. The engagement party is next month, which I’m excited for. We are having all our friends for drinks at one of our favourite bars in London! I am looking forward to the celebrations.

Battle of the Sexes: the Truth About Engagement Rings

This infographic reflects data collected by The Diamond Store assessing the difference in opinion between the genders at different stages of the engagement process. While in some areas the sexes are more aligned than you may presume, there are still significant differences between the perfect engagement ring, how women would like to be proposed to, and what men think is the right thing to do. Take note gents, you’re first instinct might need double checking against what women really want!

Battle of the Sexes

Feel free to share our infographic using the embedding codes below. If you are interested in deeper insight to our data, get in touch and we can provide detailed demographic splits of advice through guest blog posts or featured content.

640 * 305 Pixels

<p><a href="http://news.thediamondstore.co.uk/infographics/battle-of-the-sexes-the-truth-about-engagement-rings.php"><img src="http://thediamondstore.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/engagement_rings_battle_of_the_sexes.jpg" border="0" alt="Battle of the Sexes" /></a></p><p><a href="http://news.thediamondstore.co.uk/infographics/battle-of-the-sexes-the-truth-about-engagement-rings.php">Engagement Rings: Battle of the Sexes</a> by <a href="http://www.thediamondstore.co.uk/">The Diamond Store</a></p>

940 * 448 Pixels

The Engagement Story

The Engagement Story: Hinesh and Rima

married coupleWhere did you first meet?

We first met at a mutual friends party when we were 17. We started talking because we had the same surname (I don’t think we quite understood how popular the Patel surname was back then!)  we didn’t actually exchange numbers or anything so didn’t see each other again until university when we were both in London. We had mutual friends so would see each other out and about and in the third year of university he finally asked me out!

How did he propose?

We were in Thailand on New Year’s Eve 2010 and had been travelling all day. When we got to our hotel I kicked Hinesh out of our room so I could get a nap in before the NYE party!

Before the party he told me our dinner was at a restaurant at the other end of the beach so had to walk along it. As we were walking, I saw a bottle sticking out of the sand so I pulled it out, inside was some paper. I actually got excited as I thought someone had left a treasure map for us…but when I opened it, it had the words ‘Will you marry me?’ written on it. That’s when Hinesh got down on one knee and the rest is history..

Hinesh and Rima

That sounds pretty spectacular! Tell us more about the engagement and wedding planning…

These were the most stressful times and I learnt quickly to make decisions on my own…the more opinions there were the harder it was to decide on anything!

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Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity engagements are our favourite thing to stalk. Why? Because with a celebrity engagement comes a ginormous ring for us to gawp at too! A-listers from Beyonce to Kate Middleton are sporting rings that roughly cost a whopping £50K and more! As fabulous as they might be, a celebrity ring isn’t easily attainable for the average lady so that’s where we come in! We have rounded up our favourite celebrity rings alongside our slightly cheaper variations!


Jay Z and Beyonce are known for their multi-millions and extravagant lifestyle so it was no surprise that the rapper ‘put a ring on it’ with a humongous, 18 carat diamond dazzler. The huge emerald cut diamond is reportedly worth $5 million. Yes…we can’t believe it either! Emerald cuts are the perfect classic and confident cut for a classic and confident lady like Bey.


Our Emerald Cut 18K white gold ring is our perfect alternative. Still incorporating the classic Emerald Cut, this ring is adorned with a 0.50CT G-H/SI Quality Diamond which is held in a claw setting.

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald Cut Ring £1349

Kelly Clarkson

kelly clarkson

Another jaw dropping celebrity engagement ring that we are obsessed with is Kelly Clarkson’s yellow diamond! This unusual coloured diamond is not only rare but is also ridiculously priced at an estimated $150,000. The rise of coloured engagement rings has showcased Kate Mid’s sapphire ring and Jessica Simpson’s Ruby but we are in awe of this yellow ring which is enhanced by its surrounding single diamonds. Yellow diamond are notoriously expensive so why not opt for a citrine stone which is a dead ringer. This alluring citrine and diamond ring would make a show-stopping present for a birthday or anniversary for the special person in your life. The sunny hues of the 2.89CT citrine gemstone work brilliantly against the 0.09CT of sparkling Premium Quality Diamonds which nestle it and the 9K white gold band. Bold, original and unique, this ring demands attention!

Citrine Ring

Citrine Ring £299

Victoria Beckham

When Football hero, David Beckham popped the question to his now wife, Victoria Beckham he used a custom made three-carat marquise cut diamond said to be worth around $65,000. The unique cut features endless glamour and gleams beautifully. Marquis cut ladies are a luxury lot who love bling however, it is no surprise to us that this fashionista changes her ring every three years or so. We adore her most recent pear shaped ring. The pear cut catches light and draws it into a focal point making this a mesmerizing choice.


Pear Diamond Ring

Pear Ring £1589

If you like pear shaped stones then why not opt for our beautifully delicate and unique, Ella engagement ring. This Ella white gold ring is a sparkling symbol of your love which is sure to delight. The ring features 0.81CT of glistening H/SI Quality Diamonds including a central pear shape diamond weighing an impressive 0.50CT. The diamonds extend along the 18K white gold band to add further sparkle to this beautiful ring. 

Pear Topaz and Diamond Ring

Pear Topaz Ring £259

If this isn’t big enough for you why not opt for a coloured pear stone. This alluring Blue Topaz, pear shaped stone is surrounded by 0.07CT of Premium Quality Diamonds to make the blue stone pop. The ring can also count as your something blue!

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s personal style is no doubt elegant – and her engagement ring is no exception. When husband Keith Urban proposed to the starlet, he did so with a classic three stone setting ring. It’s antique style compliments Nicole’s style completely and the round brilliant center diamonds certainly are eye catching.


We love the timeless style associated with three and five stone rings and this Chloe three stone diamond white gold ring speaks for itself.  0.30CT of G/VS Quality Diamonds sparkle against the 18K white gold band, resulting in a ring which demands to be noticed.

Three Stone Diamond Ring

Three Stone Ring £619

If you had an A-list bank balance, would you splurge five million on an engagement ring? Which celebrity is rocking your dream ring?

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We would love you to be part of a nationwide survey we are running, just 2 minutes of your time will help us tell the nation what the UK really feels about getting engaged and more importantly the ring itself.

This is an anonymous survey but over the next couple of months the results will appear in the National press and across the internet.

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How To Choose An Engagement Ring

Bridal Engagement Ring

How do I choose an engagement ring?

This is probably one of the most asked and most difficult questions we have to answer on a daily basis.
In a funny way I think it was a much simpler and shorter discussion 15 or 20 years ago…classic, single stone diamond engagement rings were the order of the day and the biggest choice to be made was how much to spend….
But this has changed in recent times….especially since Kate Middleton started wearing the famous “Princess Diana Sapphire Ring”….and of course the internet makes it easier for people to browse a selection far greater than say the rings held by the local jeweller.
What sparked my thoughts was this article in Glamour.com  it is an interesting article in so much as it mirrors what we are seeing here at The Diamond Store.
In short, 5 people have sent in photographs of their engagement rings and only one of them conforms to what we would describe as a “typical” engagement ring. (number 3 in case you are wondering)…and even that ring has ornate diamond shoulders which although classic looking, is a twist on a classic solitaire ring.
So how do you choose an engagement ring?
Well I want to side step that question for a moment and say this…..out of all the rings we sell engagement rings are the rings that get returned for refund / exchanges the least….very, very few engagement rings come back to us to be changed for something else.
It is not as odd as it seems….the actual ring itself is only a part of the story and whilst for a time it seems the most important part of the story, the reality is that it is the ring that symbolizes the engagement…the emotion around the moment and the sentimental value attached to the ring mean that no matter what….once the question is asked and the ring is given, then nothing could make a girl love her ring more…certainly not another style or bigger diamond…
And once you accept this and trust this then choosing an engagement ring becomes a whole lot easier!
The best advice I can give is to set a budget (2 months wages), listen to the hints and then dive in…if in doubt go for a classic style….and the question to ask is does the ring fit the personality?
So although I am lucky enough to run a Jewellery business my wife’s personality is more in line with a classic ring, not too big, not too showy…just a beautiful ring that sparkles and I choose the classic low set style and somehow it just works…….(view here)
Am I wrong? what was your experience of choosing a ring? was it filled with strees and dread or did you just know which ring to buy?…Please have your say!
If you would like some more interesting articles to read about choosing an engagement ring then please have a look at our Learning centre and a fascinating article we wrote about who spends what on engagement rings in the UK.
Gary Ingram – Managing Director – TheDiamondStore.co.uk

Gary Ingram

Peaches Geldof Diamond Engagement Ring – Get The Look!

geldofPeaches Geldof is right on the button for what’s hot in engagement rings right now…we launched our new collection of “Ella” rings last year and they have proved one of our most popular ranges to date…so we are not surprised that this is the style of ring Peaches went for!


Stunning, perfectly cut diamonds that are set slightly lower than the centre stone only enhance of the ring..finished off in highly polished white gold….what a choice and such sparkle!


Our handcrafted ring features 1.19ct of high quality diamonds set into an 18K white gold band..complete with a 5 year guarantee.


To view the ring & video : Click Here




Enhanced Diamonds – What Are They?

1ct Enhanced Diamond Engagement RingWhat are clarity enhanced diamonds?


Almost every diamond has specks of uncrystallised carbon within, what we call imperfections. These imperfections can affect how well the diamond sparkles and diamonds with fewer imperfections are generally found to be more attractive.


The Diamond Store’s clarity enhanced diamonds are genuine diamonds that have gone through an enhancement process using the latest laser technologies to remove these imperfections. A glass-like substance that closely resembles the natural hardness of a diamond is used to fill the tiny holes made by the laser. This substance does not affect the diamond in any noticeable way and still allows the maximum amount of light to sparkle.


These diamonds also are certified by the European Gemological Laboratory, attesting to their high quality.


The latest technologies are used to Enhance these genuine diamonds to eliminate any visible inclusions. Our enhanced diamonds have an EGL laboratory certificate attesting to its high quality.


The important point here is that the Colour, Carat (weight) and Cut are not affected at all…this remains the same…it is only the Clarity that is enhanced.


What this means in simple terms is that the inclusions (small visible marks) are made to be less obvious…the other factors do not change.


Which diamonds are enhanced?


Diamond that have fantastic, high levels of 3 out of the 4 C’s. So the colour will be great, in our case H, the cut will be good or excellent and the Carat Weight will be a popular weight.


Originally this would have been a diamond that had visible inclusions…but if they were worked on they would give a truly beautiful diamond…these are the diamonds that are enhanced.


Are they still real diamonds?


Yes, as mentioned above enhancing only alters the Clarity…the diamond is still a real diamond that is mined, cut and polished.


Can you see a difference?


In all honesty unless you are an expert there is no way you can tell the difference between an enhanced diamond and one that hasn’t been enhanced….


What about diamond certificates?


Our enhanced diamonds are sold with an official EGL diamond certificate..the certificate will state the diamond is enhanced.


How does it affect value?


Our enhanced diamonds are between 30% – 50% cheaper than our non-enhanced diamonds.


Can they be resold?


As with regular diamonds Enhanced Diamonds can of course be re-sold and in our opinion they will hold there value in line with regular certified diamonds.


Who would buy a clarity enhanced diamond?


Anyone…but they are especially appealing to customers who want a large diamond (1ct) but have a limited budget….after all no one can tell the difference!


Does it last forever?


Extreme heat or chemical exposure can affect the diamond…but we are talking of temperatures above 1500 degrees…so in essence, yes it does last forever.


You can view or range of Enhanced Diamond Rings Here.